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  1. Longwalker

    Krieghoff Hubertus .30 R Blaser

    I have been interested in acquiring a Kipplauf, German single shot stalking rifle for some time. I have considered the Merkel K3, Blaser K95, and the Krieghoff Hubertus. Looking for a rifle chambered in a common and versatile medium power rimmed cartridge like the 7x65R or perhaps 7x57R. It...
  2. Longwalker

    9.3x62 vs 375H&H

    I have a coupe of .375's, but on my last safari I took two rifles, a double for the dangerous game and a 9.3x62 for everything else. I like the light weight, easy handling and lighter recoil of the 9.3, and because of that I shoot it well. It worked perfectly for the big antelope and also for...
  3. Longwalker

    Fail to fire question

    yes, you are correct if discussing normal "rimless" cartridges that also have a "shoulder". But for belted, or rimmed cartridges, the shoulder dimension is irrelevant. It is certainly desirable to size a belted case that actually has a shoulder to have some shoulder contact to reduce case...
  4. Longwalker

    Fail to fire question

    So many comments above about excessive headspace related to excessive sizing or shoulder position are off the mark. The .375 H&H is a BELTED cartridge, and headspace is determined by the belt. You will get longer case life if you don't push the case shoulder back too much when resizing, but...
  5. Longwalker

    The pressure factor

    I laugh every time I read some reloader write about a favourite load that showed "no pressure signs" !! If there is no pressure, the bullet does not leave the barrel. Excess and therefore unsafe pressure, is to be avoided.
  6. Longwalker

    Interesting Find

    You have a bit of history there! I suggest they are better admired than shot at this stage. They look like they are in good display condition.
  7. Longwalker

    Once In A Lifetime Pictures

    A few of my favourites...
  8. Longwalker

    Tanzania & The Hunting Monks

    Fascinating! thanks for the history lesson. I have had the privilege of hunting our Canadian elk with a Benedictine monk who accompanied my father and me on some hunts until he retired from hunting at 80 years of age. He also was a WWII Canadian Air Force veteran, and our parish priest serving...
  9. Longwalker

    I think this one is ready to hunt!

    yhc, the group in the picture was shot at 100M from a bench rest, modified by raising the pads to support only my hand gripping the fore end and my fore arm / wrist on my “trigger“ hand, so that the rifle could recoil freely. It doesn’t work to rest a double rifle directly on bench rest pads...
  10. Longwalker


    That is so beneath any principled discussion that it should prompt worry for the poor lost soul who could post such a thing and think it adds something positive to a debate regarding a difference of political philosophies.
  11. Longwalker

    I think this one is ready to hunt!

    Kevin, it came with Recknagel mounts. They are very precise and work perfectly. Return to zero every time they’re removed. I thought the same as you at first about the stock drop at heel, but it is no problem for me. I will never shoot this rifle from prone, and from standing, sticks or...
  12. Longwalker

    I think this one is ready to hunt!

    It works as planned! Shot two young male black bears a couple days ago, just minutes apart. They were trouble makers doing some damage at my sister in laws cabin in the Saskatchewan wilds. Range was roughly 100M for both, one shot with the help of a rest on sticks and one offhand. Both heart...
  13. Longwalker

    Any benefit in upgrading to express sights?

    I have several rifles with multiple leaf rear sights, and alas, my eyesight is not good enough any more to take proper advantage of any of them. The leaves are overly complicated and too often the wrong one will flip up accidentally. They do look cool though! I much prefer a large aperture...
  14. Longwalker

    1st Traditional Dangerous Game Rifle

    So many good dangerous game rifles are bought by people who dream of using them, but seldom take them afield. My only advice is to maximize your value by buying a good used rifle rather than a new one. There are some amazing values out there on the used market. Better to buy an excellent quality...
  15. Longwalker

    Bullet Performance Database

    I shot two black bears yesterday, troublemakers damaging stuff at my sister in laws cottage. I was shooting my Beretta double rifle, 9.3x74R, Norma Oryx 18.5G factory loads. Both young male 100 -120 KG bears were centre chest / heart shots from about 120M and 80 M. The effect of the shots were...
  16. Longwalker

    Hunting in America vs Africa

    Canada has a similar system of wildlife management and hunting opportunities as the USA. Except that about 80% of Canada is public land that is open to hunting, our population is 10% of the USA, and there are lower densities of game animals in the more barren parts of our North country...
  17. Longwalker

    Whitehorse man killed while hunting bison over the long weekend

    No ranch Bison in the Yukon. They are wild and free range Wood bison. Bigger, hairier and darker than plains bison.
  18. Longwalker

    Weirdest animal shot and what with?

    My strangest was probably a pair of ground squirrels I killed with a single shot from a .22 LR. Went for a long walk to settle my mind and think things over on the morning of my wedding 39-1/2 years ago. Took the .22 along as I usually did and still do on such walks. On my way back after a...
  19. Longwalker

    Whitehorse man killed while hunting bison over the long weekend

    Whitehorse man killed while hunting bison over the long weekend
  20. Longwalker

    Hunting and fishing songs

    And this one, a bit more of a lifestyle song than a hunting song, but it works for me!
  21. Longwalker

    Hunting and fishing songs

    Not " sophisticated" but we Canadians sometimes listen to this one to get inspired
  22. Longwalker

    What would be your Dream Hunt!??

    Mine would be at least a month, hunting Elephant, Buffalo, and Leopard, with a variety of plains game including Eland to fill in the time and effort. I'd want to do some bird shooting, some fishing too. Zimbabwe? or Tanzania? I almost had a shorter Elephant / Buffalo hunt booked in Zimbabwe...
  23. Wildlife Art Sculpture

    Wildlife Art Sculpture

  24. Longwalker

    Hunting Canada

    It’s September. The grass is turning golden, the breeze has a bite. Geese are flocking up, gardens and wild berries are ripe for harvest. Elk are polishing their antlers and bugling challenges in the aspen groves. I love the opportunities and the clarity of purpose that this season offers. I’m...
  25. Longwalker

    New to me BRNO

    Here is my reply with pictures, sorry it's so late! bottom: Customized Brno 22F 7x57, Middle a customized Brno 21H 7x64, And the top one is the original 21H 8x57IS. Lower pictures is after I restored the finish on 8x57 and replaced the safety/bolt shroud.
  26. Longwalker

    Has anyone had their receiver bridge milled into a Picatinny (or Weaver) style Rings?

    That would be a great "Bubba" project :)! Take an elegant, precisely machined Brno 19MM dovetail square bridge action and turn it into a generic, cheap, and ( in my opinion) ugly Weaver style. It would probably work, and the machining would only cost about the same as a set of good ring mounts...
  27. Longwalker

    Can you visit a hunting lodge without actually hunting much?

    Last year I hunted in Namibia with Shona Hunting Adventures, who also serve the non-hunting tourist trade as Ondundu Etosha Lodge. I was completely satisfied with the facilities and the service and the opportunities. My brother took his family there just a couple months before, for more of a...
  28. Longwalker

    Is Annealing important for hunting loads?

    Annealing is a good idea to extend the life of old brass and to make brass that has been shot several times have more consistent neck tension without splitting the case mouths. I do that for practise loads, target loads and varmint loads. But I would never hunt African game or any game that...
  29. Longwalker

    Which is the signature animal for each Hunting country?

    Someone else suggested Whitetail deer for Canada, especially Saskatchewan. I'm from Saskatchewan, and I vote moose. They are much more widespread than whitetails, and are hunted in every province and territory, from the USA border to the arctic, and from coast to coast to coast. With the small...
  30. Longwalker

    Magical Catch

    Wonderful! My father did something similar once with two Canadian northern pike. Aggressive fish get themselves in trouble.
  31. Longwalker

    How they like to hunt

    I love to hunt animals by creeping around in their habitats, pretending I'm quiet and invisible. They usually know better, but some times I get lucky. Sneaking up on an unaware animal and making one perfect shot is near the top of my list. I like the fellowship and excitement of driven game...
  32. Canada Hunt Moose

    Canada Hunt Moose

  33. Longwalker

    Is the CZ 550 Gone or Not?

    I live in a small town in Canada that is named Bruno. It has always been distressing to me that so many illiterate shooters continue to mispronounce and incorrectly spell the city of origin of my favourite rifles. I can't be bothered to read a Sports Afield article that gets it wrong. One more...
  34. Longwalker

    Moose loads for .375h&h

    One more comment about scopes - The second most recent moose I have killed, previous to the one in the picture I posted, was shot with my Brno 22F 7x57 topped with a Leupold 2.5x scope. Range was 250 long steps. Norma 170 gr. RN factory load, almost antique ammo. I did not find scope ( or...
  35. Longwalker

    Moose loads for .375h&h

    Skinnersblade, Don't despair that all you have on hand is Federal blue box 300 gr rn ammo. I have only shot one moose with it, but I was completely satisfied with the results. This ancient cow was shot at exactly 300 long paces away, on the run and broadside to me. First shot was a touch far...
  36. Longwalker

    One rifle for North American big game?

    A specific example from my rifle collection: I could happily do what you describe with my old Sako L579 Forester deluxe .308 with Zeiss Conquest 2-10x42, Sako QD mounts, backup original peep sight, and a simple leather strap sling. I'd load with Norma Oryx 165 gr. And hunt them all.
  37. Longwalker

    One rifle for North American big game?

    Drew, I have done all that type of hunting very satisfactorily with a standard weight, 22" barrel, bolt action rifle with a scope in the 2.5-8 or 3-9 or 2-10x range and 40mm objective. I prefer the .308 cartridge but many others will do fine. I've shot more elk with my bigger rifles like .35...
  38. Longwalker

    A man and his dog, lets see yours

    I just realized I already posted some pictures of my dog a few months ago. My apologies!
  39. Longwalker

    A man and his dog, lets see yours

    My Pudelpointer Chewie. He's a very versatile hunter, for upland birds and waterfowl and small game. Right now his job is keeping the black and grizzly bears out of our yard at our bush camp in Northern British Columbia.
  40. Longwalker

    Slightly different Knives

    The much copied DH Russell Canadian belt knife was originally conceived by Russell and made by Grohmann as a joint venture. I have one in stainless/rosewood and it has served me well. I actually prefer the Large skinner model for skinning only, but the original is much more versatile. The...
  41. Longwalker

    Some things can never be bettered?

    So to comment on traditional equipment that I believe in - 7x57 Brno 22f rifle, Merino wool clothing, Puma (or Mora) knives, Norma ammunition, Tilley hats, Woods canvas products, Coleman stoves, Swarovski optics, and Silva compass. Spent much of my outdoor life with this kit.
  42. Longwalker

    Some things can never be bettered?

    Boxing Day rabbit hunt!!! I didn't know anyone outside my family honoured that tradition. What a wonderful way to introduce youngsters to hunting, get everyone out of the house despite -20 temperatures, and mitigate the effects of too much food, sweets, and indoors. I heartily approve.
  43. Longwalker

    Some things can never be bettered?

    Boxing Day rabbit hunt!!! I didn't know anyone outside my family honoured that tradition. What a wonderful way to introduce youngsters to hunting, get everyone out of the house despite -20 temperatures, and mitigate the effects of too much food, sweets, and indoors. I heartily approve.
  44. Longwalker

    My African Knives

    This one! A perfect match of good looks and function IMHO
  45. Longwalker

    Is any kind of hearing protection used on safari?

    I don't shoot even one shot without wearing hearing protection any more. I use and like several styles, depending on the situation. At a minimum, while hunting I wear plugs with internal valves in a central cylinder that allow most high pitched sounds and most conversation through, but filter...
  46. Longwalker

    Bought my daughter a double combination today

    I had one of those. Solid reliable and accurate. One additional bonus - it accepts Sako ring mounts. Easy to mount and dismount a scope that returns to zero. Look for the old original windage adjustable ring mounts.
  47. Longwalker

    The Great Lion Killer

    Wow! I've read that before, but somehow reading it while in a remote wilderness camp makes it even more interesting. Thanks for sharing.
  48. Longwalker


    It's all relative, but where I hunt 0 deg. is quite warm. For that sort of temperature I prefer merino wool gloves with leather palms. If you hunt where thorns and brush are too hard on exposed wool, use plain merino wool liners inside thin leather gloves. Deerskin and even sheepskin leather is...
  49. Longwalker

    Survey : Your Favorite Factory Loaded Ammunition

    "Big three brands?" - RWS, Norma, and perhaps Federal. "Big" in my world means consistent, reliable, accurate, and effective. Remington and Winchester need not apply.