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  1. chemarq

    WANTED: 2 Hippo Hunt In RSA

    I did it... but his prices are over my budget. I am not looking for a monster hippo, just two exportable hippos, in a good place Jose
  2. chemarq

    WANTED: 2 Hippo Hunt In RSA

    I'm looking for late 2017 hunt for 2 hippo in RSA ; probably Sept 2017 Looking for good prices, hunting 2x1, 3 days incl. Best regards Jose
  3. chemarq

    Free Hunt for One Hunter & One Observer from Arc Africa Hunting Safaris for 2015

    Picture Number 9 for me Great post !! Thanks !! Jose
  4. chemarq

    species in the caprivi... what you shouldn't leave behind.

    Red lechwe is common in the river areas and it is a beautiful animal. I hunted there two years ago, and it was quite common there. Definitely is a good plains game to combine with other dangerous game.
  5. chemarq

    lions fighting

    Amazing pics... thanks !!!
  6. chemarq

    Big cats vs Crocodile

    great !!! Thank you for the pics !!!! Amazing images !!!!
  7. chemarq

    Hunting Websites - Price List Posted vs Enquire for Prices

    In my opinion, in the internet era, when all the hunters compare... it is fair game from the outfitters to publish their pricelist, and keep the prices fixed all season long. Having the "hidden" pricelist and sending to each different clients makes people feel cheated... like if maybe they could...
  8. chemarq

    Planning for FIRST HUNTING SAFARI-- in 2012

    Wellcome to South Africa !!! Hi Edelweiss Congratulations for your decission... the first African EXPERIENCE is something unbelieveble, and you will NEVER regret it. The options are huge, but maybe South Africa is a good country for your first african Safari (easy access, high level hunt...
  9. chemarq

    46" Cape Eland shot in Namibia June 2011

    Congratulations !!! Great blue bull !!! And great memories for the rest of your life !!!! Jose
  10. chemarq

    Buffalo Bull Hunt in South Africa - 6.900€

    We have a good oportunity to hunt an old buffalo bull, is a dagga boy, expected size 35 inches, and hard and wide boss. The animal is more or less similar to this one, but this one was 36 inches wide. We hunted it last July month in Kimberley area, South Africa. The regular price for this...
  11. chemarq

    Mejor Destino para la Caza del Bufalo

    Pese a que no es un destino tan "salvaje" como tanzania o Zambia, yo acabo de regresar de cazar mi bufalo en Sudafrica con Spitskop Safaris, ya que Sudafrica tiene la ventaja de que solo pagas si matas, y los precios son razonables, ya que por 9000€ (unos 12.000 USD) tienes tu bufalo con tu...
  12. chemarq

    Caliber for Leopard

    338 is excelent for leopard BUT definitely i wouldn't take the Nosler Partition, really HARD bullet, and in such a soft target like the cat..i would prefer the Nosles Accubond Jose
  13. chemarq

    Judging Waterbuck

    Congratulations Nyati !!! Awesome trophy !!!! I like the shape of that old big bull.... Jose
  14. chemarq

    My first Buffalo Hunt : Any good Advices ???

    No, is not Godoy. I have excelent relationship with "Armas Parkemy" in Eibar; they do all my resstorations works, and they are really efficient.
  15. chemarq

    My first Buffalo Hunt : Any good Advices ???

    Yes i restored it in Spain The old woodstock was cracked... and i had no confidence with a big caliber like this one... so i bought a really beautifull turkish walnut blank (wood piede), and send it to the woodstock maker. I also send the iron parts to the gunsmisth, and make all the...
  16. chemarq

    My first Buffalo Hunt : Any good Advices ???

    Thanks Enysse; I love these old rifles.... i hope it will performance well in the hunt. This rifle was bought in an auction in London, and it was not as beautifull as is now, after the restoration process suffered during last year. I tested it in Europe, during last weeks... and it is...
  17. chemarq

    Rifle Insurance

    i spoke with them...but they only accept US residents as clients Jose
  18. chemarq

    Nyala or Kudu - Which is your favourite?

    I confess i am in love with old kudu bulls... Those spiral horns makes me crazy !!!
  19. chemarq

    Cheetah Hunting in Namibia

    Very interesting and instructive Thanks for sharing !!! Jose
  20. chemarq

    Bushpig Trailcam pics

    Difficult animals to hunt.... many people want them...but not too many guys return to their home with bushpig tusks in the pocket.... Jose
  21. chemarq

    Now this is a kudu

    Congratulations Frederick... a good game management in the farms produce awesome results as this one... this is an excelent mature full grown bull... who dares how long really it is ??? not me... is a really awesome bull, and a trophy to dream. Sure this will help your Outfitter company in...
  22. chemarq

    My first Buffalo Hunt : Any good Advices ???

    Thank you !!! I am really happy with that old rifle... i am sure it will work very well again (like he did many years ago with his first owner). It is a pleasure to use a rifle like this... i am really excited.... Jose
  23. chemarq

    My first Buffalo Hunt : Any good Advices ???

    Luckily my last speed test of this weekend with some more powder and different manufacturers, gave me 2090 ft/sec which is a much more nice speed... and much more energy. I agree with you, that my first load were too soft, the caliber allows me much more energy with other powders. And i still...
  24. chemarq

    My first Buffalo Hunt : Any good Advices ???

    Thanks to all of you for your advices. I have been practising the weekend, and i shoot one of the bullets towards a water tank. i stopped the bullet there, and here is teh Hornady ammo, and the expansion obtained. I think even soft pointed, it retains a lot of the weight (it has 355 grains...
  25. chemarq

    .270 Winchester for plains game

    Today one of our clients hunted a great kudu bull with a 270 Win. He insisted in the caliber. Perfect shot, just behind the shoulder... and we tracked the bull for half a kilometer trough the thicest bush of the area... even with a perfect shot. Definitely... you can hunt almost all the...
  26. chemarq

    My first Buffalo Hunt : Any good Advices ???

    I will do my best Nyati, i am confident about this. Hunting in a big fenced area, is not as "pure" as a completely wild buffalo, but with this size of farm for me is fair hunting as well. I am not really interested in a huge bull, i am looking for a mature bull, hard boss, and a challenging...
  27. chemarq

    My first Buffalo Hunt : Any good Advices ???

    Hornady DGX Soft Point 400 gr I am very excited with the oportunity. I promise some pics Gracias !!! Jose
  28. chemarq

    My first Buffalo Hunt : Any good Advices ???

    Hi guys: I have hunted many times in Africa, mainly plains game, but also some Hippo and one liones. But i feel really excited, because in 4 weeks, the 2th of June i go for my first buffalo. Tha country is ZAR, is a fenced area of 6000 has, with quite a good number of buffalo. I know in a...
  29. chemarq

    Hippo Bull hunts for $8500 in RSA

    Excelent prices Henry. Sure you will sell them. Good hunt Jose
  30. chemarq

    Off to South Africa for My First Safari!

    I wish you an excelent hunt, and meke your dreams come true. You are gonna enjoy your first african experience, and that only happens once in the life. All the best Jose PD : You have to share some pics with us when you return home.
  31. chemarq

    Hunting Wolves in Mongolia with Golden Eagles

    Awesome video !!! Thanks for sharing !!! Jose
  32. chemarq

    Safari Club International Convention 2012 in Las Vegas

    I am really excited, and trying to organize a visit to the USA to stay there !!! It has to be awesome !!! Jose
  33. chemarq

    My name is Bill and I am an addict...

    Hello, my name is Jose i am spanish and i am an African addict. Yes, i know i am an addict, i was poisoned by hunting in Africa first time i did it... and i am fully addicted. I don't want to be cured at all. I enjoy every minute of my addiction. :p Jose
  34. chemarq


    Excelent hunt prices.... really a good ones. Thanks !!! jose
  35. chemarq

    Rifle Insurance

    Gracias !! Hoy les llamaré Jose
  36. chemarq

    Rifle Insurance

    My home insurance covers them meanwhile the rifles are at home... but not travelling abroad, and only fire or stolen, but not damages. Also i asked airlines insurance, and they cover a very low amout of money based on weight... so it is a ridiculous insurance, and they don´t allow to...
  37. chemarq

    Ultimate Springbok Rifle

    I hunted many of them with 300 WM in the Kalahari meanwhile i was hunting plains game, just because 300 WM is a good all around caliber for medium sized Plains Game, and it has flat trajectory. As you can imagine you are over caliber with 300 WM When i decide to hunt only springboks , my...
  38. chemarq

    Rifle Insurance

    Hi guys I am travelling next month to South Africa like every year... and i have the same problem like every year... the difficulty to get a proper insurance for my rifles. Last years I have tried several posibilities, and no one really convinces me. I want to get an affordable insurance...
  39. chemarq

    9.3x62 or 300 Weatherby for African Safari

    I agree defintely with Ray. Caliber is more or less a "free" choice, because you can do the job quite well with both calibers... BUT the correct bullet selection is a MUST. Any caliber with a wrong bullet will send you to the failure. African big game is though, really hard to kill. No...
  40. chemarq

    Seal Hunting

    Very interesting information... really a nice thing to ad to our next visit to Namibia !!! Congratulations !!! Jose
  41. chemarq


    I have been checking different offers in the last weeks of different posibilities to combine a family holidays in AUS with a short time for me to hunt a water buffalo... and yours is one of teh best offers. I definitely will consider your opcion in the last moment i decide when and where to go...
  42. chemarq


    Good prices...very interesting Offer.... Thanks !!! Jose
  43. chemarq

    first time africa trip

    South Africa is probably the best place for a beginner to start with a Plains game Safari. Plenty of species and affordable prices. For example : Safari 8 days 1x1 (7 real hunting days) ; in Northern Cape , Kimberley. With the following trophies : 1 Kudu Bull, 1 Gemsbok, 1 Zebra, 1 Blesbok...
  44. chemarq

    Free Hunt for Two Hunters from HartzView Hunting Safaris for 2011

    Congratulations Bill !!!! Your son is a lucky boy !!! He will step on african sand soon !!!!! Jose
  45. chemarq

    Where would you go for a BIG impala and a BIG springbok?

    Hi "seattlesetters" ; i can help you in the Springbok monster ram. Our farm is in the Eastern Cape, in Kimberley area, in the South of Kalahari deset, maybe the best place in South Africa for Springboks and orix, the two main desert species. The area is plenty of springbok herds, of hundreds of...
  46. chemarq

    .404 Jeffery

    Here you have a pic from the other side. The restoration work has been excelent in this gun IMO. :D
  47. chemarq

    .404 Jeffery

    Yes... you are right. Is a Jeffery with mauser 98 action. I think it is small ring... so the barrel starts without any "step" from the action. As you can see in this other pic. I am relly happy with this rifle. When i bought it, it was not as beautifull as is now... after some work on it...
  48. chemarq

    what caliber for a guide?

    Hi Lionel The 458 Lott is excelent for YOU, nobody can say anything woring about 458 as Backup Rifle, a lot of stopping power, and reliable performance.... BUT the main problem is that not many clients will shoot that big caliber with confidence... remember that people is not used to big...
  49. chemarq

    .404 Jeffery

    I have an old Jeffery rifle, manufactured in 1920 chambered in 404 Jeffery. I plan to hunt a buffalo with this "grandpa" rifle this June... and i will do my best with iron sights. I feel is like a "sin" to drill this old british rifle, to add him a scope... so i will not do it. I have tested...