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  1. Bobpuckett

    SOUTH AFRICA: On To Huntershill Safaris For Another Awesome Hunt

    Well on the morning of the 16th of May we left Father and Sons Safaris and went to Umlindi Taxidermy in Cradock to drop off the animals from this hunt then went on to Tarkastad to meet up with Johan Dreyer the General Manager of HHS and to be our PH for the rest of our stay at Huntershill. Well...
  2. Bobpuckett

    SOUTH AFRICA: Back From the East Cape

    Well Folks the wife and I just returned from the Eastern Cape and had an Awesome time. This will be a 2 part report as we spent 5 day Hunting with Father and Sons Safaris and 5 days hunting with Huntershill Safaris Well to...
  3. Bobpuckett

    Crossbow Question

    Okay folks I'm doing another trip to South Africa but going to do it a little different this time. This time I want to carry my Crossbow rather than a rifle as well as my Compound Bow I have a heck of a layover in Doha before flying back to Johannesburg. does anyone know of any special transport...
  4. Bobpuckett

    South Africa’s new visa rules take effect from 1 December – here’s what you need to know

    I have been reading through the new regs and amendments for South Africa's visa rules and was told that it might effect the hunting tourism and requirements for South Africa but I don't see it, maybe one of you can help me out...
  5. Bobpuckett

    SOUTH AFRICA: From Cape Town To The East Cape Huntershill Safaris

    Well it’s our last day in Cape town and we’re doing wine tours of the Cape Town area with some new found friends and as you can see in the picture there is one odd ball drinking a beer as he found out that they carried some of the brews from the local Micro Breweries that taste way better then...
  6. Bobpuckett

    NAMIBIA: Otjandaue Hunting Safaris Hunting Report

    Folks I would like to share my hunt with Roy van der Merwe at Otjandaue Hunting Safaris Namibia It’s been a busy year so I’m running a little late with the report. To start out I would like to say Thanks to Roy and Janet for a wonderful time and making Deb and I feel so welcome. You see in 2010...
  7. Bobpuckett

    §14.81 Marking requirement by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

    Just received this notice Thought I would pass it along to you for future reference §14.81 Marking requirement. Except as otherwise provided in this subpart, no person may import, export, or transport in interstate commerce any container or package containing any fish or wildlife...
  8. Bobpuckett

    Pigs or Exotics Hunting

    Folks I am looking for some information My Son and a few of his fellow military friends will be in the Gulf Port area of Mississippi in Feb doing some military training and are looking for a place they might be able to do some Hog or Exotic game hunting. If anyone has any info or recommendations...
  9. Bobpuckett

    ENGLAND: Our Tour & Hunting Trip In England

    Well folks I'm going to attempt a quick hunting report on what a great time we had in England. To start out I'm going to let you know that this trip was in fact planned for my Wife Deb's Birthday, she had always wanted to go to England and I surprised her and bought tickets for her birthday...
  10. Bobpuckett

    Tipping in Great Britian

    Folks the Wife and I are headed to England this week for her Birthday and some sight seeing then off to hunt Muntjac and CWD, any advice on tipping in Great Britian?
  11. Bobpuckett

    SOUTH AFRICA: Back To The East Cape 2 Outfitters Hunting Report

    Well Deb and I are back in the East Cape once more, as we fly out of Johannesburg headed for East London I look out my window at the mountains of the Eastern Cape I think to myself 17 days of hunting! Man is this going to be fun!!!
  12. Bobpuckett

    Good Year

    Well folks Going to have some hunting reports for you this year I've got a couple different hunts booked for the East Cape going to start out at Huntershill Safaris for a 7 day hunt then leave with our friend Rusty to hit several other Outfitters along the Coast for Blue Duiker and Grysbok and a...
  13. Bobpuckett

    How The New U.S. Rules Will Affect Lion Trophy Importation Into The U.S.

    How The New U.S. Rules Will Affect Lion Trophy Importation Into The U.S. Safari Club International is doing everything possible to help members and all hunters in the face of changing U.S. Government decisions that affect the importation of lion trophies from Africa to the United States. Below...
  14. Bobpuckett

    Brazil Prank

  15. Bobpuckett

    DSC Convention

    Hey Guys and Gals, Deb and I will be staying at Homewood Suites by Hilton Dallas Downtown, TX and we will be working the Huntershill Safaris Booth, if anyone would like to get with us my Cell # is 256-412-1626. Where will you be staying?
  16. Bobpuckett

    Two Rhinos shot at Queenstown reserve

    Two rhinos shot at Queenstown reserve ANOTHER STATISTIC: A rhino killed 10 days ago on a reserve in the mountains near Queenstown TWO more rhinos have been killed on a game reserve on the outskirts of Queenstown over the past two weeks, bringing the death toll in the Eastern Cape to 12...
  17. Bobpuckett

    USA: Alabama Gator Hunt

    Guy not sure were to post this one so here goes. I've never hunted Gators before but it's always been on my list, well I finally fulfilled my dream. Randy and I finally got my gator we seen 20 in 2 days from 2 feet to 6 feet then this big 8 foot female came out Tag Your It. Well folks now for...
  18. Bobpuckett

    Has anyone seen Bob

    Here is the last known Picture.
  19. Bobpuckett

    Varmint Rifle

    Well Guys and Gals for a while now I've been wanting to get a new Varmint Rifle and couldn't make up my mind as to what I really wanted. Been looking at a few from Savage to Ruger and everything in between. Well today the gun auction made up my mind for me as I scored on a CZ 527 in a .223 Cal...
  20. Bobpuckett

    Widdle Wabbits

    This one's for bluey! :rofl:
  21. Bobpuckett

    Getting a Divorce

    An elderly man in Oklahoma calls his son in New York and says, "I hate to ruin your day son, but I have to tell you that your mother and I are getting a divorce; 45 years of marriage... and that much misery is enough!" "Dad, what are you talking about?" the son yells. "We can't stand the sight...
  22. Bobpuckett

    Got to love the Scottish Technology

    Voice recognition lift- eleven - Transcribed | Dotsub
  23. Bobpuckett

    For our friends in upside down land!

    Hey Bluey thinking of you!
  24. Bobpuckett

    They listen to everything but only hear what they want to.

    Seen this one on FB and had to share
  25. Bobpuckett

    How to catch a Croc

    Thought you might enjoy this one.
  26. Bobpuckett


    "WALK NAKED DAY" Don't forget to mark your calendars. As you may already know, it is a sin for a Muslim male to see any woman other than his wife naked and if he does, he must commit suicide. So next Saturday at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time, all American women are asked to walk out of their house...
  27. Bobpuckett

    Fed Employ

    Guys and gals being a Federal employ that may hit the unemployment line in the next day or two I couldn't pass this one up. LMAO as long as there are deer in the hills I'll miss no meals.
  28. Bobpuckett

    Young Cowboy

    A young cowboy sitting in a saloon one Saturday night recognized an elderly man standing at the bar who, in his day, had been the fastest gun in the West. The cowboy took a place next to the old-timer, bought him a drink and told him of his great ambition to be a great shot...
  29. Bobpuckett

    Scope for .375

    Well as some of you know I have just recently bought a Remington 700 in a .375 H&H. I've already made up my mind to use Warne bases and rings. What I would like is some recommendations on blue collar priced scopes for it as I have never owned a .375 before and have no idea what scopes work best...
  30. Bobpuckett

    Scientists Tell U.S.FWS African Lion Is Not Endangered

    Washington, District of Columbia Ottawa, Canada Tucson, Arizona Safari Club International Foundation FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: JUNE 26, 2013 Scientists Tell U.S.FWS African Lion Is Not Endangered Washington, DC Today, experts on the status of the African lion explained to the U.S...
  31. Bobpuckett

    SOUTH AFRICA: Huntershill Safaris 2013 What A Time

    Well once again I would like to start by Thanking Greg, Bruce and all of their staff for a great time and a fantastic hunt and as for my friend and PH Rusty and his beautiful fianc'ee Jami I can't thank them enough for the great time and hospitality that they showed Deb and I. Well the trip...
  32. Bobpuckett


    Now Spike done went and hurt my ittie bittie feelings and said I was a philistine. Spike I want you to know I do enjoy Art and Beauty. :rofl: :beer:
  33. Bobpuckett

    R B Rodda & Co. 4-Bore Double Rifle

    Hi guys just checking for a friend who has just acquired a 1885 R B Rodda & Co. 4-Bore Double Rifle in fare condition and was wondering what it is worth. Does anyone have any Idea?
  34. Bobpuckett

    Zimbabwe Theory of Quantum Mathematics

    I got this from Our good Friend bluey and had to share. A Brief Introduction to the Zimbabwe Theory of Quantum Mathematics Also known as Bobenomics The day is very hot and you are passing the Keg and Sable in Borrowdale, so naturally you go in...
  35. Bobpuckett

    On the count down

    Well we're getting it setup took the day off from work on Thursday to get all the doctors out of the way, Prescriptions taken care of, YF shots done at a cost of $130.00 each and no more appointments untill we return from Africa now just to get on the plane can't hardly wait. With 10 animals on...
  36. Bobpuckett

    Chopper hunting

    Folks seen this video of my friend and PH Rusty on Youtube and wanted to share it with you. It sure looks like Fun.
  37. Bobpuckett

    Deer hunting after the Obama Gun Ban!

    Stoal this one had to share.
  38. Bobpuckett

    Free Beer

  39. Bobpuckett

    Why we shoot deer in the wild:

    (A letter from someone who wants to remain anonymous, who farms, writes well and actually tried this) I had this idea that I could rope a deer, put it in a stall, feed it up on corn for a couple of weeks, then kill it and eat it. The first step in this adventure was getting a deer. I figured...
  40. Bobpuckett

    Ferrari vs Land Cruiser

    Open PDF and scroll through the pages.
  41. Bobpuckett

    The Eagle Has Landed, The Eagle Has Landed!!!!

    Great News Folks! I just got an email from my Customs Broker my trophies landed in Atlanta Ga at 0545 yesterday morning and were cleared for release by 0900hrs this morning, tomorrow "early as I doubt I get much sleep tonight" I'm off to Atlanta to pick them up. for a little breakdown on cost...
  42. Bobpuckett

    The Bob Puckett Safari Hunting Special 2013 at Huntershill Safaris

    Bob Puckett Safari Hunting Special 2013 at Huntershill Safaris I have been batting this idea around for a while so I ran it by Greg and got the green light. I've been wanting to run a special for 2013 and a hunt that was special for me was my first hunt at Huntershill Safaris an action packed...
  43. Bobpuckett

    Huntershill Safaris Sable Hunting Special 2013

    I know a lot of you have seen me posting some of these pics so I'm going to let you know what it's about. Huntershill Safaris Sable Hunting Special 2013 Greg and Bruce has authorized the following package to be booked this hunt is for 2013. To get this amazing offer a 50% deposit must be...
  44. Bobpuckett

    Hunting and Conservation

    I was checking my FB page today when I came across a Picture posted by my friend Rusty of a beautiful Eland taken in Zimbabwe by a gentlemen named Jerry. There were several comments knocking the taking of this Beautiful animal so I quickly added my Post; Me: Congrats to the hunter not only...
  45. Bobpuckett

    Outstanding Leopard hunting package 14,900 USD

    Hi everyone I am listing this for a friend that ask if I would let all my friends know. and if I did not already have my hunt booked for this year I would have already jumped on it. If you are interested just contact Heath his email is at the bottom of the listing and tell him Bob Puckett told...
  46. Bobpuckett

    Drug Dealers Needed

    Ho Lee Schitt
  47. Bobpuckett

    Old Couple

    After nearly 50 years of marriage, a couple was lying in bed one evening, when the wife felt her husband, begin to massage her in ways he hadn't in quite some time. It almost tickled as his fingers started at her neck, and then began moving down past the small of her back. He then caressed her...
  48. Bobpuckett

    Double Rifle

    Hi everyone this weekend I had the pleasure of spending 3 days at the DSC Convention and had a Blast. But what I'm posting about is a Rifle that I seen there that really caught my eye. I have heard several times that the double rifle is the perfect African gun well this weekend I seen what I...
  49. Bobpuckett

    Brain Farts

    A freind of mine sent this to me and I just had to share.
  50. Bobpuckett

    The T.S.A. disclosed the official Airport Screening Results

    October 2012 Statistics On Airport Screening From The Department Of Homeland Security: Terrorists Discovered 0 Transvestites 133 Hernias 1,485 Hemorrhoid Cases 3,172 Enlarged Prostates 8,249 Breast Implants 59,350 Natural Blondes 3 It was also discovered that...