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  1. Bill116

    ZAMBIA: Lion Safari With Strang Middleton

    Excellent story of a fantastic hunt. Congrats to the Mrs on a beautiful lion. Am enjoying going along for the ride, as many on here are. A well written hunt report. Thanks again.
  2. Bill116

    TANZANIA: Bullet Safaris Hunt Report Sep 2020

    Thanks for the write up and photos. Some very nice trophies there. Great to see some enjoying Africa and all it offers. Love the zebra pic.
  3. Bill116

    My Leopard taxidermy home!

    Will do sir. Received notice today from RSA that my "package" is ready to head westward. I did a quick change of plans after seeing their work in your posts. Now if this mess cleans up I am ready to go back in August.
  4. Bill116

    My Leopard taxidermy home!

    That is one amazing piece of artistry. Thanks for posting so we could enjoy it also. Through your posts I have my September 2019 stuff going to Kanati. You have an amazing group of mounts there.
  5. Bill116

    Next weeks trip canceled (South Africa)

    Sorry to hear. If we keep our wits about us and relax for a few weeks we may just stop this thing. Keep practicing and planning. I am joining you. My April 15 trip has cancelled. I am now a tentative for an August 19 trip. But I will still go to the range weekly. Good luck to all.
  6. Bill116

    Travel News - Coronavirus Advisory

    I head out on 15 April to JNB. My girlfriend is nervous, but I told her I am going unless the flight doesn't leave. While concerned, I believe the media is getting carried away for certain reasons. Good luck to all.
  7. Bill116

    Delta 200 dates

    I am going LEX-ATL-JNB on 15 April, returning on April 29.
  8. Bill116

    Leopard mount begins

    Congrats JB. That is one beautiful cat and a great piece of taxidermy. Please share a pic when he gets "home".
  9. Bill116

    In memoriam - Pieter Erasmus from Pawprint Safaris passed away

    Very sad news. May God bless his family and friends and provide them with comfort during this time of great sorrow.
  10. Bill116

    MOZAMBIQUE: Mozambique With Zambeze Delta Safaris

    Thanks for a great write up on your hunt. Excellent story and some very nice animals. Thank you for sharing.
  11. Bill116

    SOUTH AFRICA: South Africa With Kemp African Safaris

    Great report so far. Outstanding sable. They are truly spectacular animals. Great job, waiting for more...
  12. Bill116

    SOUTH AFRICA: Buffalo & Sable

    Neil M: Safe travels and good luck on your upcoming trip. My April 2020 trip will be with my girlfriend. I may give myself a 2020 retirement trip back again.... Just can't stay away. I will never forget the buffalo hunt details. Look forward to your report.
  13. Bill116

    SOUTH AFRICA: Buffalo & Sable

    Gesch: I was very happy with the 375 Ruger with Swift A-frames. It is a great combination. 1 shot kill on the blesbuck, and the zebra probably didn't need a second shot. The bullet blew through the sable on a mid range shot. Of course the buffalo.... well, it is a buffalo. He had 5 separate...
  14. Bill116

    SOUTH AFRICA: Buffalo & Sable

    Ridgewalker: Thanks for the link. I read your report initially. I need it for reference as my girlfriend is going on this next trip, and she is a big time city girl! We are doing the Kruger Park tour the first few days there. I used to do alot of elk hunting out there. We usually went to the...
  15. Bill116

    SOUTH AFRICA: Buffalo & Sable

    To Tra3: Here is pic of bullets recovered. In the first picture the forward one is from the buffalo. Was the first shot. He was quartering to us facing left. It went in just in front of left shoulder, through lungs and into the off shoulder. The aft one is from the zebra, nice broadside and...
  16. Burchell's Plain Zebra Hunting South Africa

    Burchell's Plain Zebra Hunting South Africa

  17. South Africa Hunt Blesbok

    South Africa Hunt Blesbok

  18. At camp fire

    At camp fire

  19. Bill116

    SOUTH AFRICA: Buffalo & Sable

    Day 7: Last day. Not hunting today. Just lounging around. I did manage to read ALL of Mr. Kevin Robertson's Perfect Shot II. I know I was done hunting... but I will be back at Paw Print in April. A big thank you to all of you regulars on here. I read lots of posts on the site...
  20. Bill116

    SOUTH AFRICA: Buffalo & Sable

    Day 6: We are going after blesbuck today. Just one of those animals I find irresistible. After a short walk we see 2 along a ridge about 300 yards away. Off we go to have a look. 3 ridges over we catch up to them, PH says they are good ones. So we keep on their track. We come to the top of...
  21. Bill116

    SOUTH AFRICA: Buffalo & Sable

    Day 5: As we returned to camp last night I told my PH it was his choice for animals on the hit list. So, done with breakfast and off we go. As we were walking along we see a group of red hartebeest feeding in an open area on a hillside. We have a few trees to use as cover. We close to about 80...
  22. Bill116

    SOUTH AFRICA: Buffalo & Sable

    Day 4: So today we go after my nemesis, red hartebeest. 3 previous attempts have come up empty. We had a late breakfast, 730AM, then headed out. Found one by himself, the stalk is on. After much walking I get about 1 second on the sticks and he bails. To keep this short, we made 4 different...
  23. Bill116

    SOUTH AFRICA: Buffalo & Sable

    To all of you that have posted comments, I sincerely thank you for the kind words. I return to Paw Print Safaris in April. Doing their tented camp for plains game... now to finish the rest of my hunt here. Thank you again. I got alot of assistance and help along the way from all of you on here...
  24. South Africa Hunting Sable

    South Africa Hunting Sable

  25. Hunt Cape Buffalo in South Africa

    Hunt Cape Buffalo in South Africa

  26. Bill116

    SOUTH AFRICA: Buffalo & Sable

    Ridgewalker.... Thank you sir. My PH was Armand Claase of Africa Maximum Safaris. He was outstanding. I couldn't have asked for a better PH. I enjoyed every minute with him, even the long walks trailing buffalo.
  27. Bill116

    SOUTH AFRICA: Buffalo & Sable

    Day 3: So we make contact with the buffalo after a quick lunch break. Locate an older worn bull...I want to take him if we can. I get set up on sticks for a 50 yard shot, he is quartering slightly to us,facing left. Shot goes off, PH says he heard a solid hit. We follow up after giving him...
  28. Bill116

    SOUTH AFRICA: Buffalo & Sable

    I will apologize upfront. I am in no way able to tell the story here as so many of you do. So please accept my apology upfront here. I hadn't been to Africa for 14 years due to life getting in the way. I finally booked a trip with Paw Print Safaris for April 2020 through John Martins of...
  29. Bill116

    SOUTH AFRICA: A Return To Huntershill Safaris - Even Better Than Last Year!

    Thank you for a GREAT report. Very well written, a really nice read. Congrats on some fine animals and your gracious generosity displayed. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  30. Bill116

    Talk me out of a 416

    I am confused here. You came to this crowd to talk you OUT of purchasing another rifle. That is so funny. This group here will convince you that you need a 2 gun battery for your next safari. But we do mean well. As Mr. Potterfield says in his commercial, "how many guns does one man need.... "...
  31. Bill116

    Revisiting after a few year hiatus

    Welcome back. Start a plan and saving what $ you can. Before long you will be heading to Africa. I took my first trip 11 years ago. Then job changes and health concerns stepped in. Now that all is back to normal, I am now going twice within 7 months! You will see some great deals on here, and...
  32. Bill116

    SOUTH AFRICA: Second Plains Game Safari With Cheetau Safaris

    Thank you for a great report and nice easy read. Some fine animals taken, Congrats.
  33. Bill116

    SOUTH AFRICA: My Once In A Lifetime Trip To Africa With Umlilo Safaris Eastern Cape

    Thank you for a great report. Could tell you had the time of your life. Now, time to start planning that second trip. Thanks for sharing, was a nice read.
  34. Bill116

    SOUTH AFRICA: Adansonia Safaris Hunting With Mof

    Thank you for sharing. I would say the two of you did quite well. I am under 10 months to go before my return. I can't wait and enjoy reading the reports on here. Again, congrats to you and the Mrs for a job well done.
  35. Bill116

    SOUTH AFRICA: Eastern Cape 2019 With Hotfire Safaris

    Very impressive trophies and a great read. Thanks for sharing your trip. I have 11 months to go yet. Get well and start planning that next safari.
  36. Bill116

    SOUTH AFRICA: RIFLE: BOWHUNT: First Safari With Global Safaris Just Amazing

    Great write up and pictures. Can't wait to read the rest of your report. Love the sable. They are animals.