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    Big Bore Rifles, How Much Do you Actually Shoot Them?

    Since my much anticipated africa hunt was cancelled (twice), like many other contributors of this wonderful site. I've been using using my . 375 for coyote, groundhogs, 1 crow and will be utilized for doe season and hog hunts in fl and Louisiana to stay in real world shooting shape
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    United EWR-JNB

    i concur, american airlines consistently cause grief.
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    Gun cleaning behind all copper ammo

    i have a pet rifle that uses barnes exclusively. All i use is the above mentioned bore tech eliminator. Great product. I try to clean after a significant shooting session +/- 20 rounds. Very easy to use.
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    Bobcat nose

    Beautiful job
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    Hornady ELD-X

    I've used rather extensively in my .260. No complaints, very accurate, no ridiculous meat destruction. Longest kill shot was 420 yards (whitetail deer) went around 25 yards after impact. Have shot to 650 on paper but past my comfort zone for hunting
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    .270 vs 7*57 Which is the best???

    i use both regularly. Both are fantastic do-all cartridges. i do seem to find my hand full of the 7x57 more often though.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: My PH/Guide/Tracker Was Not Human

    Excellent report sir. Keep it coming
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    riflepermits - Quick & Easy Arrival With Your Firearm In South Africa

    Henry and his staff were amazing my last trip to s.a. was met as soon as I stepped off plane, breezed thru customs in minutes. The greeter had someone run up the carousel to retrieve my bag and gun and then to saps. Whole encounter was quick and professional.
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    Looking for: What do you think?

    shit, sorry. Just figured out "B" option. I 3rd it
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    Looking for: What do you think?

    2nd or 3rd the swift option, ( cant really tell my place in line)
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    Von Gruff Knives

    Simply awesome
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    Probability of hunting in 21

    @TRAVEL EXPRESS are a top notch outfit. I have used them previously but this year Lori seamlessly arranged my travel (before covid), then arranged full refund. Both were just a few emails. Highly recommend them.
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    Probability of hunting in 21

    I am in regular contact with friends/ph's in s.a. and Mozambique, I do agree with their sentiments (south africa) that they can not endure another lost tourism and/or hunt season and will be opening asap regardless of statistics, they feel they they simply can't afford to
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    Red Dot Optics for DGR

    i literally was going to ask this same question today. looking forward to the responses
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    Qatar Airlines experience

    flew with qatar to johannesburg in 2016. excellent flight and service. no issues with firearms.
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    What have you been doing since you can’t go on Safari?

    Considering I should be in limpopo as I write this, sobbing lightly into my mandatory mask and planning next years hunt. 12 more short months away
  17. White Rhino South Africa

    White Rhino South Africa

    Female attacking a tree that had some bird in it that was too close to newborn calf
  18. Sunset Limpopo Province South Africa

    Sunset Limpopo Province South Africa

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    Once In A Lifetime Pictures

    Female attacking a tree that had some bird in it that was too close to newborn calf
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    Once In A Lifetime Pictures

    Limpopo province
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    Trijicon Accupoint

    I have one on a customized Remington 35 Whelen pump. Fantastic glass, love it. My meat-maker
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    Survey : Your Favorite Factory Loaded Ammunition

    when i do use factory loads: federal premium partitions. federal premium sledgehammer solids.
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    Thank You Lori

    Very good to hear. They really are a great organization.
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    Rigby Highland Stalker 9.3x62 For Sale

    Dr. Ray, I now have a new philosophy of life due to that simple message, thank you lol
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    DIY Lichtenstein Hartebeest

    Very nice job sir
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    Pole Barn Trophy Room

    i utilized one large window and a small window but the french doors and entry doors have internal blinds. The location is have is a beautiful spot surrounded by pond, creek, fruit trees and food plots, yes alterior motives are at hand. We think alike as also i have 2 large sets of LED track...
  27. Trophy Room

    Trophy Room

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    Pole Barn Trophy Room

    You really have some beautiful mounts there and a great setup. Amazing
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    Pole Barn Trophy Room

    Holy s%$t, thats a heavenly place
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    Pole Barn Trophy Room

    Thats what i did as well as my rough carpentry skills are horrific. And its no problem as i have been asking the same questions for about 2 years now myself. Im happy to help any way i can.
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    Pole Barn Trophy Room

    just an after thought but the only downside ive seen to the mini splits that i have is they have a fine screen filter on top of the unit. The one in the picture needs cleaned weekly which involves a ladder, but as i mentioned is still under construction. the other one is away from the...
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    Pole Barn Trophy Room

    Pardon the mess but you can get an idea of the mini split setup as well as the construction alternative to the pole barn. The other one is sort of at the other end of the build blowing 90 into
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    Pole Barn Trophy Room

    they work very well. i keep both on economy setting of 73 degrees and maintains around a $22 dollar a month power bill. It'll go up this summer with entertaining etc but im very impressed. Ill get the exact unit specs this evening when im home. I did install a 60 inch ceiling fan which fan helps.
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    Pole Barn Trophy Room

    i second the mini split units, i had 2 installed as well. Great efficient creations.
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    Pole Barn Trophy Room

    currently putting finishing touches on my showroom/trophy room. Here in wv i priced a basic metal pole barn structure with a concrete slab. After the additional inner framing and other tweaking ( a lot of options are lacking here) it was ultimately cheaper here to go with block and framing...
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    Hi from South Africa

    welcome sir
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    Are we missing out on the true African experience by blind hunting only

    As much as possible i try to incorporate every method possible. The last trip to the limpopo area we spent the heat of the day watching waterholes then back out on foot. Great time.
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    Which is the best game meat?

    I love this conversation, tomorrow is froglegs and duck breast, Saturday is bear, Sunday is fried fish, Louisiana redfish, Monday who knows.
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    Which is the best game meat?

    Wild florida horse greasy but good if taken in winter months
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    Which is the best game meat?

    Mr redleg with my side gig as a African taxidermist I've had some interesting conversations with my better half, we cooked a 20 qt pot of gar gravy, fried catfish last Saturday for our friends here. I can only hope distinguished individuals like yourself and Mr peacock come to visit so opinions...
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    Which is the best game meat?

    Zebra, barely legal elk, any moose, currently cooking a young wild turkey (to perfection i might add). We rarely buy any meat from store. My wife and her family are barely English speaking Cajuns from atchafalaya swamp. Every mammal good if cooked right, unfortunately
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    Ballistic Tips

    i used .270 140 gr nosler ballistic tips extensively when i lived on a plantation in georgia in the late 90's mostly to cull does. Most shots were longer range and in the upper cervical/ throat patch region to conserve meat. Devastating results, but i prefer a more predictiable outcome for...
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    .22 hornet vs .17 hmr

    A .22 hornet with Barnes tsx reloads lives in my truck. Has accounted for countless hogs from when I lived in Florida and Georgia as well as coyote, bobcat, deer, various varmints, etc. Never any issues but as always proper bullet placement.
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    Delta Update

    Sorry I've been covered up at work and farm.. I was checking the flight status weekly from delta site but it looks like you found out the bad news.
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    Delta Update

    Delta just canceled my July 23 flight to joberg. All August and September flights still scheduled
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    Obsessed With Ruger Rifles Especially #1s

    My favorite firearms. I've acquired several with my go-to being the 7x57 as well as a dedicated customized no 1 in .260 with suppressor
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    Ever OK to shoot from a truck?

    Yes, it is rather sporting watching your ph hold your drink his drink and try to plug his ears simultaneously
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    Hello from a new member

    welcome sir, you wont regret.
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    Survey: Your Favorite. 30 Caliber

    .300 Winchester mag. 180 great barnes tsx or ttsx.
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    Canada moose hunt recommendations

    Back to original spirit of your request Texas gator. I personally have not moose hunted the provinces on your list but one of my customers have done very well in southern Alberta. All farmland and woodlots with mule deer available as well. It may take a bit but I'll try to find the outfitter he...