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  1. Redruff

    Please say a prayer for my son

    Happy birthday little guy! God speed in recovery. May angels smile upon you and your parents! R.
  2. Redruff

    Leopard Full Mount

    That’s one nice looking Tom. Glad to see him home! R.
  3. Redruff

    Elephant Hunting (1929)

    (y) +1. Thanks for sharing, R.
  4. Redruff

    Change my 300 Win Mag

    :A Quiet::A Quiet: Truth be told. I could not decide or part with any .30 caliber. Thus, I now have the wonderful problem of owning all the “great .30’s of past and present”. That being 300 H&H, 300 WM, and 300 WSM. Now that confesssed , I can admit that there is no favoriting among them. I...
  5. Redruff

    Change my 300 Win Mag

    Keep the original 300 WM....or if you want go with the “real original”....the 300 H&H. R.
  6. Redruff

    NAMIBIA: Otjandaue Hunting Safaris Hunting Report

    Congratulations on your Damara Dik Dik! Thanks for sharing! R.
  7. Redruff

    Starting to plan our first safari

    Congratulations on booking your first adventure. You’ll make great memories. Now, double the amount of money you thought you were going to spend and take your own rifle. There, you’re all set now. Good luck and happy planning! R.
  8. Redruff

    Finally got my double gun!

    Congratulations on the new addition. May you have many memorable adventures with her! R.
  9. Redruff

    Proud of my daughter

    Congratulations to you and your daughter! Gotta love those proud Dad moments. R.
  10. Redruff

    .500 or .577 for Next Double?

    :whistle:If you’re already thinking 577, then why not go with the grand’ol 600NE:whistle: Good luck either way with the new endeavour! R.
  11. Redruff

    Tuffpak Question

    I like my’s been abused from Botswana to the the Arctic....that is until I bought a Pelican case. The Tuffpak can take the beating but nothing compares to the Pelican. Just my two cents worth. R.
  12. Redruff

    Pamirs, Tajikistan

    That’s an incredible old beast!!! Thank you for sharing your find. R.
  13. Redruff

    SOUTH AFRICA: Chris Troskie Safaris

    Congratulations on a wonderful adventure! It’s a gleaming example of what a family safari can be. The photos are also excellent. Thank you for sharing. R.
  14. Redruff

    What makes hunting Eland special?

    What makes Eland special? Well...just wait until you spend days tracking down your big blue bull with his old worn down tips, his huge flap and the dark colour on his snout...only then will you realize what a special beast he is. Best of luck with your pursuit. R.
  15. Redruff

    ZAMBIA: Leopard - 3rd Time A Charm?

    Congratulations on putting Mr. Spots in the salt! And to share the adventure with your father is the icing on the cake. Thank you for sharing it with us. R.
  16. Redruff

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year AH’ers!!! All the best for 2018. Thanks for kicking it off @gizmo! R.
  17. Redruff


    We Canuks salute you when the options are limited!!!!(y)
  18. Redruff


    For those that have the Scotch/Whiskey/Whisky that understand a good “wee nip” and the phrase “where the fires of hell meet the tears of heaven” line only...Laguvulin 16yr Distiller’s Edition....and in the immortal line line of my 7 year old daughter....”Boooom yaaaaa!!!!!”....still have...
  19. Redruff

    .300 Winchester Magnum enough?

    +1(y) R.
  20. Redruff Big Game Knife Giveaway with Random Drawing

    Enter me....splendid idea. R.
  21. Redruff

    Finally bit the bullet

    Congratulations on the new addition! Hope she brings many good memories. R.
  22. Redruff

    ZIMBABWE: Leopard & Buffalo With Mbalabala Safaris

    Congratulations putting your leopard in the salt! After 30 days after cats he is well earned. Your report is written well that the reader feels he is sitting beside you in the blind. Hope he’s going to be a full mount. All the best, R.
  23. Redruff

    Hammer Doubles for Dangerous Game

    @Red Leg summed it up. Keep the hammer gun for the duck blind or driven shoots. Personally would not DG with one. However, if you insist on feeling nostalgic have at it then. Good luck with whatever you choose. R.
  24. Redruff

    ZIMBABWE: Leopard & Buffalo With Mbalabala Safaris

    All is well that ends well Riska! And you earned that buffalo. R.
  25. Redruff

    ZIMBABWE: Leopard & Buffalo With Mbalabala Safaris

    Keep’er coming you lucky bugger! R.
  26. Redruff

    CONGO: Hunting Bongo In The Congo October 2017

    That's one majestic beast! Congratulations. R.
  27. Redruff

    Rug care/durability

    Have had Zebra rugs survive the wee one's birthday parties for the last seven years. The cleaning lady states "most durable rugs" and "easiest to clean" compared to other homes she's contracted with. All of our house is tile, wood or laminate beacause of the boss lady's(read loving wife)...
  28. Redruff

    TCM Africa Movie Day

    PVR set....Thank you! R.
  29. Redruff

    MOZAMBIQUE: Return To Mozambique With Mashambanzou Safaris

    Congratulations on a great adventure in a wild place. Love the Suni! R.
  30. Redruff

    Another great adventure from the Congolese jungle

    Beautiful photos from amazing remote places as usual Christophe!!! Merci mon ami!! R.
  31. Redruff

    Texas Longhorn from Top of Texas Taxidermy cool looking critter. Great job making him so real!! Keep it up. R.
  32. Redruff

    Lt. Perceival

    Excellent. Thanks for sharing. R.
  33. Redruff

    .458 Lott too much for North American Big game?

    You get a 458 Lott....that will just lead to a 470NE...then you'll miss the bolt action and you'll need a 505 Gibbs....which will then lead you back to doubles and you'll have to buy a 577NE. So....just purchase a 600NE and be done with it. :whistle: And you'll be ready for anything from...
  34. Redruff

    ZAMBIA: Amazing Cape Buffalo Hunt At Mbizi Safaris

    Congratulations on your old bull! Mbizi seems like a special place. R.
  35. Redruff

    NWT Dall or Stone???

    Stone in BC. Because it ain't going to be getting cheaper. There's a Sheep Hunter I know here that shot 3 Stone's years ago and the most expensive was $5800 Cdn. Good luck! R.
  36. Redruff

    SOUTH AFRICA: Lioness Hunt With KMG Safaris

    Congratulations on your lioness. Sure gets the blood flowing and the adrenaline going eh!!!(y) R.
  37. Redruff

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunt With Tootabi Valley Safaris 2017

    Great report as always. Thanks Hank! R.
  38. Redruff

    CANADA: Ruby Range Outfitters - Yukon

    Congratulations on a beautiful ram! R.
  39. Redruff

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunt With Tootabi Valley Safaris 2017

    This should be good. Looking forward to it. R.
  40. Redruff

    Tsavo ‘Super Tusker’, Ndawe, dies after multiple spear wounds

    Damn shameful ending for a great beast! R.
  41. Redruff

    Cecil Redux: Xanda

    And rain it will. R.
  42. Redruff

    Try and guess the size of this polar bear

    That's a 10'7 nanuk. Thanks for sharing. R.
  43. Redruff

    New .275 Rigby

    Congrats Red Leg. She's a thing of beauty. And seems to shoot as good as she looks. Enjoy! R.
  44. Handmade Matched Pair of Bowie Knives

    Handmade Matched Pair of Bowie Knives

  45. Redruff

    KMG Hunting Safaris Season Photos 2017

    And your trophy list. Like that sable and male lion upgrade are justifiable:A Yell: R.
  46. Redruff

    KMG Hunting Safaris Season Photos 2017

    :whistle:Also a new kitchen for the boss lady goes a long way! R.
  47. Redruff

    Paying CASH up-front for a hunt?

    +1 Cash is king. And yes there are outfitters/sponsors here that I have met and not met I would trust with a cash transaction. R.
  48. Redruff

    ZIMBABWE: Leopard Charge My Nightmare In Zimbabwe

    Congratulations on getting Mr. Spots in the salt! R.
  49. Redruff

    First double rifle

    She's a beautiful double. Congratulations. R.
  50. Redruff

    Pre 64 M70 vs newest iteration - which would you choose?

    Pre-64 just plain sounds like music to the ears. Call me a romantic if you like. R.