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  1. TOBY458

    Wyatt’s first rifle

    I've had great results with the 243 Winchester on Whitetail deer. It is not my choice anymore, but it was my first deer rifle, and it served me well. My dad considered it his large caliber for deer, as his favorite was 22/250. Of course, he was/is a great hunter, and his shots were usually very...
  2. TOBY458

    Torn between two calibers

    I guess my question would be, how did this thread become a Nosler Partition pro and con argument? Nothing in the title says, torn between two bullets.... Hahahaha! Just kidding. Argue on fellows! I find it very entertaining.
  3. TOBY458

    No need for more than 150 gr in 30 cal

    I've deer hunted quite a bit with Barnes TSX in 30/06 and 308 Win over the years. I've had excellent results with 130 and 150 grain bullets. I've yet to recover a bullet, and all have expanded as designed, according to the exit wounds. The only thing I see with these bullets that I don't always...
  4. TOBY458

    Wanted Leupold Vari X lll 1.75-6x 32mm

    That is indeed the one he is seeking I believe. Just for kicks I added it to my cart and it didn't say it was discontinued, although that's what the Leupold site says.
  5. TOBY458

    Is the Model 70 Safari Express a Magnum action?

    It's no magnum action. But it's fully capable of handling anything up to 458 Lott without very much modification.
  6. TOBY458

    Minimum caliber for Zebra?

    I shot one high in the lungs with a 375 H&H using Swift A Frames and he went around 300 yards before going down. So shot placement is definitely very important as usual. The 300 grain bullet did pass completely through, so there was plenty of blood to follow. So, a good bullet that provides...
  7. TOBY458

    Rifle for First time Owner

    No change really. Tikka T3X is still the most solid rifle for the money. AND, 30/06 is still the best all around choice for PG, with regards to ammo availability, adequate power/adequate trajectory.
  8. TOBY458

    Tikka for hunting? Thoughts in general

    I was able to shoot my new T3X 30/06 today. I am getting ready to go hunt deer this weekend, so all I did was sight it in, and then shot one group. I was shooting 165gr Remington CL factor loads, so nothing fancy. My last group was around 1", so I'm sure a good handload will shoot very well.
  9. TOBY458

    Zastava 9.3x62 Got The Best Of Me

    I bought and sold this rifle last year. But I still have a Sako 9.3x62. Excellent rifle.
  10. TOBY458

    So It Begins,.....Again

    What will you be hunting?
  11. TOBY458

    .350 Remington Magnum

    You are correct. Ruger did make a run of M77 350 Rem Mag awhile back. I saw one in my local gun store once.
  12. TOBY458

    9.3x62 vs 375H&H

    I have both. And from what I've experienced, I think either would work fine in the areas that I've hunted so far. However, if shots are longer and you're hunting game such as Eland, I would say a good 270 grain 375 bullet traveling at 2750 fps would trump anything a 9.3x62 has to offer.
  13. TOBY458

    Tikka for hunting? Thoughts in general

    I once had a T3 Stainless in 308 Win. Great, handy, accurate rifle. I foolishly traded it for something else. Now I have a T3X Stainless 30/06 on the way to replace it. I should have it Monday. Hopefully it shoots as well as the 308.
  14. TOBY458

    Cull Hunt Texas

    How much $ to shoot a bison?
  15. TOBY458

    What have you been doing since you can’t go on Safari?

    Mostly sitting around crying and sulking about not being able to go on safari!
  16. TOBY458

    9.3x62 Optics

    My Sako 9.3x62 wears a Leupold 2-7×33. I have yet to hunt with it, but that same scope has served me well on my Sako 375 H&H. I think 7x is plenty of power for 99% of big game hunting, at ranges that most folks have any business shooting a 9.3 or 375.
  17. TOBY458

    .375 Holland & Holland

    I brought along 270 and 300 grain on my last hunt, and by the time it was over, I wished I had just stuck with the 300gr for everything. Not a huge amount of trajectory difference inside the 200-300 yards that the vast majority of your shooting will consist of. And when it's time to hunt...
  18. TOBY458

    Rifle for Plains Game and Dangerous Game

    If you're taking a second rifle for PG, then the 416 or 458 would both be sound choices. If you're only taking one rifle.... THREE SEVEN FIVE.
  19. TOBY458

    For Sale Winchester Mod 70 375 H&H

    Winchester has never made this particular rifle in anything but a New Haven gun. They have never made it in the newer FN guns. The only stainless model 70 rifle that FN has made was an Alaskan, which had a laminated wood stock.
  20. TOBY458

    For Sale Sako Brown Bear 416 Rigby With Extras

    I totally agree with the 275 Rigby being the most "appropriate" round for the HS. However, I have a hard time wrapping my head around not buying it in a large enough caliber for Buffalo. The 9.3 would be as close as I could get in that particular rifle. Otherwise you have to step up to the much...
  21. TOBY458

    For Sale Sako Brown Bear 416 Rigby With Extras

    7x57 and/or 9.3x62
  22. TOBY458

    For Sale Sako Brown Bear 416 Rigby With Extras

    A Rigby Highland Stalker has crossed my mind....
  23. TOBY458

    For Sale Sako Brown Bear 416 Rigby With Extras

    They're about standard for American rifles. Most of our rifles come around 13.5". I definitely prefer a longer LOP of around 14" or so. I think the Sakos run around 13 5/8".
  24. TOBY458

    For Sale Sako Brown Bear 416 Rigby With Extras

    If a Rigby Highland Stalker shows up in 9.3x62, I will say it again!
  25. TOBY458

    For Sale Sako Brown Bear 416 Rigby With Extras

    Good doing business with you!
  26. TOBY458

    Uberti Courteney... again....

    There was one on Gunbroker a couple weeks ago. 303 British I believe.
  27. TOBY458

    For Sale Sako 85 Grey Wolf 9.3x62mm

    I It's about like going to Golden Corral when you start feeling bad about your figure. Haha!
  28. TOBY458

    For Sale Sako 85 Grey Wolf 9.3x62mm

    Well.....I ended up selling a couple other rifles, so I've decided to take this one back off the chopping block AGAIN. I was thinking about a Rigby Highland Stalker in 9.3x62, but this rifle will do everything I need a 9.3 to do.
  29. TOBY458

    Rigby Highland Stalker .275 vs 30-06

    I was looking at some HS on Gunbroker and the particular 30/06 I was loking at says 28" barrel. As this is a brand new rifle, I wonder if that's a misprint? All others I've seen said 22".
  30. TOBY458

    Rigby Highland Stalker .275 vs 30-06

    What are the barrel lengths on those rifles?
  31. TOBY458

    For Sale Sako 85 Grey Wolf 9.3x62mm

    I haven't had that issue with this one. I do have a 375 Sako 85 Kodiak that does have that problem, so I know exactly what you're referring to. I believe the larger case of the 375 may cause it to show up more than the smaller cases like the 9.3. I also have a Sako 75 in 30/06, and it works fine...
  32. TOBY458

    Dangerous Game for a first Safari?

    I've got several that I've had for many years! I just have one slot in the safe that I rotate quite often! :A Banana:
  33. TOBY458

    Dangerous Game for a first Safari?

    DG is and always will be my reason for going to Africa.
  34. TOBY458

    For Sale Sako Brown Bear 416 Rigby With Extras

    Sako just makes names up for their rifles. Grey wolf because the stock is greyish in color. Brown bear because of the brown laminate. Black bear because of the black synthetic stock. (I guess). They have also had rifles with names like Finnbear and Finnwolf in the past.
  35. TOBY458

    For Sale Sako 85 Grey Wolf 9.3x62mm

    A true rifleman would never let a little thing such as a log house stand between himself and a 9.3......:A Thumbs Up:
  36. TOBY458

    For Sale Sako Brown Bear 416 Rigby With Extras

    When you find out what I'm looking at, you might forgive me!
  37. TOBY458

    For Sale Sako Brown Bear 416 Rigby With Extras

    Weight is 9lbs 5oz.
  38. TOBY458

    For Sale Sako Brown Bear 416 Rigby With Extras

    Ok guys. I've got wondering eyes, and need to move a rifle or two to finance a new project. (Details later). So I've decided to part with this Sako Brown Bear 416 Rigby. I bought this rifle new only a few weeks ago. I've fired it approximately 25 times to get a feel for the rifle and to zero...
  39. TOBY458

    For Sale Sako 85 Grey Wolf 9.3x62mm

    Due to some upcoming things that require money. I've decided to go ahead and let this rifle go. Same deal as before. $1450.00 shipped to lower 48. Rifle only. No ammo.
  40. TOBY458

    Ruger Safari Magnum

    You are correct. Mine was a Sako 85 problem. I think maybe he just meant some rifles in general can seem fine at the range, but when pressed into action under stress, the weaknesses show up.
  41. TOBY458

    What is your minimum Buffalo cartridge

    Yes. I Did the same thing last year. I used 270gr TSX for Lioness and PG. Then I had to resight the rifle for 300gr when we went Buff hunting. Not a huge change in zero, but still needed none the less. In the end, the 300 gr would've done everything just fine.
  42. TOBY458

    What is your minimum Buffalo cartridge

    Just load 300 gr Swift Aframe or Barnes TSX in the 375 for everything. Then you won't have to change anything when the Buffalo steps out.
  43. TOBY458

    Shooting Sticks

    The PH I've hunted with on my two safaris uses a simple aluminum bipod with a leather strap across the top. For close shots they are ok. But for longer shots, they are not very stable at all. When the legs are spread apart, the leather pulls tight across the top of the sticks, which allows the...
  44. TOBY458

    What is your minimum Buffalo cartridge

    I've taken the following animals with a 375 H&H. Ranges ran from 40 yards to 250 yards. Bullets used were Barnes 300gr TSX. Barnes 270gr TSX. Swift 300 gr A Frame. 3 Asiatic Water Buffalo (Australia) 1 Cape Buffalo 1 Lioness 1 Eland 1 Kudu 2 Gemsbuck 2 Wildebeest 2 Impala 1 Waterbuck 1...
  45. TOBY458

    375 H&H rebored to 404 Jeffery

    :S Rip: 404 Jeffery....... :A Stirring:
  46. TOBY458

    Montana Rifle Company Safari Elite

    If I hunted with every rifle I ever owned, I'd never be at home.....
  47. TOBY458

    Good Gun Alert

    No Winchester 70 has ever used a cast receiver. All are forged. New and old. The new rifles also use spring steel on the extractors, unlike the extractors that were being used on the later New Haven guns. Machine work on the newer guns is miles ahead of the later New Haven guns. Not even a...
  48. TOBY458

    Rigby Highland Stalker 9.3x62 For Sale

    Yoi You must've seen that Apple stock was moving up today! I was almost there!
  49. TOBY458

    Good Gun Alert

    My Winchester SE in 458 and 416 are flawless. Decent wood. Feed like butter. Have second recoil lug on the barrel. CNC machined to very close tolerances. I realize the pre 64 is a sought after gun, but the new ones are simply built better than they've ever been. And for a street price of...