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  1. Buck51

    Johannesburg Guns at Hotels

    African Sky will store your rifles in a vault. It’s a very nice place. They offer airport pickup and great meals onsite.
  2. Buck51

    Thinking about getting an electronic powder measure/scale

    RCBS Chargemaster works great for me. Occasional overcharge is easily fixed with lee powder dipper. No need to redo.
  3. Buck51

    6-48 vs 8-40 base screws

    i have shot around 200 rounds thru my Dakota 76 Safari in 416 Rigby. It has the smaller 6-48 screws. No problems.
  4. Buck51

    ZAMBIA: Ntengu Safaris Hunt Report

  5. Buck51

    ZAMBIA: Ntengu Safaris Hunt Report

    Sounds like a helluva adventure! Ready to read some more.
  6. Buck51

    Wanted 450-400 3 1/4” Dies

    I Sorry, just noticed they are 3” ’
  7. Buck51

    Wanted 450-400 3 1/4” Dies

    Rcbs sent me an email a few days ago. They have them in stock.
  8. Buck51

    Hello-JR from Terre Haute, Indiana, USA

    Welcome to AH from Evansville.
  9. Buck51

    Greetings from Southern Indiana

    Welcome from Evansville!
  10. Buck51

    United to discontinue taking guns to SA

    Just got back from JNB. Gilbert from African sky showed me a huge pile of luggage sitting out on the curb in front of United lost luggage office. He said they ran out of room inside the office and just started stacking it up on the sidewalk. They did have guards with it. I flew United through...
  11. Buck51

    Survey: Your Favorite. 30 Caliber

    300 Weatherby Mag with 200 grain accubond or partition around 3000 fps
  12. Buck51

    9.3x63 powders

    I’m using RL-17 and 250 grain accubond In my 9.3x62. Super accurate at 2560 fps. i know I could get more velocity out of it, but its very accurate and I think 2560 is sufficient.
  13. Buck51

    Trip report AA-Qatar-Airlink

    Yes, I probably should of looked a little more but liked the 15 hour flight time. When I originally looked at the tickets it was $3500 but waited a little too long to purchase. last year I flew Ethiopian Air direct into Beira In their cloud9/business class. it was $5500 last year and a little...
  14. Buck51

    Trip report AA-Qatar-Airlink

    Flying ATL to JNB early July on Delta Premium select. It cost $5000/ea when I bought the tickets in March I will let you know if it’s worth it when we get back. Thanks for your informative review!
  15. Buck51

    Wanted .416 Rigby RCBS Dies

    I accidentally bought 2 sets of Redding dies for the 416 Rigby. Did it about a year apart before I started working loads up for my rifle. I will take 150 shipped For the unused set. I think midway wants 180 for them right now.
  16. Buck51

    Finally recieved my new double rifle

    That is a fine looking rifle! Is Art the name of the manufacturer?
  17. Buck51

    Shallow primer pockets on new Norma .458WM brass?

    here’s the link for the tool I am using. Its easy to use and works great.
  18. Buck51

    Shallow primer pockets on new Norma .458WM brass?

    Just finished working a load up with new Norma Brass for a 416 Rigby. Had the same issue. Primers just a little above flush On some of the rounds. The bolt did not close as easily on those rounds. It wasn’t hard to close, but enough that I could tell a difference. I bought a primer pocket...
  19. Buck51

    Flying to Mozambique

    I flew Chicago to Moz last year. I Used Ethiopian Air. flew from Chicago to Addis abba to Beira. Everything went smoothly.
  20. Buck51

    Update COVID rules

    Thanks, I figured it out.
  21. Buck51

    Update COVID rules

    How do you print the card from vax yes? They issued my digital card but I can’t figure out how to print it. Thanks
  22. Buck51

    United cancelled evening before trip

    Shipping those back UPS. Knew better than to trust them with something perishable.
  23. Buck51

    United cancelled evening before trip

    It gets worse. I am currently sitting in a hotel room in Bangor Maine after my Bangor to Newark flight was delayed and oversold. The gave us boarding passes written in ink. We boarded and guess what! Our seats belonged to someone else. So we deboarded got luggage and guns off plane. Then our...
  24. Buck51

    Flying Ethiopian Airlines with a Rifle

    August 21. Yes have multiple copies of 4457 and passport. My flight over they were waiting for me when I got off the flight. I had a 45 minute layover. She escorted me to the ground floor and they inspected guns and forms. All went smooth and they made sure I didn’t miss my flight. Probably...
  25. Buck51

    United cancelled evening before trip

    We are currently in the middle of a bear hunt and used United through Newark. They cancelled the second leg of our flight (due to weather) as we were boarding the plane. The weather was absolutely fine at that location! We rerouted to a destination 160 miles south. No weather and NO luggage...
  26. Buck51

    .416 Rigby H4831SC Load data

    I might, but I think 2300 will be enough. I’m going to load up 20 and see how accurate they are. I’ve only shot a few so far but they were accurate. Thanks
  27. Buck51

    .416 Rigby H4831SC Load data

    Funny, I just started my workup using H4831 for my Dakota76 416 Rigby. I am using 400 grain aframes. I got 2250’s with 95 grains and 2300 or a hair less with 97 grains. Sd and Ed single digit. Was accurate. Going to load some more and practice but I think I found my load.
  28. Buck51

    375 H&H load data

    I started out with 760 but switched to Winchester Staball 6.5 Because of temperature sensitivity. I started working up my load in the winter and by summer I had a couple sticky cases With the 760, along with about 100 fps increase in velocity. The staball 6.5 powder and 300 gn Swift A/frame...
  29. Buck51

    Jim Corbett Book Set For Sale

  30. Buck51

    Jim Corbett Book Set For Sale

    I will take them.
  31. Buck51

    Mozambique visas - can get on arrival?

    I was able to get my Visa upon arrival at the Beira airport. I think it was cheaper than getting it ahead of time. The Mozambique embassy in Washington DC never responded to the application I sent to them online.
  32. Buck51

    Packing ammo

    Just traveled Ethiopian Airlines Chicago-Beira,Mozambique with a stop in Addis. They never checked my ammo at any point on my flights but did ask if my ammo was inside my checked baggage in a locked container. I used a case similar to the one Tundra tiger has pictured with master locks on it. As...
  33. Buck51

    Mozambique visas - can get on arrival?

    Thanks....I spoke to my outfitter today and he said it would be no problem to get it on arrival. Has a client in camp now that did the same thing. Next time I will apply further in advance. Never had to get a Visa and the process takes more time than I thought.
  34. Buck51

    Mozambique visas - can get on arrival?

    was your friend able to get a visa at the entry point In Mozambique? I leave in less than 10 days. I submitted my application last wk but have not heard back and get no response from the embassy In Washington on the status. I guess I will still have to overnight my passport and supporting docs...
  35. Buck51

    Qatar Airways

    I was told by Qatar that they would not accept my firearm info any earlier than 15 days before my flight. I got that response by email. i spoke to three different reps on the phone with at least 3 hours of hold time total for the calls...each rep told me something different. I have since...
  36. Buck51

    ZIMBABWE: Of Cigars, Leopards & Cape Buffalo

    Cant wait to read the rest. Thanks!
  37. Buck51

    BOTSWANA: Elephant Hunt With Johan Calitz Safaris In June 2021

    Fantastic Elephant and great story! Great read....Thanks for posting.
  38. Buck51

    Flying Ethiopian Airlines with a Rifle

    Is a 55 minute layover in Addis Ababa enough time to make a connecting flight with firearms?? I don't have many flight options. Scrambling to make new flight arrangements to avoid permit issue with SA and Mozambique:mad:
  39. Buck51

    TROPHY SHIPPERS - You Enjoy Your Hunt, We'll Get Your Trophies Home

    Just spoke to Tom. Definitely will be using him on my upcoming hunt. Thanks
  40. Buck51

    Swift A-Frame question...

    I have been developing a 375 h and h load. I switched from 300 grain Dgx to 300 grain aframes and had to back the load off 4 grains because of pressure signs....sticky bolt and a jump in velocity.
  41. Buck51

    Requesting information on traveling through Doha, Qatar

    Thanks for all the info! I just cancelled my Delta flight and am booking QATAR. I have a 2 hour layover in DOHA before my JNB flight and was concerned I might not have enough time. Thanks
  42. Buck51

    Requesting information on traveling through Doha, Qatar

    Can someone who has flown through DOHA to JNB recently on QATAR tell me what steps I will have to go through after landing in DOHA with firearms (hunting rifles)? I want to make certain I have enough time to catch my flight to JNB.
  43. Buck51

    Considering a Browning A5

    I love my “new model” A5. Bought my first one when they came out in 11 or 12. Hunted with it ever since. Have a couple more in the safe but the first one is going strong. I have the 3” and it cycles dove loads as well heavy duck/goose loads great. Only cycling problem I’ve ever had is when I go...
  44. Buck51

    For Sale As New Dakota 76 Africa In 416 Rigby

    Just picked up the Dakota. Beautiful rifle. Thanks Rookhawk!
  45. Buck51

    For Sale As New Dakota 76 Africa In 416 Rigby

    Thanks, can’t wait to get it!