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  1. godwincp


    Just completed a fantastic safari with Jacques Spammer of @JKO HUNTING SAFARIS in the Kalahari. I had earlier posted a thread concerning United Airlines cancelling our flight two hours before takeoff which got us off to a bad start. But we were good to go the next day and other than immigrations...
  2. godwincp

    United airlines no more

    I know many of you are opposed to flying United to Johannesburg but up until now I have had no issues- even traveling with firearms. But I no longer support UA and would recommend you be very cautious in dealing with them in the future. Ten months ago I paid a significant amount of money to...
  3. godwincp

    Trophy shipping costs

    Just got my bill from Badger Cargo International In Johannesburg SA for my trophies to be shipped to Chicago USA. There has been a few inquiries on rising airline costs as of late. My crate contains dip and pack only for kudu skull, horns and cape, same for wildebeast, sable , gemsbuck and...
  4. godwincp

    Chapuis Brousse 450/400 Ejector With Doctor Reflex Sight

    For those interested in a great shooting double I want to let you know I have consigned this gun to JJ Perodeau for sale. I bought this gun from JJ and it is fully vetted and regulated by him. I took it to Africa this year and and we harvested a great old Buffalo. Guns in great condition and is...
  5. godwincp

    30mm scope rings for Ruger RSM

    I have a 375 H&H RSM and I’m trying to install a Trijicon 1x4x24 straight tube scope. I can’t seem to find any rings low enough for the Ruger stock. Can anyone help me out? Thanks
  6. godwincp

    Need Bullets

    Does anyone have 300gr Barnes TSX bullets for my 375 H&H and 180 Barnes TSX bullets for my 300 Win Mag. Getting ready for a July safari and can’t find these anywhere. Everything is back ordered with no delivery dates. Getting nervous!