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  1. Countrylife

    Drilling Wells

    This isn't about hunting specifically, but it has come about because of hunting. I've noticed that there are references to drilling wells in Africa so that the tribes can get clean water safely. Most of those seem to be initiated by missionaries that have insufficient funds to do much. I've...
  2. Countrylife

    SPAIN: Ibex Hunt In Spain

    I went to Spain in Dec 2019 to hunt Ibex in the South East part of Spain. This trip was organized by Spiritual Outdoor Adventures with Jimmy Sites (SOA) in conjunction with the outfitter Iberhunting in Spain. I went along as one of the hunters and my wife as an observer. First of all, my ideal...
  3. Countrylife

    Are you prepared?

    There was a thread a little while ago that said something to the effect that since the hunts are so expensive, the hunters will spend the time to be prepared for the Africa hunt. I met someone today that answers this question. He's been talking about his Africa hunt for over a year and he gets...
  4. Countrylife

    Travel to the middle east

    Not a hunt but, I have an opportunity to go to Israel on a tour of the holy land in September. I've started to look at airlines and it looks like I'll have to change planes, and probably airlines somewhere in Europe. I've been told that American Airlines does not play nice with other airlines...
  5. Countrylife

    Hunting in Spain

    I'm going to be hunting in Spain later this year and intend to take my gun with me. I've been sent the paperwork to get the permissions to bring it with me, but have run into a problem. The outfitter is at a show and has acknowledged that he received my question and will have to research it once...
  6. Countrylife

    Rifle Case

    Whenever I have hunted overseas, I've always rented a gun from the outfitter. I'm looking at a hunt in Spain later this year and intend to take my rifle with me this time. Since, my guns have never been far from home I do not have a durable gun case for them. What do y'all recommend for...
  7. Countrylife

    NAMIBIA: Plains Game Hunt Report

    I’m recently back from my first trip to Africa. I’ve posted a few comments in other threads already so you may recognize some of these comments and pictures. I hunted in April at the edge of the Kalahari desert southeast of Windhoek (probably about a 3 hour drive but I really didn’t keep track...
  8. Countrylife

    Trigger adjustments

    I have limited experience on different triggers and adjustments that have been made to them to "improve" them. It seems to me that when hunting in Africa triggers are adjusted so there is no takeup slack and are adjusted to a very light pull. I don't understand the reasoning behind this. I...
  9. Countrylife

    WANTED: Buffalo Hunt In South Africa

    I'm interested in hunting a Cape Buffalo in July 2019, maybe a week earlier or later. My criteria is: - It does not have to be a "trophy", but does have to be a nice mature bull with hard boss. I do not hunt with a measuring tape, but I do intend to have it mounted. - The hunt has to be in...
  10. Countrylife

    NAMIBIA: Back From Africa

    Just got word that my African animals have cleared customs/USDA/and all the other alphabet agencies and are now at the tannery in Houston, Texas. My wife & I went to Namibia to hunt plains game and had an awesome time! We chose to spend some additional time in Maun, Botswana and Vic Falls. It...
  11. Countrylife

    Hunting Uganda

    Does anyone hunt in Uganda? A search of the forum does find one hunt in Uganda, but I don't find much info on hunting Uganda. I've heard they have Cape Buffalo and Nile Buffalo.
  12. Countrylife

    Problem Animals

    It's my understanding that it is not legal to pre-sell a hunt of Problem Animals before there is a problem animal. Am I correct on that? Second, what about going on a plains game hunt, then after the hunt while you're still around doing touristy things, the PH calls you as says the government...
  13. Countrylife

    General observations on Africa

    After experiencing Africa hunting for the first time I thought I'd post some observations I made. Some of these have already been brought out on this forum many times, but until you actually experience Africa you really won't understand why or the significance of what people on here are...
  14. Countrylife


    I've got 3 weeks to go! Time to order foreign currency from the bank. I'm wondering about cash and how much and of what type I should take. I've got a handle on the tips at camp and the VISA for Zimbabwe. I'll be hunting in Namibia and spending two extra days in Windhoek before leaving for...
  15. Countrylife

    Form 4457

    I've talked to 3 different customs locations here in Texas. Basically what I've been told is that I need to come in early on the day I depart to fill in the form 4457. I had one tell me that I don't need a 4457 and that they'd accept my word that I bought my gear in the US and I had another one...
  16. Countrylife

    Hunting in Russia

    There are very few posts on here about hunting in Russia and the few that are here are not very encouraging. The bears seem to be really nice animals, but the hunt itself typically did not go well. Has anyone been on a bear hunt in Russia (either Siberia or Kamchatka) that enjoyed the hunt? If...
  17. Countrylife

    Security? on the internet

    I'm in the process of doing all the paperwork for my upcoming hunt and have been asked for things like passport, driver's license, social security number, etc. All of which serves to identify me personally. I understand why this is needed and I don't mind giving it to the intended recipient. My...
  18. Countrylife

    Hepatitis B Vaccination

    I've read the CDC site for the countries I'll be visiting and have the recommended vaccinations including one that's not needed, but since I'll be very very close to the border where it is needed I went ahead and got the extra vaccination. But, what about Hep-B the only reason to get it is if...
  19. Countrylife

    Luggage Security

    There's been some threads on lost luggage, but what about the luggage itself. Has anyone had any trouble with theft from checked luggage, and what concerns me the most is stuff added to your luggage by the handlers. Most luggage now a days is zippered soft sided. I've seen videos of how easy it...
  20. Countrylife

    What's in Doha?

    I will be going thru Doha (with my wife) for a hunt in Namibia in April 2018. It's looking like we will be there 2 days and 3 nights, so my question is: What is there to do in Doha for 2 days?
  21. Countrylife

    NEW ZEALAND: Has Anyone Hunted With 9 Yards Safaris?

    9 yards safaris appears to be near Wellington on the North Island. I have received some favorable comments from other sources, but I'd like to know your thoughts. I'll be after red stag some where around the 360 range and maybe some others.
  22. Countrylife

    After the shot?

    After the animal is shot, what actually happens until it is shipped home? My understanding is the following: - if it's small enough (e.g. antelope), it's taken back to camp to be skinned and salted. If to big (e.g. elephant), it's skinned in the field, taken back to camp and salted. Some of the...
  23. Countrylife

    Tours after the hunt

    We're looking at hunting in Namibia and after the hunt do some touring which will require crossing borders. Probably spend as much as a week touring - Victoria falls, Etosha national park, Okavango delta in Botswana, etc. What do you do with your rifle while touring? Is there some place it can...
  24. Countrylife

    Yellow Fever

    After talking with our doctor and explaining where we plan to go, he says we should get the YF vaccination. So, the CDC website says that the doctors office and the pharmacies have the yellow international vaccination card. However, the nurses don't even know what it is, the pharmacies don't...
  25. Countrylife

    New outfitter?

    Most of the comments on here suggest using an established outfitter. What about an experienced PH that is establishing his own outfit? Here's the website: They were at the DSC 2017 and they seem to know what they're doing, but I don't - so, I'm not sure what to think. They...
  26. Countrylife

    What to hunt?

    I've never been to Africa (yet). I'm hoping to go in 2018 and looking to get: Elephant, Buffalo, Sable, Kudu, Impala, Warthog. The first 2 are causing me to wonder if I'm biting off more than I can chew. First, I want to ignore the cost for now, I have an agent working on that and we'll see if...
  27. Countrylife


    I'm from East Texas, the Piney Woods area more specifically. I've done some hunting in both Texas and Florida and none overseas. My wife and I are retired now and am looking into a trip to Africa. I've always thought going after Elephant and buffalo would be exciting and it looks like we now...