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  1. billc

    BOTSWANA: Two Weeks Hunting In The Kalahari With Kanana Safaris

    I would have loved to seen this place. Plus Jason seemed like a great guy and I am sure greatly missed.
  2. billc

    Best flight options on East Coast

    I am a big fan of the jfk flight. Nice getting there in daylight hours. Thankful Lori and jenifer told me about that route and book all my ticket that way. Using that route for my 5th trip this year and have had good luck coming and going using it.
  3. billc

    Please Recommend Taxidermist in or near Bloemfontein

    I have looked at some of there work and it look very good to me. Very good pricing from the pricelist they sent me.
  4. billc

    Please Recommend Taxidermist in or near Bloemfontein

    who did he tell you to use?
  5. billc

    Trophy shipment

    If it is a finished skull and shown on the paperwork as that you will have no problem. Have a finished warthog mounts and skulls shipped home and I picked them all up after coppersmith cleared them.
  6. billc

    Looking for advice toward my first Safari

    Well if you make the trip happen you will have the time of your life. How I like to decide on my trips is like this. Pick the animals you want to try for. Then pick the area which works best for your list. If you have a budget in mind stick to it and take what your after. You may see something...
  7. billc

    Eastern Cape safari wish list

    They can be hunted but I do believe they are on the cities list for bringing back. Just make sure so you don't get a surprise after shooting a 2000.00 plus zebra about bringing it back. I can not remember the whole post on them just know something changed on them in this last year.
  8. billc

    Eastern Cape safari wish list

    I would say early april might be ok for both and or later in sept. I have found the warthog to be smaller down there but plenty around to hunt. I would just make sure you can get paperwork done for the zebra a lot of money for that zebra and the laws just changed on them. They get some big...
  9. billc

    Cargolux bans hunting trophies

    wow another step down a bad road. Cost is going to keep climbing that is for sure. Sad day
  10. billc

    SOUTH AFRICA: Tsala Hunting Safaris

    You took some great animals and that bushbuck is a stud. Glad you shared the pictures
  11. billc

    Start of my Namibia Taxidermy

    I have thought of it and may do one at sometime. I am planning on doing them on a shield we make not sure if I will do both on shield yet or not. That will decide if one gets the metal finish or not. The shield they will go on is a mahogany shield so much darker then this one so thinking the...
  12. billc

    24 Hours Till First Safari

    Good luck and enjoy each second. Then start planning your return. :) LOL
  13. billc

    SOUTH AFRICA: Rhinoster Hoek Trip Report

    Very nice dobber. Bushpig by chance is my dream animal.
  14. billc

    REPORT: Universal Trophy Services Mixed Review

    The tour I took of your shop sold me and seeing all the mounts being done. You gave some great advice above for anyone wanting to have work done in Africa.
  15. billc

    Start of my Namibia Taxidermy

    Hope he post something so we all know. I will add to this thread once I see my stuff in person in july but I am happy right now. Work looks great to me in the pictures. They were very easy to work with also and us got back to me in a timely fashion. Sent pictures when I asked also. Pretty...
  16. billc

    Dip and Pack Cost?

    Thanks for doing a nice up to cost report. Like you said with the extra part of zim your overall cost was not as bad as I thought it would be. Looks like coppersmith was more then fair at 350 for a shipment coming from zim. Shame there is so much paperwork fees but the system is set up to milk...
  17. billc

    NAMIBIA: BOWHUNT: Namibia, Here We Come!

    Good luck and enjoy each minute with your daughter.
  18. billc

    IronClad Warthog Skull

    I like that. Very nice
  19. billc

    Warthog skull on shield

    Thanks everyone. BWH I am sure you saw the one we made at gizmo shop. That one was solid mahogany though and the look I really like. Good luck if you make one it is a fun little project.
  20. billc

    Start of my SA taxidermy

    I had Paul and crew make a few changes to the front legs and shoulder area. The steenbuck has a lot of work left to be done but gave the ok to finish him up. Another custom piece that I am very happy with. Used first picture as a general guide for what I wanted.
  21. billc

    Our Family Property

    Looks like you have had some good trip out on your place. Congrats
  22. billc

    Alaska King Salmon With Chugach Backcountry Fishing

    Looks like you had a great trip. Glad to see another father/son combo out having some fun fishing and hunting to. One day I hope to take the my kid up to do some fishing.
  23. billc

    Warthog skull on shield

    We do make and sell them but right now we make them to order. This one is made of fir with a two piece mahogany base. Send me a pm if you want to talk about one. Thanks everyone for the comments.
  24. billc

    Warthog skull on shield

    Here is a warthog skull on one of the shields we made. My friend Lenny finally made some spears and got his warthog skull hung up. Really like the way it looks and think a skull on the shield is perfect. This is just a smaller female skull also so a nice male boar I think will look great.
  25. billc

    SOUTH AFRICA: Game 4 Africa Safaris May 2018

    All nice animals but that is one heck of a cape kudu. You don't see many places down there that get cape kudu that size and shape. Great job
  26. billc

    Credit Cards

    Some times places only can take visa and mastercard and do not even realize they can not take other cards. Most do like taking American express or discover because they charged a higher fee.
  27. billc

    Buffalo Finished By Trophy Solutions

    I think they did a nice job. will look very nice on your wall.
  28. billc

    Can They be Imported??

    I have heard it is very hard or impossible to get permits in the east cape for most of what you want other then carcal. I would listen to Victor on this one and double check with your outfitter that permits are in hand.
  29. billc

    Mucheni Conservancy

    Great job done by you and good luck with this project.
  30. billc

    Henry Griffiths Safaris photo gallery and hunting season updates

    I see you had some fun with the jackals. There must be a bunch around?
  31. billc

    Memorial Day Thanks

    Yes a big thank you to all who have served.
  32. billc

    She said yes!

  33. billc

    Which weight Norma Oryx?

    I would get a box of each and see if they both shot out of the gun ok first. Good luck and post some pictures of your hunt. I have heard great things about that place.
  34. billc

    30 days out- AAA Serapa and Great Land Safarias

    Good luck on your trip. Looking forward to seeing your picture from the hunt.
  35. billc

    Turkey season was a good one

    great bird the Pa season has been tough for me.
  36. billc

    SOUTH AFRICA: Pawprint Safaris Sable & Crocodile Hunt

    I love that drink myself ridgewalker. Johan is a great guy it seems his family is tops also. I can see why you wanted to go back to the tent camp .They give you a going away treat and Pieter try's to pry your gold teeth out. Hope we can share a camp one day my friend it would be a treat for me.
  37. billc

    Need a Customs Clearing House

    I think I would lean towards Houston for ease of people you maybe dealing with. Tx a hunting state compared to Ca. and the bunny huggers. I also have had great luck using coppersmith.
  38. billc

    NAMIBIA: My Hunt With Jamy Traut Safaris

    You had a great hunt and took some nice animals. Congrats
  39. billc

    LJ Safaris picture at coastal areas

    I noticed because that is over a 30" bull I think and some other very nice animals. That area looks very nice.
  40. billc

    What makes hunting Eland special?

    He is part of the Paw print group in july. Will be 7 of us hunting in total and he is after the spiral and some extras.
  41. billc

    What makes hunting Eland special?

    Thanks Tim I missed that post some how. Hutch I do not know name of ranch. There was only 1 mature bull 1 young bull and 2 cows and they wanted them gone. I said I would hunt the big bull and we tracked him all day. Was a great hunt and one I remember. Lammie is a great Ph and you will laugh...
  42. billc

    SOUTH AFRICA: Huntershill May 2018

    Congrats looks like you had a great hunt. Crazy how smart those baboons are.
  43. billc

    What percentage of the trophy fee in South Africa goes to the Outfitter?

    Varies and it comes down to the % market up he does on the animal after paying the landowner. could be 20% up to 100% or more.
  44. billc

    Being told you could not shoot an animal or were targeting only one animal

    does not matter were you hunt a good Ph and one who has long term goals for his area may have you pass animals. I passed on kudu in Namibia also because of age. Could I have maybe forced the issue and taken one of them maybe. For the record glad I did not because I took a mature bull later that...
  45. billc

    Trophy Measurements

    You did well by even asking your question on a big forum like this. Asking a question is never stupid and would help a lot of people get a better hunt in the end. I went with goals and sizes in my mind also and still do and I am going back for my 5th time. Just don't get caught up on the size...
  46. billc

    Trophy Measurements

    The Limpopo has big kudu and impala but they don't get big by being dumb. For your list your not to far off what would be good animals to try for. Smaller horns does not always mean younger though. Some younger animals may be bigger then older ones. Kudu any bull over 50" is good but Limpopo...
  47. billc

    NAMIBIA: Namibia May 2018 - Sorry Its Long

    No report is to long and it was a good read. Has me really wanting to get back to Africa and july 5th can not get here fast enough now. Glad you got to meet one of the guys from ingwe about your mounts. Always nice to chat with someone you maybe using for your own work. One day you will get...
  48. billc

    Questions about dip and pack, taxidermy in Africa, and shipping

    You can have dip/pack sent with finished mounts. Air freight is the best bet and really only way anymore to get stuff back. The ocean freight use to be cheaper and easier to do and really not worth it anymore. Since your on a budget and need to pick something that works for you I would just...
  49. billc

    SOUTH AFRICA: 1st Safari With Global Safaris

    By the list of what you took it seems you had one hell of a hunt. Can't wait to see all the pictures
  50. billc


    welcome. Your shop does some very nice work.