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    Rifle for Long Length of Pull

    Would like to see what experience individuals with a long length of pull prefer for rifles. I have a very long length of pull at over 16.5". A standard length of pull for American sporting rifle off sticks isn't the most comfortable to have a repeatable set up all the time. Have been looking...
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    Bluing and Glare

    I am doing a PG hunt in 2020 and will be my first trip to Africa. For some reason, I feel like a wood rifle is what I should take. Was thinking about a Weatherby Deluxe in 340 Wby. My one concern is around the fact that it is not a matte finish but a gloss blue on metal and gloss wood finish...
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    Muzzle Brake Use

    I did a search and didn’t see anything pop up so if this has been discussed previously, let me know. In regards to rifles for Africa, what is the acceptance of muzzle breaks for use when hunting? I know this can be a preference item and guides here in the states have varying opinions as well.
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    Sauer 404

    I was out this weekend looking at a R8. They showed me a Sauer 404 as well. Until that time, I have never handled one or even considered one. There are a lot of things I like about the rifle but don't know anyone who has owned one and reviews on the web are minimal. Does anyone have any in...