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  1. Marcus bock

    SOUTH AFRICA: Limcroma Safaris Or Somerby Safaris

    I need help deciding who to go with for hunting sable in 2020. Both Limcroma and Somerby seem to be excellent organizations and are priced comparably. I work in April and May yearly in the Limpopo area of South Africa, so either one of these two outfits are located nicely. Any thoughts...
  2. Marcus bock

    SOUTH AFRICA: Does Anyone Have Experience Hunting With Wild Africa Hunting Safaris?

    Anyone have experience hunting with "Wild Africa Hunting Safaris?" Looks like decent accommodations and pricing on-line. Limpopo province. Thx
  3. Marcus bock

    Volunteering on wildlife reserves and with wildlife veterinarians in Africa

    Volunteering in different countries in Africa is a tremendous opportunity for hands-on work with wildlife. My wife and I volunteering yearly for two months on different projects (as well as hunt 1 week). We work with everything from capturing lions, cheetah, rhinos, giraffe, etc, to caring for...
  4. Marcus bock

    Privileged to be involved with African Wildlife

    Great to be on board with Africa hunting. I've lived and worked for many years in different parts of Africa. This year was the first year I went on an official hunt and loved it. My wife and I continue to volunteer annually on game reserves and with wildlife veterinarians in Africa. It's...