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    Shoulder not set back

  2. YancyW

    Shoulder not set back

    Just make damn sure you don't get one stuck!
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    Shoulder not set back

    Yeah, hard to close is a different animal than just some resistance. I have removed plenty of live primers. I just use a universal die and push them back out very gently. Clearly wearing eye protection is a must, but that should always be the case. I know you will see people say they even...
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    Shoulder not set back

    The round will chamber in your rifle?
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    Professional Hunters, Oddest Cartridge a Client Has Brought?

    I found that basically, no one in Africa has ever heard of a 280ai. When they understood it was very close to a 7x64, they had no issue clearly.
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    Long Shot

    The tree lounge tree stand. Please feel free to thank me by sending me a couple....
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    Home Range

    That is a truly beautiful setting.
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    Guns For Sale

    He has insulted members here who made offers he didn't like, has also priced a rifle then backed out when someone offered his asking price.
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    Guns For Sale

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    Is Ackley an improvement? Tikka compatible?

    I honestly don't like getting past 22" for a hunting rifle, if I can avoid it. In some cases it just doesn't, a 300RUM or 28 Nosler with a short barrel is just silly. But I absolutely would build a 280ai with a 22", I would think twice about it. I can get a 168gr Berger close 2900fps in a 24"...
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    Home Range

    I have about 15 round bales set up as a berm. When they start to rot too much, I will just push them out of the way and put some fresh bales in their place.
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    Knife sharpener

    I have a WickedEdge system. With a bit of practice, you can turn a butter knife into a razor blade. I'm sure there are faster and cheaper systems, but it works very well.
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    Is Ackley an improvement? Tikka compatible?

    You should be able to get close enough to 3000fps that you won't notice a bit of difference, even in a 22" tube. I'm not sure what powders you have available to you, but H4831SC is very popular with this round here in the US. Ramshot Hunter powder is the one I have had great luck with, VV N560...
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    Is Ackley an improvement? Tikka compatible?

    The 280 is likely the best beneficiary of the Ackley Improved system. I use it very often for hunting and it is a truly fantastic round. I have used it on elk and many plains game, with a 160gr A-Frame, it is extremely capable.
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    Reloader 19

    I use it in 308 win, mostly for loads I run in a gas gun. It is very useful and one of the powders I try to stockpile.
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    Africa Hunts and Relationship with Your Professional Hunter

    If your outfitter/PH aren't doing all that is reasonable, and maybe a bit more to make sure you are having a safe and enjoyable hunt, you need to find new ones, because there are plenty that will. The number of people willing to spend the amount of time and the amount of money on hunting, like...
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    It depends if they died before or after the Electoral College meets. If before the EC meets, both parties bylaws bind the electors to the running mate. After that time, it is a mess, however, the 12th Amendment is pretty clear. "The person having the greatest number of votes for President, shall...
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    Politics This guy better be ready to come in heavy, because he doesn't look like he has been in many scraps to me. Also, make no...
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    30-06 problem loading

    I had the same thing happen with Barnes. I had a bit of a grab with I closed the bolt, I should have stopped, I know better, I blew the primer out and had to tap the bolt open. Sent the box back to them, they sent me new ammo.
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    List of Countries Red Listed for travel to South Africa

    We just need some black passports and we are good to go.
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    Quiet Muzzle Break

    I've never used one of those, but I have a good deal of experience with breaks. I have never heard of anyone claiming an 85% reduction in felt recoil. I mostly use Area 419 breaks on my PRS and LR rifles, they are the best I have found so far, they claim up to 50% reduction, under ideal...
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    Zimbabwe Hippo & Crocodile Hunt Special 2020

    Fantastic offer.
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    350gr ttsx in 416

    Hope it goes well for you.
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    Take this one to bed

    Hope you can outrun at least one other person in your hunting party....
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    350gr ttsx in 416

    I have shot the 300's in my 416 rem, no game taken, but they shoot very well.
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    What Is Your Dream Rifle?

    Westley Richards drop lock in .470NE I am currently having my other one built, it is a pre-64 Winchester Model 70 in 30-06. It is going to sit in an English walnut stock, but that is over a year away from being finished. The good news, I am currently only running about 50% over budget on the...
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    Out of Stock??

    I found some 20 gallon drums of 5.56 ammo last year, it was something 15,000-17,000 each for under .25 a round. I was going to buy several, but the building I was going to store them in wasn't finished, so I waited. Really bad idea.
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    AR-type Rifles

    I found a video of you doing it...
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    AR-type Rifles

    Some of it also has to do with the muzzle devices. I have most of my ARs timed to recoil to the 8 o'clock position, so that style grip provides the least muzzle movement. When you get into shorter barrels, it doesn't work clearly, but if you have the room, it can help with stabilization.
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    For Sale M1 Carbine Fully Transferrable Machine Gun

    Members of Congress can be helpful here, they can also nudge things along sometimes.
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    Heavy Bullet Preferences in the .270 Winchester

    I'm sure it would at 19,000 feet altitude....(y)
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    Heavy Bullet Preferences in the .270 Winchester

    150gr A-Frame is what I use in a 270. I can get close to 3000 using N560, but I don't really use it for large game. But I have zero doubt it would work well on damn near everything huntable in NA.
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    Oregon archery hunter gored, killed by charging elk

    Terrible, very sorry for his loved ones.
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    The Fruits of our Labor

    What a fine piece of venison.
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    Is the .375 caliber minimum for dangerous game outdated?

    I don't disagree with any of that.
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    Is the .375 caliber minimum for dangerous game outdated?

    Again, I don't have a ton of experience, but I think the answer is likely yes. I would suspect that the overwhelming majority of charge stopping shots taken on buffalo come from the PH, not the hunter.
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    Is the .375 caliber minimum for dangerous game outdated?

    I don't have much personal experience, but I did hear Craig Boddington tell of a group at a book signing that he would likely use a 338WM for most buf hunting if it was allowed.
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    Best Deer Hunting Round, LOL!

    Me three...
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    For Sale Trijicon MRO Green Dot

    Ok, send me how you want paid.
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    For Sale Trijicon MRO Green Dot

    Does it come with the low mount? If so, I will take it.
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    Spotting Scope Search

    I have a Swaro, it is the best I have ever used.
  42. YancyW

    Looking for: What do you think?

    B A C D That assumes all shoot roughly the same in your rifle.
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    For Sale Military Grade Thermal Scope

    I have trained with these, they really mean total darkness. NV is great for owning the night, but thermal is how you own the darkness. Those are two very different things. Great offer, Phil.
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    Probability of hunting in 21

    There are several companies currently conducting human trials.
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    Probability of hunting in 21

    I have two planned for 2021, I as long as I am physically able to get to them, I am going to hunt. I am tired of just sitting and at home and waiting for some magical moment when there will be no danger left in the world.
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    Lost Luggage

    I agree, I have over 1000 commercial flights under my belt, I can count on one hand the numbers of times my luggage didn't arrive with me. One of those was a trip to Nambia, but PH gave me everything I needed, no problem at all.