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    CZ 416 Rigby

    Anyone know what happened to the CZ 416s on Gunbroker ? They are all gone at the same time. Yeh, they were bought but who buys 14/16 at one time.
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    Ramshot Tac

    Anyone using Ramshot Tac in the 458 Lott. What has been your expierence and what loads have you been using with a 500 gr expanding bullet such as Swift A frame or Nosler Part. Have you been able to reach 2200 fpm. If so what length barrel and primer. Thank you for any help.
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    Labradar chrony

    Am looking to replace my old Beta Chrony and am considering the Labradar. Most of what I researched is positive with the exception of aligning the unit with the sighting attached equipment as supplied. Anyone using this Chrony and what has been your experience? Thank you
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    Triple River CZ custom shop

    Looking for advice. Have made 3 phone calls and sent numerous emails to them asking for ball park quote on work I want done on a 550. No response, is there a certain protocol that I am unaware that is followed? Thanks for any help.
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    Federal Ammunition and Sledgehammers

    Just hung up the phone with a Federal rep , who informed me that no Talk about arrogance in conveying that info. Obviously Federal no longer cares about customer satisfaction, iF you want an eye opener call 800 379 1732 and listen to the mega corporation list that is programmed to answer your...
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    Trophy Bonded Sledgehammers .458 500 gr

    Have been using the Sledgehammers since the early 199os, but recently have been unable to buy any. Was going to try North Forks but with their shutting down need to look else where. I prefer a non mono metal bullet as they take up less space in the case. It appears that Hornady and...
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    HELP— CZ 550 stock

    want to rework a cz550 stock to fit a Brno 602 and trim the outside dimensions. Is there anyone out there who can/will do?
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    Want To Buy Leupold Vari X 2

    Looking for a Leupold vari x 2 in 1x4 . Was listed as a scope for shotguns. Would like the model with a hvy duplex but would buy either if scope is in good shape. Thanks
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    416 Rigby Brass & Bullets For Sale

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    CZ Gunsmithing

    who are the gunsmithing people out there who specialize in CZs other then AHR?
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    Magnum primers-Federal vs.?

    Have used Federal mag rifle primers for quite a while, ran out and subbed CCI 250 mag primers until I could find Federal. Did not see any difference in group size off the bench or over the Chrony. Cartridges were 458 Lott, 416 Rigby, 416 Rem mag and 375 HH . What has been your expierence? Thanks
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    Trophy bonded Sledgehammers

    any suggestions where I might find 458 and 416s would be appreciated. I have had no luck at Midway, Grafs and others.
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    Reload ammunition boxes

    as some country’s require the ammo box read the same as the ammo in them,ie 375 ammo must be in a factory ammo box printed with 375 info, and many of us who reload buy new cases that do not come in a ammo box that can be used for loaded ammo, what have you come up with to meet regs?
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    BRNO 602 vs CZ 550

    want to build a 458 Lott and have a choice of a CZ550 or Brno 602 action. Not sure which would be best. Want to build a Lott as I have one that my Grandson now uses so have all the reloading etc for the Lott . Which action would be the best and why.
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    458 Lott vs McMillian stock

    Anyone have expierence with a McMillian synthetic stock on a 458 Lott. Did it hold up, how many rounds have you fired. Question is more dependent on damage caused by firing then other usage.
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    Montana Rifle Company

    Anyone have one of these in a heavy caliber [375 or above.] ? Looking for info on quality and long term usage and accuracy. Also any one used their custom shop and Were you satisfied. I am looking at a 458 Lott in the V2 model. Really would appreciate any help and advice you have. ThankYou
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    RUGER RSM 458 lott vs CZ 550 458 lott

    here am asking opinions on the rifles as to reliability and dependability not on the 458 lott cartridge. Taking into consideration as is factory rifles. No upgrades.
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    Whitworth actions

    Opinions please on the Whitworth action as to quality, reliability for a DG rifle.
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    375 barrel length

    Pros and cons of different barrel lengths for the 375 h&h —what do you prefer and why?
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    Kimber 8400 talkeetna

    Picked up a Talkeetna in 375 H&H. Would like to make some mods. It is muzzle hvy so am considering 2 options. First is to have a recoil reducer installed in the stock for the added weight. Who can/will do that as it has a synthetic stock and the Decelarator pad is glued on? SEcond: cut the 24”...
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    8.5 # 375 H&H

    would like to find or have built an 8.5 # 375 HH . Tried a couple of gunsmiths but if I choose a CZ for instance the rifle with scope et al will weigh more and likely will be around 11#. I want a rifle that will weigh no more then 8.5 with a 1x4 scope and mount. Can it be done? How can it be...
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    Where to offer horns

    Am seeking where Reebok, bushbok, steinbok, blue duiker and springbok horns with skull plates could be offered for sale. Also sable horns, skull plate and cape. Thanks for the help
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    CZ 550 classic safari vs Kimber 8400 Caprevi

    Want to pick up a 458 Lott for my grandson. He has lots of expierence shooting and hunting with the caliber,so no concern there. Looking at one of the two manufacturers . Recognize the difference in cost but willing to have AHR work on the CZ. Need and want advice on quality and reliability of...
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    Hunt Africa Hats

    Cannot find thread to contact and order. Please provide path. Thank you
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    458 Win Mag and todays powders

    anyone reloading the 458 win and 500 gr bullets able to chrony 2200fpm with the powders available today?
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    Remington 700 LA magazine follower and follower spring

    Want to replace the orginal with a machined follower and stronger follower spring. The factory ones have started to allow the cartridges to nose down on bullet end when loading. Necessitating readjusting by pushing on bases which takes time and eyes off target.
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    Hello from the USA

    GREAT to join with other hunters who enjoy info on hunting.