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  1. Sika98k

    Thoughts on Scope Selection for Sauer 404

    Cameralandny stocks the Meostar R2 in 1,7-10x42.
  2. Sika98k

    Thoughts on Scope Selection for Sauer 404

    I recently purchased a Meopta R2, 1.7-10x42, 30mm tube, illuminated reticle. Great piece of kit. So much so that I’m considering another one for another rifle.
  3. Sika98k

    Leupold VX3 Riflescope, real world opinions

    @Novice Huntress , if you are going to trade down, imho, to a Leupold scope please bear me in mind if you should wish to sell the Leica. Is it illuminated ?
  4. Sika98k

    South Dakota Pheasant Hunt...

    Walked up pheasant with strangers ? No Way ! In God I trust and never a stranger with a shotgun.
  5. Sika98k

    FN Commercial 98 Part Needed

    I’ve been racking my brains trying to remember who was very helpful regarding Mauser parts in the U.K. Norman Clark in Rugby. Are they still in business ? Might be worth a phone call.
  6. Sika98k

    FN Commercial 98 Part Needed

    Having looked at another FN for sale here the bolt stop/ejector assembly looks very much like a 98 one. Shouldn’t be too much trouble in the U.K. Who would be building rifles from Mauser actions ? I imagine someone has a parts bin.
  7. Sika98k

    Rigby Highland Stalker .275 vs 30-06

    The 275 firing 160-175gr bullets punches way above its class. But I’m biased. I already own one.
  8. Sika98k

    Shooting Sticks

    Look for Viperflex sticks, the Ferrari of quad shooting sticks. Made in Denmark, sold in the US by, I think, Holland Gun Company. Not too sure about the name. An American client of mine used them, called me some months later to find where he could buy them Stateside. I gather he’s very happy...
  9. Sika98k

    Driven hunt with Leica

    How boring !
  10. Sika98k

    What Is Your Dream Rifle?

    I’m lucky. I have it. Now I’m thinking of a left handed Winchester Mod 70 barreled in 300 H&H.
  11. Sika98k

    .270 vs 7*57 Which is the best???

    I’m a fan of heavy for caliber bullets. I shoot 175gr out of both my Rigby and Proctor 7/57s. I wasn’t aware that it’s possible to get 160 grain bullets for a 270 but the extra 25 grains over the more usual 150 grain bullet in a 270 does it for me. the recoil in a 7x57 is also relatively mild...
  12. Sika98k

    What to do with a giraffe

    If it’s eye was hanging out of its head your PH should just have told you to shoot it. Rather than being a tight arse and hanging out for $300. i shot an eland last year that had a broken hoof. There was no discussion, the PH just said, quickly, we are going after that eland. I was up and...
  13. Sika98k

    LH Custom Rifles .300 H&H & .375H&H Matched Pair For Sale

    I enquired from a firearms dealer in Ireland who has imported some very high end firearms from the US. Paperwork costs in US, $500. Shipping, minimum $500, importation costs of duty, value added tax and customs clearance +$+$+$ For a foreign buyer it sadly escalates the price very rapidly.
  14. Sika98k

    LH Custom Rifles .300 H&H & .375H&H Matched Pair For Sale

    Oooooh, Maine ? That wouldn’t be short for Castlemaine, Kerry, Ireland would it ? If so we have a deal.
  15. Sika98k

    Two Beautiful Roan Bulls hunted this week

    The blood sacrifice is evident. I have often wondered as I look down at my lower limbs slowly bleeding to death while the PH in whose footsteps I have diligently trod all day hasn’t got a scratch. Thick skinned maybe, one of them is for sure.
  16. Sika98k

    Working Rifle

    Tikka T3 lite, 22/250, synth stock,SS steel barrel Is my “working gun”. It goes to work with me everyday as a gamekeeper. i own a Proctor 7x57 and a Rigby in the same caliber when I get a bit of time off to go hunting. Or my ABolt in 375 for Africa.
  17. Sika98k

    Heavy Bullet Preferences in the .270 Winchester

    I don’t shoot a 270 but much prefer heavy for caliber bullets for my hunting. With the exception of using 50gr bullets in my 22/250. With a 1-14 twist it’s a great compromise for the type of shooting I use it for, fox’s, crows etc.
  18. Sika98k

    How far is too far?

    Late afternoon from a kopje in Namibia myself and PH spotted two oryx some 300 yds away in the bush. “Let’s go get them” he said. the bush was quite thick and I don’t know how he got us into them but he did. The breeze had dropped off and I could practically hear the sweat running down my face...
  19. Sika98k

    Hunt Zambia Offer 2020 At Takeri Reserve

    A quick look at Ethiopian airlines showed flights ex DFW to Lusaka for as little as $1379 in October.
  20. Sika98k

    30mm vs. 1” scope tubes?

    Take a good long look at the Schmidt & Bender Exos, 1-8x24. It ticks a lot of boxes.
  21. Sika98k

    175gr 7mm bullets

    I’ve always had great faith in Sierra bullets regardless of the caliber. Would I use 175gr in my 7x57 for boar ? Yes and I have. Should work in your 7x64, a 7x57 on steroids
  22. Sika98k

    Lost Luggage

    My ammo box went astray on a trip last year. Arrived in Addis Ababa late. The ground staff were great meeting us off the plane straight onto buses across the apron to our connecting flights. I saw the rifle cases going onboard and breathed a sigh of relief. There was a slight look of dismay on...
  23. Sika98k

    hello from Namibia

  24. Sika98k


    Myself and a friend used our 375s a couple of years ago in Namibia. Game taken were, oryx, blue Wildebeest, giraffe and warthog. The Federal 270s worked fine.
  25. Sika98k

    The Great Lion Killer

    That was a great read. I’ll have to dig his books out again soon.
  26. Sika98k

    Guess RSA is not opening anytime soon...

    that does not make good reading. I was disappointed not to get out to Namibia this year. April,May or June is my window of opportunity. I just wish I had a crystal ball !
  27. Sika98k


    Bingo ! My vote goes for these gloves also. I also wear a merino base layer than has opes for my thumbs so it comes down over my wrists. Top off with a thin pair of silk or merino liner gloves.
  28. Sika98k

    Wanted Holland & Holland Quick Detachable Mounts

    I may be wrong but if they are the ones I have in mind they are individually made. A friend of mine wanted a spare pair for a rifle. H&H’s price was eye watering to say the least. However a retired precision engineer was tracked down and approached to make a set. He did and they are...
  29. Knife made by Croatian knife maker Željko Žido

    Knife made by Croatian knife maker Željko Žido

    This is a knife made by a Croatian knife maker, Željko Žido, he has many others in his range. Each knife is made individually for you.
  30. Sika98k

    New allround knife?

    This is a knife made by a Croatian knife maker, Željko Žido, he has many others in his range. Each knife is made individually for you. Cost €135 upwards plus shipping. You can find him on Facebook.
  31. Sika98k

    Night Of The Lioness

    Kind of sends an icy chill down the back of my neck even though I am safely ensconced in my armchair reading this.
  32. Sika98k

    Just for fun Finally got a Mauser Broomhandle after many many years

    didn’t Bell have one of these also ? Anyway I have as much chance as a snowball in hell of ever owning one of these with our draconian firearms laws in Ireland. But 3 classics I would love to shoot are one of these, a Luger ( got that opportunity in a gun shop in Riga, Latvia) and a Webley Mk6...
  33. Sika98k

    Bonjour from France

    Fáilte as Eireann.
  34. Sika98k

    7x64 Brenneke - Opinions

    I shoot a couple of 7x57’s. A 7x64 might be referred to as a 7x57 on steroids !
  35. Sika98k

    Rifles and long European layovers question

    If your luggage and firearms are checked through from point of departure to point of arrival I see no reason for not being able to leave airside and go sightseeing in Amsterdam. It’s a great city to visit, take a canal tour, eat some pickled herring washed down with a Heineken and a cold...
  36. Sika98k

    I had to say goodbye to my Aya No. 2 SxS...

    You could do worse than talk to Kiri at He’s based in the U.K. He has a lot of experience in this area.
  37. Sika98k

    Survey : Your Favorite Factory Loaded Ammunition

    I’m in the same boat as @Longwalker, Norma Oryx in any caliber. Great ammunition. I’ve used it in 22/250, 243, 308 and 7x57. The only reason I haven’t used it in my 375 H&H is that I have so far failed to find any for sale !
  38. Sika98k

    Brumby Hunting

    ‘Scuse my ignorance but is there any use for the end product ? Just curious.
  39. Sika98k

    Rangefinder Binoculars

    So if we’ve learnt anything from this thread it’s don’t go to Basspro looking for advice on purchasing a pair of binoculars
  40. Sika98k

    Ruger no1

    My slim experience of a Ruger No1 is with a 416 Rigby. It kicked like a mule ! Comparatively I shot a 416 Rigby in a Winchester M70. With some apprehension I stepped up to the mark. We were shooting clays at 100yds on the range. I’m glad to say there was a world of difference ! As previously...
  41. Sika98k

    Shooting Stick Suggestions: 3 vs 4 leg?

    I have used all models of the Viperflex sticks as they have evolved. Currently I own and use the Viperflex Journey sticks. As the name infers these breakdown into sections you can stash either in your rifle case or suitcase. The centre section is also carbon fibre which reduces weight slightly...
  42. Sika98k

    How much more difficult or longer is it to get to Namibia from the USA than the EC of South Africa?

    Unfortunately our plans for 2020 in Namibia have gone down the tube. Looking at 2021 April-May is my preferred time to hunt. Ive been watching Ethiopian Airlines flight schedule and Qatar schedules also. Usually in Addis Ababa 2 hours is sufficient time to shuffle through the airport for the...
  43. Sika98k

    Which is the best game meat?

    Mrs Sika98k cooks up a magnificent steak from either the back straps or haunch of the Sika I hunt. In Africa the best I have eaten has been Oryx in Namibia. I ate whale in Norway, it was pretty damn good also.
  44. Hyena Track

    Hyena Track

  45. Hyena and Elephant tracks and dung

    Hyena and Elephant tracks and dung

  46. Sika98k

    S&B Zenith 2,5-10x56 vs Kahles Helia 2-10x50i

    S&B Zenith is £795 at MacLeods of Tain at the moment ! That is cheap.
  47. Sika98k

    How many countries offer the truly wild African hunting experience

    On the farms I’ve hunted we have seen oryx (plenty), Hartebeest, mountain zebra, warthog, caracal, kudu, blue Wildebeest, leopard (only on the trail camera), ] found hyena and elephant tracks and dung.
  48. Sika98k

    Can a 30-06 Over under Rifle be re-bored to 9.3x62

    Baikal make double rifles. A friend of mine is a firearms dealer and nestling on a rack is a double 30-06. It’s a bit agricultural to my mind but hey it’s very affordable. Valmet of Finland used to make O/U doubles, a friend had one in 308. Going a bit more upmarket are Browning and Berettta...
  49. Sika98k

    Help - What is in this J Rigby Case

    The 4 items with the wooden handles are called “turnscrews”. I would hazard that the 3 round containers are lubricating oil/s, But an email to Rigby’s would give you a 100% correct answer. They are very approachable.
  50. Wild Boar Hunt

    Wild Boar Hunt