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  1. MS Hitman

    348 gas checks

    Does anyone have 0.348 gas checks? I am casting for my .351 WSL and would like to try them instead of .358s. Looking for no more than a couple dozen.
  2. MS Hitman

    Comment by 'MS Hitman' in media '.452 Cast Bullets'

    Looks like a pad of engineering paper.
  3. MS Hitman

    Comment by 'MS Hitman' in media '.452 Cast Bullets'

    That looks like a pad of engineering paper.
  4. MS Hitman

    Comment by 'MS Hitman' in media 'Opinel Knives'

    Like my Opinels too.
  5. MS Hitman

    .454 Casull primers?

    I’ve used both magnum and non magnum small rifle primers, mostly CCI 400 & 450, in Casull loads with similar results from both. Winchester small rifle primers will do also. What you need to watch for is possible primer flow in the higher end loads with the Federal primers, or ignition problems...
  6. MS Hitman

    Survey: Your Favorite. 30 Caliber

    My favorite is Hollands Super 30 in rifles. Handgun, .309 JDJ.
  7. MS Hitman

    Prince Harry sells his Purdey rifles

    I could make a really crass statement here, but I will leave it at, I have never in my life seen nor heard of any pussy worth giving up hunting or firearms.
  8. MS Hitman

    Pay It Forward-Free

    That would be great, looking forward to seeing those photos.
  9. MS Hitman

    Comment by 'MS Hitman' in media 'Hunting Snow Geese'

    That is cool! Been trying to get on a hunt, but thus far, it hasn’t come together.
  10. MS Hitman

    Pay It Forward-Free

    Gentlemen, the brass is spoken for. Mark, hope you enjoy it.
  11. Cast bullets

    Cast bullets

    What 22 pounds of 260 grain Keith bullets look like. These were cast from a H&G 503 mold, square grease groove and all that good stuff.
  12. MS Hitman

    New Ruger African

    I have the RSM in .416 Rigby, and the African in .275. Guess I’ll make do with Big and Little Rigby until a 9.3x62 comes my way.
  13. MS Hitman

    Pay It Forward-Free

    Tried converting 350 Legend to 351 WSL, but the sizing die creates a bulge around the case head. So, there are 44 or 45 cases available free to a good home.
  14. MS Hitman

    In memoriam - Daniel Barnard of NB Safaris passed away

    Prayers and condolences for his family.
  15. MS Hitman

    Pay It Forward-Free

    Well, you seem to have found a much better way to move the thread forward. Remember, no one ever got their nose tweaked by keeping it out of someone else’s business.
  16. MS Hitman

    Pay It Forward-Free

    Might ought to be worried more about what you’ve got to contribute than minding my business. I’ve already donated a few things, and when I came across something else I believe someone would like, I’ll post again.
  17. MS Hitman

    Has anyone ever had a Core Lokt truly "fail"

    Energy dump is an old wives tale, or myth if one prefers. This is not my opinion, but a physics fact. Energy is conserved ONLY, in elastic collisions, and a bullet hitting a game animals ain’t an elastic collision. I never see a pass through as anything approaching a failure, just have to make...
  18. MS Hitman

    Prayers needed

    Sorry for his loss, prayers said for all.
  19. MS Hitman

    Big Bore Hunting Bullets For Sale 0.25 ea or trade

    I believe these will fit in the Linebaugh. Grizzly Cartridges loads a 525 grain bullet load for the Linebaugh. Penetration is excellent with this weight bullet.
  20. MS Hitman

    Pay It Forward-Free

    I would like the predator hunting books.
  21. MS Hitman

    Barrel length for handguns in South Africa?

    @Larry Rogers was recently in SA handgun hunting.
  22. MS Hitman

    USA: West Virginia Black Bear Handgun Hunt

    Sometimes, but not this particular instance.
  23. MS Hitman

    USA: West Virginia Black Bear Handgun Hunt

    That particular one, I wouldn’t hesitate out to 100 yards. I’ve shot 5 gallon buckets to 300 yards with those. Shot that bear at 35 feet as the dogs had him treed.
  24. MS Hitman

    USA: West Virginia Black Bear Handgun Hunt

    Took this 152 pound boar hunting with dogs the first day of the December WV bear season. The revolver shown is a 6” Freedom Arms in .454 Casull. I used 300 grain bullets I cast from a Lyman 454629 mold. First shot in the chest under his chin and the second through the shoulders on his way down...
  25. WV bear

    WV bear

    A 150 pound black bear I took in WV hunting with hounds. Used a FA in .454 Casull shooting 300 grain bullets I cast.
  26. 50 Alaskan revolver

    50 Alaskan revolver

    This what happens when one launches a 525 grain .510” diameter bullet from a revolver not much larger than a Ruger Super Blackhawk.
  27. MS Hitman

    454 Casull

    As a handgun hunter, I’ll take the push every day ending in “y”, and twice on Sundays. I’m not shooting a string, and most times one gets one, maybe two shots at a game animal large enough where a big bore revolver would be necessary. My only complaint with the Casull is the volume, mild to...
  28. MS Hitman

    454 Casull

    BFR has not caught on down in the Southeast portion of the States. I’ve handled a few, and while they seem to be a good revolver, they are no FA.
  29. MS Hitman

    454 Casull

    If one handloads, there is no reason for the extra cylinder. Yes, the FA is worlds above a stock Ruger in terms of fit, finish, quality, function, etc. The Linebaugh conversions are in the same league as the FAs.
  30. MS Hitman

    For Sale Parker DHE 20 Gauge Original Gun From 1924

    If you have to ask, you may not be able to afford it....
  31. MS Hitman

    Today's pick, Subject to Change

    Today....... .45 Colt .300 H&H .416 Rigby
  32. MS Hitman

    Big Bore Addiction Group

    I have the worst form of this as I have gone the route of big bore revolvers as well as the rifles. Oh the humanity!
  33. MS Hitman

    Big Bore Addiction Group

    Yep! The .375 H&H seems to be the gateway cartridge for this addiction. I started with a No. 1 in .458 Win Mag, then picked up a .375 for a song. Someone bought it and decided it was too much for whitetail deer.
  34. MS Hitman

    How dare you!!!

    Photo safaris don’t feed people very well, several countries have stated that. I hope she is speaking out in support of hunting though.
  35. MS Hitman

    Want to shoot a Cobra...?

    Some fights should not be started, regardless of who’s packing what.
  36. MS Hitman

    Comment by 'MS Hitman' in media '.300 H & H Mag Rifle'

    A favorite caliber of mine.
  37. MS Hitman

    Thoughts on putting a 3x9 scope on 375?

    I put a 3-9x40 on my .375 a long time ago. Never seen any reason to replace it.