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    No need for more than 150 gr in 30 cal

    180 gr or more is just too heavy for a 30-06. You cannot get enough speed to get good expansion all the time. The TTSX is more reliable for expansion compared to the TSX. I use the 130gr TTSX in my 308win. I also use the 130gr or 150gr TTSX in my 30-06. I use the 150gr TTSX in my 300win mag. I...
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    Professional Hunters, Oddest Cartridge a Client Has Brought?

    My 2nd trip I took my 338win mag and my 257W. I shot 100gr TTSX barnes bullets and 120gr Swift A-Frames. I shot about 30 animals with the 257W and it worked just fine. Only one required a 2nd shot and that was the idiot shooters fault. My handloads shot to the same point using either bullet and...
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    Tikka for hunting? Thoughts in general

    I have 3 Tikka T-3 Lite rifles--6.5X55/7-08 and 308) I really like them for hunting and even just shooting. The plastic does not bother me at all and I started hunting in the 1960's when everything was wood and steel. They are super accurate, easy to carry---especially for this old man- and...
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    No lee dies only RCBS and Redding

    It is a not broke and do not fix. I have one pistol cartridge BRAND of brass that the lee is needed but that is all. Plus I do not crimp any of my rifle cartridges
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    Weirdest animal shot and what with?

    Last trip I shot 13 baboons but what I really like was the Yellow Mongoose I got. It is the 1st one my taxidermist ever mounted
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    vx-freedom vs vx-3i

    good to know. My next firedot scope was going to be the VX5HD anyway.
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    vx-freedom vs vx-3i

    The VX3i has better glass. "I" would pay the extra money for one. They also have the VXR and VX5HD if you want a firedot. I have 2 of the VXR scopes and the VX3i glass is a bit better. The VX5HD is better yet but does cost more
  8. Hunting Eland in South Africa

    Hunting Eland in South Africa

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    338 Winchester Magnum

    I took my 338win mag on both trips for PG. Shot Steenbok to Eland with all one shot kills. I used Swift 225gr A-Frame hand loads. Shots from 200 to 480 yards. That is the exit wound
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    Can't stay logged in

    I did all of that and still cannot stay logged in. These updates suck is my opinion.
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    Ever OK to shoot from a truck?

    I have gone out with my PH at night and shot Impala, Kudu for their family and workers. WE were getting meat(like at a grocery store for them) and it is really not hunting. It was fun but I had a nagging feeling the game warden would show up to arrest us like they would in the USA :). I also...
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    What Watch do you wear when you hunt?

    I have no problem with expensive guns, watches, cars ,trucks, or anything else. I have some expensive stuff myself. What I dislike are the people with the "I am better than others", "look down on others", arrogant, self centered, demanding(of staff and others), stuffy, aloof, nose in the air...
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    Knives - Why?

    Not really needed. That is what they are paid to do and they have knives. Also a real good knife might disappear in travel. I did take a couple new ones(not expensive) non-folding knives for my tracker and such. That did not replace the tip --just extra like the candy and clothes/hats. A...
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    What Watch do you wear when you hunt?

    BeMaa- you are funny. As long as the rifle is accurate I could care less as to the brand. Except Howa since I want to keep the rest of my fingers. I own expensive rifles and "cheap" ones. All that I own shoot tiny groups or I will not keep them. This does not include some of my mil surplus...
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    What Watch do you wear when you hunt?

    usually no watch for me.
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    One rifle for North American big game?

    ^^^ I wish!!. Convince the outfitter I booked an Elk hunt with or the people in Texas I went to for exotics :)
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    Just in case I brought home a Yellow Mongoose :) I hate snakes.
  18. Burchell's Plain Zebra Hunting South Africa

    Burchell's Plain Zebra Hunting South Africa

  19. South Africa Hunt Kudu

    South Africa Hunt Kudu

  20. Hunting Warthog in South Africa

    Hunting Warthog in South Africa

  21. Impala Hunt South Africa

    Impala Hunt South Africa

  22. South Africa Hunting Red Hartebeest

    South Africa Hunting Red Hartebeest

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    .454 Casull primers?

    I prefer to use mag primers in my 454. I also use H-110 powder
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    Survey: Your Favorite. 30 Caliber

    30-06 and done
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    Rifle for Plains game

    My daughter used her 257R for warthog(about 10,) Impala(3), Red Hartebeest(1), Kudu(1), Zebra(1) and all were one shot no tracking kills. The impalas were fun shooting culls and the warthogs were for food for the trackers and the PH liked her so no charge. This was spot and stalk at ranges...
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    Sighting in your rifles for hunting

    most rifles are 2.75-3" high at 100 yards. I use a Duplex reticle and hold on the animal at all sensible (400 or less yards) ranges. This is for game in the USA and African PG. I do not have a DG rifles but those would be different.
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    on a lighter note...

    ^^^ If I shoot someone trying to steal my things it is because they valued my things more than their life. They had a choice to not take my things but felt it was worth giving up their life for them
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    338 Winchester Magnum

    I took my 338win mag on my 2 trips. Took everything from springbok and baboon to Kudu and Eland. Took blue and black wildebeest, zebra, impala and much more. I used hand loads of 225gr Swift A-Frames and never had to track a single animal. Animals were spot and stalk at ranges of 125 to 480...
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    165gr Partition on Blue Wildebeest / Kudu?

    It will work just fine. Just do not down load it.
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    Death of the 3-9 scope

    If you found a scope or binos that "gather light" you have the only one and they are worth millions. Scopes and binos do NOT "gather light" no matter how big the lenses are. The only TRASMIT light and that all depends on the quality of the glass and care of construction. The gather light is a...
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    What’s your beater rifle?

    All of my hunting rifles/pistols are tools. I do not worry about nicks and scrapes. I do not want rust on any firearm I have. Hunting firearms do not get any special care. I do have a few pristine mil surplus firearms I am careful with.
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    on a lighter note...

    you just thought you won. She will bring it all up again and again in the future.
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    Eland, is the .308 Winchester enough gun?

    Thank you. He was big and I like the mount
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    Eland, is the .308 Winchester enough gun?

    I used a 338win mag with 225gr A-Frames for a one shot kill on my Eland. "Personally" I think under certain conditions the 308 would work. BUT I want my choice to work in all conditions..
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    30-06 180 Swift Scirocco II and A-Frame Loads?

    Stick with the A-Frames. They are like Noslers on steroids and just plan work. The more FPS will give you a flatter shooting rifle combo also. We have used them on 2 trips as well as in the USA. Not knocking the Nosler bullets as I have used many of them but the Swift bullets are a step up.
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    Which One

    Hard to choose. A great Waterbuck is nice. I have one but could get another. Then the Nyala is also one to want again.
  37. Kudu,  Waterbuck & Impala Shoulder Mount Taxidermy

    Kudu, Waterbuck & Impala Shoulder Mount Taxidermy

  38. Gemsbok & Waterbuck Shoulder Mount Taxidermy and Blesbok Skin

    Gemsbok & Waterbuck Shoulder Mount Taxidermy and Blesbok Skin

  39. Black Wildebeest Hunting South Africa

    Black Wildebeest Hunting South Africa

  40. Hunt Eland in South Africa

    Hunt Eland in South Africa

  41. South Africa Hunting Nyala

    South Africa Hunting Nyala

  42. Burchell's Plain Zebra Hunt South Africa

    Burchell's Plain Zebra Hunt South Africa

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    Best premium bullet

    Swift A-Frame
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    7mm 175 Partition or Sierra Gameking

    ^^^ Yes do not pick a bullet that works under the best conditions but pick one that will work under the worse conditions. Like a Swift bullet or a Nosler PAR or a Barnes TTSX or LRX and I like them in that order
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    Muzzle Brake Use

    not good. There you have the answer
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    Nosler ballistic tip for Gemsbok ?? Yes or no?

    Swift A-Frames----Tag your turn. I have quite a number more. I will never use BT bullets for anything again. I have seen too many fails. NEVER had a fail with A-Frames on large or small animals.
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    First time bear hunt?

    Here is my Black Bear. He was 14.5 years old. Hunted him with dogs for 3 years before we were able to get him. This was in Calif USA when using dogs was legal. He measured B&C and is a bit over 6'X6'. Now I want a color phase and cannot find one.