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    Torn between two calibers

    Toby, No arguments here. Just a little repartee' to lighten the day.
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    Torn between two calibers

    Bruce, You shoot donkeys and camels? No wonder I was having difficulty following your posts! And bovines if I remember correctly. Well, now I know where to turn for advice on dromedary dumping, but the only livestock bovine I have shot was for a rancher to put out of misery a cow that slipped...
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    Torn between two calibers

    Hello again Tarbe, WRT your observation about the reported poor performance of Nosler Partitions in the southern hemisphere, I can happily report on one NP that worked quite well south of the equator and north of RSA. This rather large and well fed leopard Tom was terminated with one "old...
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    Minimum caliber for Zebra?

    My elk guide told me to always go for the double lung shot and pass on all others. Worked for me except when I had to use my famous Texas Heart Shot , which also worked with .338 Win Mag.. Is the double lung shot good for Zebra?
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    Torn between two calibers

    Tarbe, Very thoughtful of you to respond to my somewhat sarcastic post. Thank you. IMHO, your bullet killed your target animal and therefore did not fail. What more can the hunter ask of a bullet? I have been hunting for 60+ years and was taught to bring home the bacon with minimal cost and...
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    Torn between two calibers

    Tarbe, Ouch! You mean that the 400 grain .411 Woodie Weldcore that exited and was never found may have failed even though it put a hole in the heart of my Cape buff? Ouch again as that xxxx bullet traversed 40 inches of buff internals without hitting a bone and ruined the guts, lungs and...
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    Torn between two calibers

    Bob Nelson, Your 35 Whelen sounds a bit like my M77 Ruger .338 Win Mag which performed well on my first African hunt/Safari using Winchester 230 grain FailSafe ammo. The same rifle with the "old and outdated Nosler Partitions" collected this nice 330 rocky mountain elk a few years ago with a...
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    Torn between two calibers

    Since no one else spoke up for the .405 WCF I will: 1895 .405 with Factory Hornady 300 grain ammo at 2225 fps. Hand loads to 2400 are common. Osa Johnson killed African ele and buff with her 1895 .405 using Factory 300 grain JSP ! Using 400 grain .411 Woodie Weldcore at 2076 fps MV in RSA...
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    .50-90 Sharps for Africa

    Ronnie, Since my Winchester 1886 45-90 did so well in Africa, your 50-90 should also! Just ignore the Nay Sayers that have no experience with these rifles and cartridges and forge ahead. Modern bullets and powders provide ballistics that are more than adequate for any game in Africa or...
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    HUNTING Turkey

    We have a lot of Rio Grande turkey in Texas and they can be hunted with a rifle and shotgun. Shotguns may be more common in the spring season, but since the fall season occurs during deer season, many turkey are take with rifles by deer hunters. Because of this, I recommend care when shooting...
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    Fail to fire question

    Wyatt, If you still have FTF after you have tried all the above exhaustive considerations and suggestions please consider Federal primers. The only FTF in my lifetime was on a new rifle which fired "most of the time" and sometimes FTF when I had a good "bead" on an animal. A casual discussion of...
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    The pressure factor

    N133 has worked well in my 1895 .405 WCF (and that of a friend now getting 400 grain Woodies up to 2200 FPS) and in my .45-70 loads where I needed to raise the velocity and keep the pressure down. Now planning to experiment with 400 grain 45-70 loads in Beretta DR. If all goes OK I will soon...
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    The pressure factor

    SES - always the gentleman. Bob Nelson - Indeed. I use Pressure Trace II when I really care to compare and / or control pressures and the traces are VERY revealing. For this reason and many others, my best low pressure/good velocity powder is VV N133. This is a good subject for fireside BS ...
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    The pressure factor

    In general, I use a rifle powder with the lowest peak pressure and since I reload only a few calibers, this works for me. My favorite powder generates a smooth curve (much like a side of an ellipse or a hen egg at rest) and has NO spikes. Once I saw some pressure traces, it was simple to choose...
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    The COVID situation in USA based on actual CDC data. Quite a different story...........

    All politics aside, My mind was made up early in the year by two simple things: 1. A paper by a Paris Doctor that reported great success with HCQ + an antibiotic. In and out cured in 6 days. The Doc report also stated that President Trump was informed of the treatment. 2. I emailed copies of...
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    Experience with Magna port on their rifles?

    Magna Porting stopped excessive muzzle rise/jump on my Pre 64 M70 featherweight .308 and made a slight reduction in recoil -- Just as advertised. This lack of muzzle jump made it easier to shoot accurately off a bench rest and made it easy to keep on target shot after shot when shooting offhand...
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    Marlin being sold to Ruger by Remington

    I never shot a Lott. But before my 1895 .405 buff hunt I shot it a lot. Got to where I could put 5 rounds into 6 inch black pistol bull off hand as fast as I could work the lever. Figured I was ready for Africa again. Fortunately my PH and trackers put me behind and within 20 yards of my buff...
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    Donkey turns the tables on a Hyena that wandered onto a farm

    There was a video going around of a pack mule that attacked and killed a cougar.
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    20 gauge Slug

    My 12 ga/.22Hornet turkey has a .45-70 barrel insert that shoots 300 grain ammo well enough to take deer at 100 yards. However, my other guns get the call rather than the O/U.
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    Marlin being sold to Ruger by Remington

    Good morning Forrest - I always enjoy your posts and the one above deserves some feedback: Paper plates - one of my favorite quick draw targets when playing with a S&W DA revolver. Sometimes the old police drill of 2 shots and then move on to the next plate. A piece of cake at 25 yards and...
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    Markhor....what's the big deal?

    Yes, Blackbuck are pretty animals and I have a nice shoulder mounted buck. They are also tasty, but also small-not much meat. I love watching them bound through cover- very fast and graceful. There are many free range herds of both Axis and Blackbuck and since they are exotics, there is no...
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    What is your minimum Buffalo cartridge

    No new guns were acquired for hunting trips in Africa. Just regular use lever action big bores. Three of my rifles have been to Africa and two have taken Cape Buffalo. Comment on just those two: First to take DG was Winchester 1886 .45-90 (.458 2.4) which took several buff, one leopard, and an...
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    Markhor....what's the big deal?

    I like shooting stinky goats and sheep - with my Model 19 .357 . PAC hunt story saved for another time. To the point, I once saw a dead Markhor on a West Texas high fenced exotic ranch. I did not know the shooter, but he shot other exotics on that ranch. One fellow actually shot a giraffe and...
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    New World Record

    Is there an Olympic competition for "fastest operator of bolt action rifle"?
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    Looking For A Sabatti Baikal Spartn 45-70 Double Rifle

    The .45-70 is a good DR to have in North America. I bought my Beretta from the estate of a deceased friend. It is fun to shoot and hunt with:
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    Double rifle regulation issue

    My apologies for the rather drab photo of the rifle as the combination of surroundings and lighting do not do it justice; it actually has attractive metal and exhibition grade wood. Pic taken when it arrived in full length metal case:
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    Double rifle regulation issue

    Beretta Double rifle regulation miracle! This Beretta .45-70 DR with 26 inch barrels was hunted for 10 years by a friend who used only the right barrel to kill deer with his 300 grain handloads at 1600 fps. He killed a lot of deer and some really big ones. After he passed away, I purchased...
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    Quiet Muzzle Break

    Two thoughts: 1. Muzzle brake on my daughters Wby MK V 7mm W BY Mag blows dust and papers off bench rests on both sides of her. It is NOT welcome on a crowded range. The same rifle also deforested a cedar tree from which she shot a deer and the tree trapped so much pressure and noise that could...
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    New 1886 Winchester Miroku .45-70

    Bob, it is not unusual for a person of your height to have a longer stock made. Also, you would likely find my 10 pound 1886 .45-90 to be easy to handle and more your size than many smaller rifles. If you locate one in .45-90 , give it a try. If you wound a buffalo, you can just crack it's head...
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    New 1886 Winchester Miroku .45-70

    "May I suggest the RCBS 45-300 FN running around 1600 fps for a pleasant yet deadly load. " I have a similar 300 grain load with a different bullet for my Beretta 45-70 DR --works well.
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    New 1886 Winchester Miroku .45-70

    SES, Please cut Bob some slack as he has an upside down perspective in the big booming curved butt plate. :) For the record, I still have the chronograph range logs from my first range session with my then new 9.5 pound 1886 45-90 TD with 26 inch octagon barrel. From a bench rest, I fired...
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    New Double

    Hey Red Leg - what second shot?
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    Any tips for using iron sights with failing eyesight?

    " Peep sight has a small hole and is for more precise shooting at longer range, ghost ring has a large hole and is always ring shaped, " All of my Marbles, Williams, and Lyman "peep" sights have screw in rear sight holes and even come with small holes for target work and large holes (ghost...
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    New 1886 Winchester Miroku .45-70

    SES, You are experienced enough to not let the recoil sissies and inexperienced 1886 shooters dissuade you from having fun with your new rifle. It likely weighs a bit less than my 1886 with 26 inch barrel, but mounted properly, it will be fun to shoot. One interesting thing that I discovered...
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    Looking for 45-70 loads

    Bob, your comment above " If'n it can bite, claw or stomp me I'm sure I would want something heavier than the FTX. Preferably something over 400 grains with a wide meplat. " This big old male stock killing leopard was taken with one 300 grain dose of .458 Nosler PP and it nailed him into the...
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    USA: Texas Hunting Season 2020 / 2021

    Great outdoor weather this morning in East Texas - 57 degrees! Time to go shoot meat for winter!!!
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    Take this one to bed

    " Having said that, I trust my reloads more than factory ammo, " +1 Making no excuses to anyone for my choice of ammo, arms, and hunt preparation. Another reason to do business with people (guides, outfitters, a PH, etc) that you know and can trust.
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    Take this one to bed

    Fire your second barrel!
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    Is an illuminated reticle essential for Cape buffalo hunting?

    A peep sight worked for me from 20 yards.
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    Three men injured in Leopard attack

    This was a big goat eating leopard taken in a farmers courtyard by a PAC team. Apparently the farmer had no rifle.
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    Weirdest animal shot and what with?

    When leaving the deer lease, I saw an Armadillo a few feet from the car and shot it with .357 revolver, 125 grain JHP. Walked over to check it and all that was left was the near side shell- the far side shell and all insides were blown away! Moral is, do not get shot by a magnum revolver! They...
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    458 socom for charging cats?

    "the too many things to go wrong scenario you paint.. just doesn't appear to be an issue on this side of the pond at all.." +1
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    Inside The Royal Family's Hunting Tradition (Yes, Kate Middleton Hunts)

    I have read that the queen was quite the huntress in Africa. Good Show!
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    458 socom for charging cats?

    Redleg, The factory .458 Socom ammo my son uses runs over 2000 fps for 300 grain bullets and respectable velocities for the heavier bullets. As you know, there is ammo and then there is other ammo. Though he does hand load some calibers, he has used only factory ammo in the .458 Socom...
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    458 socom for charging cats?

    Forrest, I have a copy of the Omen .458 WM video and it still makes me smile. Those two are having FUN shooting that rifle. I like the line about "when you have to kill the whole herd" :)
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    458 socom for charging cats?

    Sigh!! Just look at the ballistics and see that standard .458 Socom ammo is about 100 fps faster than a .45-70 for the same bullet weight . A friend of mine used shotguns, .458 win mag, and 45-70 on Leopards and he settled on the Marlin .45-70 as being most handy and effective. At last count...
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    Interesting rifle and chambering

    "The Peter you know in OZ wouldn't be Peter Richards per chance. He doesn't a lot of hunting with his 405 and has even taken bison in the US. Bob " Indeed it is and he is a fine fellow. I hunted with him three times and had one vacation dinner with him and his wife when they toured the USA...
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    AUSTRALIA: Boar Hunt

    Nice choppers on that boar! My last boar had one nice cutter but the other was missing. May have lost it fighting chase dogs in the creek where they "treed" him under some down tree trunks. I shot it a close range and dog handler had to wade into creek to drag out dead floating hog.
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    AUSTRALIA: Bull Today

    Big pig! What is your estimate of the weight? Very nice rifle too.