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  1. BrianTX

    Free Range Buffalo Hunt Zimbabwe

    I’m definitely passing this on to a certain someone in the morning!
  2. BrianTX

    2020 and beyond

    Who are you hunting with in Kamchatka? I fell down that rabbit hole recently and have seen mixed things in recent years about quality of trophies and outfitters.
  3. BrianTX

    Drillbit's Trophy Room Build

    We’re waaaiiitiiiing [emoji23]
  4. BrianTX

    Small Game Skulls

    I like that, where did you get it?
  5. BrianTX

    Small Game Skulls

    I was just curious if anyone had ideas or suggestions for displaying smaller game skulls. The more time I spend going down the rabbit hole, euro mounts just work better for me (with a few exceptions... looking at you life-size hyena). However, several tiny shields for several smaller species...
  6. Kudu,  Impala & Eland European Skull Mount

    Kudu, Impala & Eland European Skull Mount

  7. BrianTX

    Longest Year Ever

    Finally arrived home from Zim after a long year! This was hopefully the first of many trips... I’m going to need more room.
  8. BrianTX

    All Inclusive 7 Day Sable & Kudu Hunt US$5,000

    Annnnd messaged you
  9. BrianTX

    Texas Pronghorn Hunt

    If I wasn’t out of town for the birthday festivities, it would be all ‘Amarillo by morning’! It’s only a 6hr drive haha
  10. BrianTX

    KMG Hunting Safaris 2018 Season...

    Very nice!! Can’t wait to get out there!
  11. BrianTX

    ZIMBABWE: Mbalabala Safaris End Of Season Hunt Report Zimbabwe 2017

    The best trip I've ever been on, looking forward to the next... And being in more of those pictures!