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  1. godwincp

    Alaska hunt...

    in Alaska I took a sheep, moose, caribou, black bear and interior grizzly with a 300 weatherby magnum and a 180 Barnes x bullet. For the costal and Kodak bears I used a 300 grain Barnes X in a 375 H&H out of a Wearherby dangerous game rifle. Both applications were perfect.
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    Crocodile / Hippo Hunt & Tigerfish Mozambique

    That still didn’t work. If you didn’t get it I’ll try WhatsApp
  3. godwincp

    Crocodile / Hippo Hunt & Tigerfish Mozambique

    I sent you an email but it came back undeliverable. Did you by chance receive it? Thanks
  4. godwincp

    Researching leopard hunts...

    I feel the best value for money is a hunt with Wayne at Nyamazana safaris. He has great areas and a high success rate if you can shoot
  5. godwincp

    KWALATA SAFARIS, Waterberg Wilderness Reserve. A New Home For Us In South Africa!

    Email sent. Looking forward to your reply
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    A lot of outfitters have supressors on their guns and you can avoid the hassle of taking guns all together. I just did that on a recent safari and it was great traveling without guns or checked baggage- a big deal in todays air travel.
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    Just completed a fantastic safari with Jacques Spammer of @JKO HUNTING SAFARIS in the Kalahari. I had earlier posted a thread concerning United Airlines cancelling our flight two hours before takeoff which got us off to a bad start. But we were good to go the next day and other than immigrations...
  8. godwincp

    ZIMBABWE: Black Death In The Omay

    Great bull and we’ll written report. I took my first buff and elephant in the Omar. It’s a special place and you earn everything you get. Congratulations
  9. godwincp

    United airlines no more

    United Update I’m sitting at Africa Sky which means we obviously made it! Went to the airport in St Louis early and was able to get us all three on the flight to Newark and even got myself back in Polaris class. Two seats had become available. The Polaris lounge in Newark was packed and the...
  10. godwincp

    United airlines no more

    I actually did book a day earlier departure- oh well hopefully we’ll get out today. I’ll still be in a bad mood paying for Polaris class and sitting in coach!
  11. godwincp

    United airlines no more

    I know many of you are opposed to flying United to Johannesburg but up until now I have had no issues- even traveling with firearms. But I no longer support UA and would recommend you be very cautious in dealing with them in the future. Ten months ago I paid a significant amount of money to...
  12. Buffalo Hunting

    Buffalo Hunting

  13. godwincp

    Newbie Cape Buffalo Question

    Have no idea what he measured but a true trophy in my eyes. These old warriors represent the pinnacle of Buffalo hunting. I would Never hunt a pay by the inch Buffalo- recipe for disaster
  14. godwincp

    United from EWR-JNB no firearms as of today

    So is this a South African organization?
  15. godwincp

    United from EWR-JNB no firearms as of today

    What’s the CAA?
  16. godwincp

    ZIMBABWE: June 2022 Leopard Hunt With NYAMAZANA SAFARIS

    I spent nine freezing cold nights from 4pm to 7am on the Drummond Ranch with Wayne before taking a beautiful Leopard. Certainly didn’t happen as fast as your hunt but never the less an experience I’ll never forget. Wayne is top notch! Congratulations
  17. godwincp

    Hey from St Louis

    I see you’re in Cape As I am. If you would like to talk Africa let me know. I’ve been several times and going back this august
  18. godwincp

    Update COVID rules

    I went to the Vax yes site and entered the required info and paid the $5 and immediately received the level 1 card for my two shots and booster. I was informed I would receive an update when the team has verified my submission to level 2. That was Monday morning and still no word. Reading these...
  19. godwincp

    CITES Leopard Permit!

    Great news. I received my Cites permit for my Zimbabwe leopard last Friday. It took two months to correct a USFWS mistake but it was done correctly . Total time from taking the leopard to approved permit was eight months including the two month distraction.
  20. godwincp

    The cost of shipping Trophies

    Just received my trophies from late July SA safari. The shipment included hide and horns for a sable, kudu, wildebeest , impala and gemsbok. The total cost for dip and pack and shipment to Chicago and custom clearance and shipment to Southeast Missouri worked out to $753 each. Add to that the...
  21. godwincp

    CITES Leopard Permit!

    How do you track progress on your cites permit? I can’t seem to find the info on the govt website- big surprise!!
  22. godwincp

    CITES Leopard Permit!

    I certainly hope so but two months and counting doesn’t seem very prompt to me. Fingers crossed
  23. godwincp

    CITES Leopard Permit!

    I applied for my leopard import application permit with USFWS on 7/7/21. I successfully took a great Zimbabwe leopard on 8/3/21. All the paperwork and hunt and leopard details were submitted successfully and handled by Conservation Force. On 2/18/22 I received my approved Cites permit...
  24. godwincp

    3 Gunwerks Clymr Rifles For Sale Ammo Available

    I will take the PRC and the ammo if still available. Let me know
  25. godwincp

    Trophy shipping costs

    This was the first time I hunted SA so I just used the taxidermist recommended by my PH, which I have always done in several other countries. Looks like there might be better deals out there but I just trusted my PH. The main point of the thread was to give first time hunters and idea of the...
  26. godwincp

    Trophy shipping costs

    I paid Splitting Image on 10/01/2021 for my dip and pack. There were understandably delays due to Covid and they shut down for about a month over the holidays. They kept me informed of these scheduling issues all along the way.
  27. godwincp

    Trophy shipping costs

    So is that out of line with what everyone else is being charged??
  28. godwincp

    Trophy shipping costs

    Just got my bill from Badger Cargo International In Johannesburg SA for my trophies to be shipped to Chicago USA. There has been a few inquiries on rising airline costs as of late. My crate contains dip and pack only for kudu skull, horns and cape, same for wildebeast, sable , gemsbuck and...
  29. godwincp

    US customs/trophies

    Just received my cites import permit for my leopard in the mail today!!!! I took my beautiful leopard on the Drummond Ranch on August 2, 2021 While hunting with Wayne Van Den Bergh. All relevant info was uploaded to FWS on Sept 27 and the permit was received on March 1, 2022. I used...
  30. godwincp

    Contact Us For A Worry-Free Import, Export Or In-Transit Permits For Your Rifles Before You Arrive In South Africa

    I used Henry for two safaris last year and his flexibility and professionalism was outstanding. I will use him again without question!
  31. godwincp

    New Orvis Canvas Leather Ruck Sack For Sale

    I’ll take it. PM sent
  32. godwincp

    Buffalo Hunt Special Zimbabwe 7 Days Unit 5 Matetsi 2022

    What would it cost to take two Buffalo 1x1
  33. godwincp

    OK gentlemen..get ready

    Man Areaonereal do I agree with you. I’ve flown business class all over the world but would never pay the price on my dime until I was offered a very good upgrade price from economy comfort to Polaris class last summer. It was excellent and I’ll just spend some more of the families inheritance...
  34. godwincp

    OK gentlemen..get ready

    White House just lifted travel ban on Southern African countries. Now if you could just get a flight!, hope you guys can make it to the shows!
  35. godwincp

    OK gentlemen..get ready

    I just searched United’s website and they’re still booking this Feb 27 flight from Ord to Jnb for the bargain business class seat for $11000+. Hundreds of flights being cancelled. Tough times for everyone.
  36. godwincp

    Lion & Cape Buffalo Combination Hunt Special Offer With Limcroma Safaris

    I enquired about this hunt but had no reply. Is it still available? what other animals might be available to substitute for the Buffalo? Perhaps a lioness? Thank you
  37. godwincp

    Looking for 450-400 3 inch brass

    I have one box of once fired hornday brass in 450-400. I also have 2 boxes of DGX bullets- brand new- if you’re interested
  38. godwincp

    South Carolina Model 70 Featherweight 270 Winchester For Sale

    Is it’s still available?
  39. godwincp

    Chapuis Brousse 450/400 Ejector With Doctor Reflex Sight

    Jerome asked me to provide additional info which can all be found on JJ’s website or on guns international As I explained. I am not personally selling the gun but just wanted to give you guys a heads up. I’ll try to provide the details . Thanks
  40. godwincp

    Chapuis Brousse 450/400 Ejector With Doctor Reflex Sight

    For those interested in a great shooting double I want to let you know I have consigned this gun to JJ Perodeau for sale. I bought this gun from JJ and it is fully vetted and regulated by him. I took it to Africa this year and and we harvested a great old Buffalo. Guns in great condition and is...
  41. Buffalo Hunt South Africa

    Buffalo Hunt South Africa

  42. Leopard Hunt Zimbabwe

    Leopard Hunt Zimbabwe

  43. 46 Inch Sable Hunt South Africa

    46 Inch Sable Hunt South Africa

  44. godwincp

    AH Members 2021 Dangerous Game Successes

    Hunted with Jacques Spammer of JKO Safaris in the Kalahari in July and took a great old Buffalo ( took the buff on day seven of a six day hunt! ) and a 46“ sable.I then flew to Zimbabwe to hunt leopard with Wayne Van Den Bergh of Nyamazana Safaris and took this great leopard after spending 91...
  45. godwincp

    South Africa - CBL "Captive Bred Lion Hunt" progress

    Does anyone have any inside info if these hunts will be available in 2022 or will this truly be the last year permits are issued?
  46. godwincp

    United Airlines Connecting with Airlink in Jo’burg

    I used Gilbert at Africa Sky and he was Super!!
  47. godwincp

    United Airlines Connecting with Airlink in Jo’burg

    Wow. I think you were very fortunate. I flew the same Bulawayo to JNB to Newark in August and I collected and rechecked my bags in JNB. I had no confidence in Airlink checking my bags to the states as they were sadly undertrained. As a side note I finished my safari a day early but was fold by...
  48. godwincp

    "Shout At the Devil" Movie Moore & Marvin/ Wilbur Smith novel

    I’ve spent a lot of time on flights to Africa reading Wilbur Smith. He’s terrific
  49. godwincp

    ZIMBABWE: Headed To Dande In Sept With Charlton McCallum Safaris

    I just got back. Took a great old dagga boy in the Kalahari and a beautiful leopard in Zimbabwe at the Drummond Ranch. I had a total of four Covid tests. Just part international travel today- but we’ll worth it.