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    My 404 Jeffery

    Picked up a 602 custom build a couple of years ago. Great build by Tony Small and stock works by Daryl Stevens. Put to use straight away with great results on game. im running woodleigh 350 and 400gr RNSP also 400gr hydros. the 350's have been good on buff and awesome on pigs. Great fun busting...
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    AUSTRALIA: Boar Hunt

    Very hot day working a small creek system.Lots of km's for one boar sighted. Dropped him with the 9.3 as he left his wallow. Neck shot as his chest was obscured by a tree. Not a bad boar. heres a pic cheers Mick 9.3x62 232 PPSN
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    AUSTRALIA: Bull Today

    Put in some KM's today on a few creek systems. Pretty hot so expected a bit of action. Early start and onto some buff carcasses from last week for nothing. Plenty of sign so followed some tracks away and towards a pool on the main creek. Mitch found a large boar bedded and dropped him with...
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    Winchester pre 64 7x57 supergrade

    One of mine , bit of a find in Aus. Period 4x unerytl scope mounted nice and low. Comes into line very well and is a joy to shoot. apparently fairly rare so got lucky with this one. Shoots very well and it gets used regularly on game heres a few pics cheers Mick woodleigh 140 hydro
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    Hi new to the site

    First post , interested in hunting, and firearms. live in Darwin Australia do a bit of hunting and fishing cheers Mick