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    Wanted Rem 7600 Long Action

    I think semi auto was (still is?) verboten for deer hunting in Pennsylvania. I had some friends in college that were from that part of the world, they called those Remington pumps “Pennsylvania Machine Guns” or something ridiculous like that. Everyone that I knew that owned one said basically...
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    MRC 1999
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    Wanted 7x57 Brass

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    Wanted 7x57 Brass

    @SkullKeeper is this for the new build? Just curious.
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    Wanted 7x57 Brass

    I took three years of French in school and later on lived amongst the Cajuns for a few years. Still can’t get it. I guess that’s what acronyms are for!
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    Wanted 7x57 Brass

    +1 for S&B. I think they’re like PPU, their name is difficult to pronounce and impossible to spell. If they were named “Smith Brass Co.” it wouldn’t stay on the shelf.
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    Wanted 7x57 Brass

    If you’re not choosy IMO, PPV brass is better quality than Federal.
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    My rifle range is about to close, possibly for good!

    Sounds like a great opportunity to get some fellow sportsmen to the polls in a couple of weeks.
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    Speer 235 grain bullet and the .375 H&H.....

    What weight is your charge?
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    Exclusively for hunting cartridges

    Gotta have a quarter bore.
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    Wanted Mini Express Rear Sight Insert

    I have one. Never installed, original bubble wrap w/ NECG card. PM me if interested.
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    Thinking about getting an electronic powder measure/scale

    I’ve loaded thousands on both. Auto Trickler is about three times faster and more accurate than the Chargemaster. Downside: you need an app to run it and calibration takes longer. I would say it depends on two things: budget and throughput. If you only load a few hundred rounds per year the...
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    For Sale Custom 416 Taylor On Remington 700 - Houston

    Wow how’d I ever miss this one?!?! Large medium bore for sale. Model 71s. Single shot in .30 Army? A potentially homicidal spouse? This has all the makings for an AH Deals made for TV movie!
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    Whisky appreciation

    This weekend is Basil Hayden’s for me. Try it if you haven’t yet, it’s a little sweeter than Woodford, but not too much.
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    Movies Film

    The most cringeworthy part of that movie is watching a basement full of booze get shattered. Oh and the Texas flag is upside down in one scene too.
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    Bullets For Sale

    Mark just did with bananas what ET did with Reese’s Pieces.
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    Swarovski SLP Ocular lens protector 44346 $90

    Will the ocular fit a Z3?
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    Big Bore Case Trimmer Help Please

    Giraud Giraud Giraud Can’t go wrong. It’ll be worth the wait. Nothing puts a drag on reloading like case trimming.
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    Americase AT-3GUN Safari Case Special Run For

    Pelican makes a fine product, Americase does as well. It’s like travel insurance—everyone has their risk profile, but accordingly. Hat tip to Rookhawk. I hope it works but like any deal you need to be ready to walk if the numbers don’t work.
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    Americase AT-3GUN Safari Case Special Run For

    Thank you for running these traps, what would they do without you!?!
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    Americase AT-3GUN Safari Case Special Run For

    He said Americase would quote by EOD (end of day, for those of you in Rio Linda).
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    New Mauser vs New Rigby

    What grade of walnut is that?
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    New Mauser vs New Rigby

    …named for the famed soldier Phil Silvers, a great hero of the peacetime army. His record of service rivaled even that of Captain Edmund Blackadder.
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    New Mauser vs New Rigby

    That’s fair. A little hyperbole is fun though.
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    New Mauser vs New Rigby

    That’s fair. A little hyperbole is fun though.
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    New Mauser vs New Rigby

    No what I’m saying is if you need an inch of rubber to absorb the recoil of your ‘06 or .275 or .256 you’re not going justice to said era. Did every rifle of reasonable level of recoil from that period come out with a red slab of rubber on the butt? The answer of course is no, not even close...
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    on a lighter note...

    Sure is. I guess we know who has the day off!
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    New Mauser vs New Rigby

    It blows my mind that the Rigby Stalking rifle has a rubber truck tire buttpad on it. At that price point for what’s basically deer rifle calibers they should be doing better than that.
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    Ruger No. 1 In 375 H&H

    How long is the barrel?
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    African Dangerous Games Books For Sale

    Lawyer Daggett on Line One!!!
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    African Dangerous Games Books For Sale

    I think it was Cecil Rhodes that said “everything on the internet is true!”.
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    Cz550 375 H&H 20"ish barrels

    Yes! Sorry. It was a 550 Safarithing only in .375 in that configuration.
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    Cz550 375 H&H 20"ish barrels

    I remember seeing on CZ’s catalog they did a 550 with a 20” barrel—had a SKU and everything. Wonder if anyone here got one.
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    Cz550 375 H&H 20"ish barrels

    You’ll save about 5” of OAL if you switch to a single shot or double rifle.
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    Tell me more about the Rigbys!
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    Potential US Expat

    If you aren’t fluent in the native language you won’t have to listen to how bad the political situation is on the news every night. As the prophet Archibald Bunker would say “case closed”.
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    Bumping back the shoulder - 375HH?

    416 Rigby has a 45 degree shoulder. Not the right angle of a rim but almost as easy to duplicate for headspace purposes.
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    N150 loads for 375HH

    No, that’s a safe load per VV load data. Having air in the case with smokeless powder is generally not a problem. Most issues come from light charges in large cases but that’s not what you have. I would advise looking at the impact velocity at which the 250 A Frame is designed to expand since...
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    Experience buying demo optics?

    Not the same source but figured I’d pile on. Demo Swarovski from MidwayUSA was excellent—I’ve had two.
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    Barrel Life

    Like some others have written, cartridge and load has a significant vote. The .264 Win Mag mafia are usually lucky to get 2k rounds of life—lotta powder burning down a tiny hole. Another variable is the type of shooting. If everything you do is slow fire, a couple of shots at a time you’ll get...
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    Nothing better than hunting with your son!

    Great story. Always good to see the torch being passed.
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    Fishing in Dominican Republic

    Has anyone fished in DR? Preferably vicinity Punta Cana? If so, recommendations on outfits, what to look out for/avoid, etc? Anything you wish you’d known? Times of year?
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    Debating whether I should step up to 375 H&H?

    If you think you’ll go for anything bigger/meaner in the next few years then definitely. You don’t want to buy a rifle the month before your hunt, you’ll want to use it and learn it for a few seasons before you “go live”. Or you could just be like what I’m guessing is everyone else and 90% of...
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    M70 Safari Express 416 Rem or cz 550 416 Rigby

    Not to be nit picky, but aren’t the QD levers on the wrong side?
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    It's started here!

    I’m going to say “over zealous buyer” on this one. Note it was a no reserve auction. I see what you mean though, at a certain point you’ve crossed the common sense Rubicon. This stuff isn’t minted by the Lollipop Guild in Oz…is it?
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    Your favorite hobby: help spend my money on a case trimmer

    Giraud. Can’t go wrong. And it’s made in Texas, which is awesome.
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    J. Rigby Co.

    Has anybody ordered any rifles direct from Rigby? If so, feedback on experience. Lead times? Options you liked or wish you had/hadn’t opted for, etc.? I’m assuming customer service is first rate given their target clientele…? Specifically for the PH/Big Game magazine rifles, but also Stalking...