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    I do love Cracker Barrel - CAustin

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    Markhor....what's the big deal?

    I will start off by saying I enjoy all hunting and would never criticize or otherwise be negative about someone's choice in hunting. That being said, I don't get why hunting Markhor is so cool? The animal itself looks like a stinky goat to me (you know they have to smell awful), the...
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    Papa knows best

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    Pet peeves?

    Anyone have any pet peeves when talking about hunting africa? A few of mine are: 1. When visiting hunters call africans "natives". 2. When hunters in south africa call hunting farms "concessions". A game farm is not a concession, at least not in the true meaning of the word. 3. Hunting...
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    My Custom rifle work

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    Phoenix Phil and his lady

    Congrats @PHOENIX PHIL
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    Lions in Kruger

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    Double Rifle....for deer

    Hell all, Im a diehard bowhunter as i like getting 50 yards and under from my quarry. Recently, i was on a dangerous game hunt and at the conclusion I asked the PH if i could shoot his .500 double just for grins....i shouldnt have! It was a hoot and kinda lit a fire in me to get a double now...
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    Grab that shaft

    arrow shaft that is...
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    Interesting table cloth

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    Gander Mountain

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    When men were men

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    A husbands gift

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    Gotta be the master of something...

    Im guessing its a Bassmasters shirt...
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    FB News feed and Passing of Theunis Botha

    Like most of us, I am on the social media sites. Today my newsfeed is full of information regarding the passing of Mr. Botha. What is so troubling is how much negativity there is surrounding his passing. Yes, the initial gut reaction is anger at these negative and awful responses to the...
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    Waiting for draw results

    Truth about waiting for western state draw results
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    West Africa

    Ive been fortunate to hunt and travel in a large portion of east and southern africa. On my way back from RSA recently our plane had to make a stop in Accra, Ghana. Apparently there was a significant issue with our plane so we were all shuttled off and into town for 36 hours while new parts...
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    Besides Africa...

    Besides the awesome continent that is Africa...where else would you want to hunt or what species would you want to pursue?
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    I'm baaaaack!!!

    I am back from a brief slumber away from AH! Good to be back and see several old friends and several new friends. Lets talk about shooting stuff!
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    Piggy Back Rides in Zimbabwe

    This little guy has the right idea....
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    Brickburn's custom undies

    Hey Brick, I found these in the bargain cave at Cabelas. You never told me you had a line of rat panties out there!
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    WANTED: Cull Bowhunt - late season

    Hello all, Some of you know me, others don't. I am a broadhead manufacturer and I'm looking to do some pretty extensive testing this year on a few new designs. That means cull hunt. I will most likely end up in Botswana again (fourth trip) but I would like to see if there are any cull hunts...
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    Nikon D7000 with lenses - Steal of a deal

    Hi All! My wife is a professional photographer and has recently upgraded. So we are selling her camera. Very well cared for and the images this camera captures is amazing. Nikon D7000 along with a 50mm 1.8 and 18-105mm 3.5-5.6 lenses both with UV lens protectors. $900 for all or if you...
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    BOTSWANA: Hunt Report Kanana July 2013

    I've just returned from another great safari with Kanana Safaris in Botswana. Three of us had a blast over 10 days. Report to come soon!!
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    GoPro camera experience

    Hey gang, I'm trying to decide on the possible purchase of a GoPro camera for self filming a bit of this years safari. Does anyone have experience with a GoPro? Are they fairly easy to use? Download and edit? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Spike T's new ride

    Spike T sent me this picture of a motorcycle he is looking at for purchase. Apparently the seat is genuine crocodile but I have my doubts. Spike insists that his "hog" as he calls it, is really bad to the bone. Apparently the helmet might come with the deal if he can talk the current owner...
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    4 years!

    May 14 marked four years that I have been on this forum. As I look back I I see why this is such a good forum. The people are friendly and helpful, advice and information exchange freely given, and "attitude" of the forum is very friendly. Thanks Jerome for operating such a top shelf online...
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    Help name a new Broadhead...BIKINIS

    Alright gang, I haven't been as active the last couple of months for a multitude of different reasons. That being said, one of them has been in the design, engineering and testing of a new broadhead that I am bringing to market. Exciting but a hell of a lot of work. I have just about...
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    FREE RANGE South Africa - Great Opportunity

    Free Range South Africa KZN Come hunt FREE RANGE South Africa. Outfitter: Piet Otto Safaris Area: Kwa-Zulu Natal, 37,000 free range acres Time: End of June through end of season Price : $2,950 per hunter, prefer three hunters or more but flexible I have an excellent free range hunt in...
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    "Mere" Cat

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    Scrub Bull Hunt in Australia - $3,000 USD

    Scrub Bull in Australia - March 29-April 2, 2013- Easter Weekend PH: Hayden Potts Outfitter: Unique Australian Adventures Price: $3,000 USD I have a very unique opportunity for a massive problem scrub bull in Australia. This particular bull is believed to be a brahman cross and has been...
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    Turkeys in Texas - Buy one hunt, get one free

    Buy one, get one free Rio Grande Turkey hunts Outfitter and PH: George Nelson - Trash Rack Outfitters Price: $1,500 includes 2 hunters with 2 turkeys each - 2 nights lodging and food Dates: Season runs from March 16-April 28 There are actually 2 different properties for the Turkey with a...
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    Cape Buff Hunt - $10,000 all in

    7-Day Cape Buffalo Hunt: $10 000 Includes: 7 x Day's Hunting 1 on 1 with your PH 1x Cape Buffalo Bull Rifle or Archery The above rates include the following: Accommodation is quoted per person per day The full use of all facilities in the camp such as the swimming pool and satellite...
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    Unusual/Deformed/Freak Species Pictures

    I am one of those guys that likes the nontypical animal or something unusual. I can across a facebook page (courtesy of Bob Puckett) and thought I would share some of the neat stuff they have posted. If anyone knows any of the people and want the picture taken down please contact me. If not...
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    Monster Warthog

    Monster Warthog He was born as the uncommon offspring of a 100lb tusked bull elephant and a thick tusked warthog female. He grew up on the tough streets of Joberg. After primary school it became apparent that he was "gifted" anatomically and several of the local sows were fighting for his...
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    Monster Warthog

    Anybody seen this monster before? I just had to post it. Unreal.
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    Namibia - Free Range on huge property

    HUNT: Free Range Hunting in Namibia on 109,000 + acres in one block Outfitter: Namibia Safari Corporation PH: Jaco van der Merwe Daily rate or Package hunts available Here is still a place, as if frozen in time, where game roams the open plains and mountains. Free range hunting at it's...
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    Giant Aoudad Pics

    One of my Texas outfitters just sent me these pictures a few minutes ago. This thing is a stud of an Aoudad.
  41. TOM

    Three Safari DVD's

    These are brand new in package. All are free shipping. Prefer paypal but will take a check. If you want all three I will take $75. The three are: DEATH RUSH - Mark Sullivan letting hippos and other animals decide how they want to die :cool: :jumping: . New, in wrapper. $35...
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    Please help review my website - Bikinis, etc

    Hey gang, Ok, now that I have your attention: I am asking for some review and constructive criticism of my website. This is not a shameless plug (I promise Jerome!) but actually trying to see if the website is legible, clean and makes sense. I have recently changed formats and I'm still...
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    Hippo and Croc in Mozambique - $12,500

    MOZAMBIQUE - Croc and Hippo - $12,500 AREA: Cahora Bassa Communal Lands - Western Mozambique - Off the shores of Lake Cahora Bassa lies some of the best hunting in Mozambique. PH: Piet Otto UNFENCED WILD MOZAMBIQUE This hunt offer is for a fantastic combination of big Crocodile and...
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    The perfect man room?

    Found this on the could possibly be the perfect man room. Your thoughts?
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    Hunt Zambia - Sable, Defassa Waterbuck, Kafue Lechwe and Puku Package!

    Zambian Safari - Sable, Defassa Waterbuck, Kafue Lechwe and Puku Private property, all procedures have been followed to allow hunting in 2013. 7 hunting days, includes the following: Sable - Kafue Lechwe - Puku - Defassa Waterbuck - Ground Transport - Food, Beverage and Board Sable bull...
  46. TOM

    Leopard Hunt Namibia Cancellation - Deep discount

    Hello all, I'm happy to market a fantastic offer on a Leopard hunt in Namibia. The hunt will take place on a privately owned ranch consisting of 109,000 acres of open range land in central Namibia (Like Garth Brooks CD...NO FENCES). Due to a cancellation of one of the Leopard Hunts we now...
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    Minister Addresses Hunting and Conservation in Zambia

    For Immediate Release: January 24, 2013 Reno, Nev - Before an audience of more than 200 international conservationists, the Honorable Minister of Tourism and Arts Sylvia Masebo of Zambia outlined her country's vision for sustainable-use conservation at the Safari Club International (SCI)...
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    Pic from my first trip to Africa

    This really brings back some great memories....