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  1. GA Hunter

    Botswana opening

  2. GA Hunter

    Namibia bound!!!

    Of course! I have a giant bag and I’m a lite packer so there should be plenty of room. [emoji23][emoji23]
  3. GA Hunter

    Namibia bound!!!

    Thanks gents. I’m definitely looking forward to it. I’ll be hunting the Jaqna Conservancy in the Otjozondjupa Region. Of course it’s a non exportable tag. Memories are what I’m after. BD
  4. GA Hunter

    Namibia bound!!!

    Headed to Namibia with @Jaques Spamer next month and as with all hunting trips the anticipation is mounting. At first I thought Covid and the testing requirements were going to be the toughest hurdle associated with the trip. However as the weeks have passed since booking, the airlines have...
  5. GA Hunter

    Another hunt at the Rockin G!!!

    Well done! Congrats!
  6. GA Hunter

    COVID-19 "Free To Fly" procedures and tests for Americans

    Certain CVS Pharmacy locations perform rapid PCR tests and the results are available as quickly as 30 minutes.
  7. GA Hunter

    USA: The Goat Hunt Covid-19 Couldn’t Stop

    Congratulations sir! Thanks for sharing your story.
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    Finally took a leap

    Well done! Congrats!
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    International travel to RSA open October 1st 2020!!!

    You nailed this one!! [emoji23][emoji23]
  10. GA Hunter

    riflepermits - Quick & Easy Arrival With Your Firearm In South Africa

    Henry and his entire staff have assisted me on numerous occasions and I can’t say enough good things about them. You are wasting 1 to 3 hours of your life and precious time in Africa if you don’t use them.
  11. GA Hunter

    SOUTH AFRICA to open borders for international travel October 1

    This is great news. Though I have a sneaking suspicion that the US will be on the naughty list when it gets published. [emoji848][emoji57] Otherwise, let the games begin!!
  12. GA Hunter

    Hi, I am Eveline Stalling

    Welcome aboard.
  13. GA Hunter

    My new and first Remington 700

    I agree with replacing the trigger. I’ve replaced all mine with Jewell’s.
  14. GA Hunter

    My new and first Remington 700

    Very nice rifle. I’m also a fan of the 700. Great action with a lot of after market options available. I’ve never had one that I couldn’t get to shoot. BD
  15. GA Hunter

    In the Blood (Safari Documentary)

    Do you have any release info? When will it be available? YouTube only?
  16. GA Hunter

    Musomberi Monster Leopard Brought To Bag

    Wow what a cat! Congrats! I love the stories like this where someone is dedicated to taking a specific animal or even setting a standard well beyond “normal” trophy standards. Well done and congrats again for being focused and standing by your conviction. BD
  17. GA Hunter

    Leopard Hunt And A Broken Arm

    All good stuff and glad to hear the tracker came out ok. Congrats on two great cats.
  18. GA Hunter

    Like we dont have enough to worry about... good grief! MURDER HORNETS!

    Not sure if it’s the same insect or not but we have an insect here in Georgia that looks exactly like the “murder” hornet. We call it a Japanese Hornet. Been here at least 50 years. Just saying.
  19. GA Hunter

    For Sale Proof Research Terminus .300 RUM "Ultimate Long Range Hunter"

    Really nice looking rifle and one heck of a deal. The ammo alone is worth a small fortune. Good luck with the sale. BD
  20. GA Hunter

    New And Improved Remington 700 Dangerous Game Rifle

    I’d love to get my hands on one of those.
  21. GA Hunter

    Long time looking but not posting

    Welcome aboard!
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  23. GA Hunter


    Looks like a cottonmouth moccasin to me.
  24. GA Hunter

    Dallas Safari Club Georgia Chapter Banquet

    Anyone planning to attend the inaugural banquet for the DSC Georgia Chapter? March 14th at the Governor’s Gun Club
  25. GA Hunter

    Hello From Georgia

    For sure. PM me a day or so ahead if your headed up. We’ll meet for a frosty beverage and swap stories!!
  26. GA Hunter

    Hello From Georgia

    I’m in Macon. Ever make it up this way Let me know,!
  27. GA Hunter

    Barrel Recommendations for Plains Game rifle in .300 RUM

    You won’t find much love for the Bergers in Africa. I used them one year and pretty much every PH in camp looked down on them. Of course they were effective but it didn’t sway any opinions.
  28. GA Hunter

    Barrel Recommendations for Plains Game rifle in .300 RUM

    I built a very similar gun a few years back. 300 RUM Defiance Deviant. I used a Krieger #5 bull sporter with a 1 - 10 twist. Finished it at 26”. If I had to do it over I would have it fluted to save a little weight. My scoped rifle weighs in right at 11 1/2 pounds. The 200 grain Accubonds do...
  29. GA Hunter

    Proof barrels

    There’s no shortage of lightweight stocks available that will accommodate the Proof barrels. Not sure how stock options could be considered a problem if weight is a concern.
  30. GA Hunter

    Hello From Georgia

    Welcome aboard! What part of the state are you in??
  31. GA Hunter

    Proof barrels

    Proof Research perhaps?
  32. GA Hunter

    Traveling to Canada

    Thanks for the additional detail. Andre prepared the contract and the dates are listed just as you described. Arrive 2 days before the first hunting day, drive to camp the 2nd day, and start hunting the next. For the record 95% of my interaction was with him. I specifically asked about Seattle...
  33. GA Hunter

    Traveling to Canada

    Sounds like I have my answer. [emoji16] Thank you. Always wise to listen to those who have gone before you. Thanks RL. BD
  34. GA Hunter

    Traveling to Canada

    Andre is the one that recommended Vancouver. The girl working the booth with him at DSC suggested Seattle. Her opinion was that it was easier than dealing with the Vancouver traffic. Honestly I can’t imagine it’s any worse than what I have to deal with in Atlanta on a regular basis. I’m just...
  35. GA Hunter

    Traveling to Canada

    Thanks to all. I’m even more confused now. [emoji23][emoji23]
  36. GA Hunter

    Traveling to Canada

    This is something to consider for sure. I’ll have to compare flight options.
  37. GA Hunter

    Traveling to Canada

    Several people on AH have hunted with them which is a large part of why I chose them. Great reviews from everyone. BD
  38. GA Hunter

    Traveling to Canada

    Final destination is about an hour NW of Lillooet. BC Trophy Mountain Outfitters is the outfitter.
  39. GA Hunter

    Traveling to Canada

    I’m looking for some feedback on traveling north of the border. I’ve booked a bear hunt in British Columbia this spring. One of the outfitters suggested that I fly into Seattle, cross the border in Sumas, overnight in Hope, and finish the drive the following day. The logic she used was two fold...
  40. GA Hunter

    Drama As Mopane Worms Harvester Fights Off Leopard With Bare Hands, Only To Be Arrested For Poaching

    A man clearly defending his life is arrested. Wow. The lack of good common sense in this world has no bounds.
  41. GA Hunter

    Experience with Nosler Accubonds

    I’ve used 200gr AB’s in my 300 RUM and had great success on a truck load of hogs, a handful of deer, and several species of PG. The compliment of PG included everything from a jackal to eland. The only animal to require a second shot was a gemsbok that was down and in its death throws. The eland...
  42. GA Hunter

    CAMEROON: Cameroon Savanna Hunting Safari

    Well one and congrats Phillip! Thanks for sharing another grand adventure. BD
  43. GA Hunter

    New Member from Texas

    Welcome aboard.
  44. GA Hunter

    Nosler Safari Ammunition On Sale

    There are some unbelievable deals on Nosler Safari ammo right now. Well worth taking a look.
  45. GA Hunter

    NAMIBIA: Schalk Pienaar Safaris Hunting Report October 2019

    Welcome aboard and congrats on your first African adventure.
  46. GA Hunter

    Warthog-My Pumba is home

    Some pig!!