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  1. Alexandro Faria

    30-06 AI and the 300 Winnie

    So this is a pretty specific scenario: I have a build in mind, but I need some guidance on the details: Specifics: Bolt gun, detachable magazine, 23-24" barrel, suppressor Desired projectiles and velocities: 1) 210-220gr mono (hunting) 2800ft/s 2) 155gr tmk or similar (training and messing...
  2. Alexandro Faria

    Eating Wild P1

    Hi guys and gals, Its been a while, but we've been doing a few cool things that will be featured in the next few pieces, so no loss! Just a quick bit on eating game- a beginners guide, if you will. Hope you enjoy it! Eating Wild- Introducing Venison to Your Diet, Part 1 (Bringing home the...
  3. Alexandro Faria

    Social Media Links

    Hi guys, I'm looking to connect with members on social media- Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn- and I was wondering if it's within forum rules to share those links on the forum?
  4. Alexandro Faria

    The Importance Of Children

    Hi all, Please excuse my tardiness- things have been manic this side. So last week's article was an interesting experience: I'm not overly happy with it, but I felt it time to start changing up the tone as not to have the same predicable air. It's going to take some practice, however, as I have...
  5. Alexandro Faria

    The Value Of Female Hunters

    Hi guys and gals, This week I have the pleasure of writing on a topic I really feel strongly about- it was recently national Woman's Day here in RSA and I want to do something to commemorate that with everything that's been going on lately. I hope you all enjoy it. As always, please feel free...
  6. Alexandro Faria

    Canvas Is King

    Hi guys, New one, for your enjoyment. Some beautiful spots here. Forgot just how amazing some of these places are- was actually nice going through all the old shots. Canvas Is King- A Look At Modern Day Camping Options (One of the reasons we camp- Segal Rieger) A quick disclaimer before I...
  7. Alexandro Faria

    So You Think You Want To Start Fishing

    Hi guys, this week's article, for your enjoyment. So you think you want to starting fishing Off the bat, let me just acknowledge that starting something new is seldom easy and there’s a decent amount of bravery and humility needed to do so properly. Forcing yourself out of your comfort zone...
  8. Alexandro Faria

    The "Why" Of Hunting

    This week's article- an introduction to hunting, just to open up the discussion for further topics. The ethics of hunting- looking past the obvious If you’ve been a hunter for any reasonable length of time, you’ve likely gotten the “If you like animals so much, why do you kill them?”...
  9. Alexandro Faria

    Camping For beginners

    So I wrote a (meant to be) short article on tips for the weekend camper and I thought I would share it with you guys. I'm really enjoying this process and I would obviously appreciate any comments or criticism you guys may have- I don't take stuff personally. Weekend Warrior- what you’re gonna...
  10. Alexandro Faria

    Local Products

    Hi guys, I'm looking for suggestions and recommendations and you guys (and gals) are the perfect people to ask. The policies and legislation passed have wreaked havoc on the economy here in South Africa and the worst hit have been SMMEs. I'm looking to do what I can to help these businesses so...
  11. Alexandro Faria

    Barnes LRX

    Morning all, Someone mentioned the Barnes LRX range on another thread in the forum and it got me interested: Does anyone on the forum use them and if so, what are your experiences thus far? TIA
  12. Alexandro Faria

    Super Nova

    Ladies and gents, I have the option to add a pump action to my arsenal. I already have a 20 gauge sp1 for clays and "formal" shoots. This will be a utility firearm- waterfowl, pigs, pigeons and the odd hare/guineafowl. I need help on barrel length: 26 or 28"??? I doubt it'll make a huge...
  13. Alexandro Faria

    Monos vs Bonded

    It could be that I suck at searching for stuff using google, but I do know we have some outstanding ballisticians on the group, so I would like to put it to you guys: A mate of mine has a 7mm rem mag that's currently loaded with 160gr accubonds. The formula works great as is, but I noticed...
  14. Alexandro Faria

    Kreighoff Semprio

    Thought you guys might enjoy this- would make an amazing bushveld (and pig) FA here in SA. Anyone shooting one of these or a Remington 7600? Look like great fun.
  15. Alexandro Faria

    Why Elephant?

    **Before I get into it: I am not against hunting elephant- at all- nor am I against the hunting of any game creature walking this planet. This is simply a question behind subjective motivation or appeal. I'm interested to hear from those of you who have or plan to hunt ellies: what's the...
  16. Alexandro Faria

    Light for caliber Projectiles

    I was going through my list of local projectile manufacturers and I noticed some quite 'reasonable' weights in the big bore category. Specifically, I see Impala make a 240gr .416 and a 270gr .458 projectile. I'm aware that barnes make some pretty good 300gr .458 projectiles too. With...
  17. Alexandro Faria

    Carp/Yellowfish angling

    Hi guys, Something for the South Africans and any of you who may find yourself in Joburg at some point. With everything that's been going on lately, I've decided to offer something small that may make things a little easier for some- my way of giving back to the hunting community in general...
  18. Alexandro Faria

    Work Advice - Where Next?

    As usual, I'm in need of some advice from those more experienced and successful than myself, if I may. With my current studies coming to an end, I need to start considering "where next". With the current political climate in RSA, I don't see a future in my home country and thus, I need to look...
  19. Alexandro Faria

    The Spoils of war!

    So our freezer is packet and the droewors is hanging in the garage. Ended up soaking the liver in milk and mead for 2 days and it was OUTSTANDING. Best liver I've had. For your enjoyment (jealousy too)- cheers.
  20. Alexandro Faria

    7mm-08 a not so hidden gem

    A while back, I was chatting to a mate of mine about 308-derived cartridges and the topic ended on the little and obscure (at least in RSA) 7mm-08. Obviously the 243 win and the 260 were discussed to some extent, but with the proven track record associated with the 243 and the various 6.5's...
  21. Alexandro Faria

    SOUTH AFRICA: A Lady's First

    I'm incredibly proud and I thought I would share: 2 days ago, we were invited to go take part in a small cull in Pretoria far east. Initially it was just going to be myself, but after Stellie showed some interest in coming along, calls were made and plans were formed. We arrived at the farm on...
  22. Alexandro Faria

    Martini Henry

    Hi guys, So I came across a MH in 303 that I'm pretty interested in from the perspective of "Oooo, that looks nice perspective". After some reading, I see that the actions themselves don't have a reputation for being overly accurate- is this verifiable or was I looking in the wrong spot? I...
  23. Alexandro Faria

    Military rounds

    Hey guys, Going through a few things regarding legislation and I see a few African countries (European countries too) don't allow firearms chambered in military calibers. I've read somewhere that France now allows the 30-06, does that mean that the 30-06 is still considered a military round...
  24. Alexandro Faria

    Sierra Tipped Match Kings

    Straight from their website: "Tipped a synthetic tip integrated into the bullet design to improve ballistic coefficient(BC) /aerodynamics and providing expansion characteristics. Used in the MatchKing (TMK) line providing uniform expansion to allow the bullets to be used in varmint hunting and...
  25. Alexandro Faria

    .224 viability as more than just a vermin cartridge

    First, I know this has been discussed to death, I'm sorry to do this to all in question. Been reading up about the swift scirocco and speer gold dot 75gr projectiles and I like what I see, but I'm honestly not an expert on these things and I need advice. I would like it to be used on...
  26. Alexandro Faria

    RSA meet up

    The DSC meet up got me a little jealous and as a result got me thinking: Are there any saffas that would be interested in a group hunt or shoot? Personally thought a shoot would be easier to organise, but open to any suggestions if anyone is interested. Would be nice to meet the AH members and...
  27. Alexandro Faria

    AR15 Mags

    Hi guys, So I'm broke, but dreams are free so here it goes: I'm currently reading up about various AR's (late to the game- I know) due to the local PRS league adopting gas guns into their competitions. Ideally I would LOVE a 243 on an AR10 platform, but it's just not viable at this point as I...
  28. Alexandro Faria


    Hey guys, I know we're all hunters here, but I also know many of us are avid photographers too! That in mind, do any of you guys add a few days to your trip to get some photography in?? TIA, I know it's a bit of an odd question...
  29. Alexandro Faria

    Suspected Scam

    Hi all, Straight to it, there is a guy on Facebook by the name of Kobus Wild that's advertising hunts at **outstanding** rates. I'm making no accusations, but the suspicion among the locals is that it's a scam. He claims to be working out of Thabazimbi, issue being that he can't provide an...
  30. Alexandro Faria

    Hunting in Portugal

    Hey all, Recently got my Portuguese citizenship and I was wondering how the hunting regs in EU work? If anyone is willing to give some information, it would be greatly appreciated!
  31. Alexandro Faria

    Ballistic Tip target projectiles for varminting

    Spoke to a guy a while back about projectiles for varminting and he recons the best results he gets (ITO explosive expansion) are with ballistic tip match projectiles. Has anyone else had this experience? I'm talking strictly vermin up to pigs, no big game species. The logic kinda makes sense...
  32. Alexandro Faria

    Shooting basics

    Hey ladies and gents, I'm currently busy trying to teach the gf to shoot properly with hunting rifles and calibers (bigger than the various 22's she's used to) at extended hunting ranges (up to 250m, not really extended) and it turns out I've forgotten how to bloody shoot a rifle. I'd blame...
  33. Alexandro Faria

    Resurrecting the 270 Win

    So the following is just for interest sake and I want to hear what everyone has to say on the matter: So everyone raves about the various 6.5mm's, I completely get why, to be honest. I'm also well aware that the BCs of most .277 bullets are rather mediocre and the slow twist barrels associated...
  34. Alexandro Faria

    Best work rifle option?

    So the SO is in the market for work rifle and we've got it down to two contenders: A zastava m70, brand new, or a remington BDL, both in 308 win. Requirements: A tool that is accurate and one that can be used and abused (not intentionally, but s### happens. Preferably synthetic and capable of a...
  35. Alexandro Faria

    Huglu 103DE

    Thoughts on the shottie in question? I've been reading about them and its seems to be a "love or hate" kinda FA...
  36. Alexandro Faria

    Need help with pricing

    Hey gents, So I need some advice from those who know more than I do (not saying much...): I'm helping a mate with pricing her Lanber and I have no idea what a fair price would be. It's a sporter edition with 29" fixed barrels (Cylinder and Modified). In perfect working order, but well used...
  37. Alexandro Faria

    Sporter choice

    Hoping to get some advice from those in the know: I have a 525 sporting that just isn't working for me. I shoot fine (about 80%) but the more I shoot it, the more I find about it that I don;t particularly like. I thought I was a fan of the large swell, but I'm not sure any more and the fact...
  38. Alexandro Faria

    Rustic Hunting

    Hey Ladies and Gents, As a local South African, I'm pretty sick and tired of small hunting farms with ridiculous rules, over affinity for "bakkie hunting" and hidden costs. I'm looking for a rustic farm, the less there is, the better. I have a whole camping set up, as well as a set up for...
  39. Alexandro Faria

    Iron Sights

    Ladies and gents, Need some advice on what Iron Sights are best for bushveld use: Max distance: 120m, most shots at around 80m. Biggest game in question will be eland, but mostly wildebeest and impala. Anyone with suggestions?? TIA!
  40. Alexandro Faria

    308 Load suggestions suggestions

    Hello all, So against the flow of play I have found a 308 ruger scout that I'm sure will make for a great truck/work rifle along with the pump. I'm looking to load it with 125 Speer TNT's for most of the work uses, but I'm looking for a heavier, general use projectile as well in the 160-180gr...
  41. Alexandro Faria

    Varmint bullets

    Hey all, question to the varminters: I need a relatively high bc projectile that's going to disintegrate/explode on contact... Is there such a thing? The FA in question is a 6mm and the use is for vermin and culling (head/neck shots only). Need to reduce ricochet as much as possible as well as...
  42. Alexandro Faria

    300 Weatherby

    So, life has thrown a spanner in the works, as it usually does. Just came by a 300 weatherby at a great price and I'm heavily tempted. It's a beautiful thing and I feel it could be made to work pretty well for my needs. I wanted to hear from you all, are the mark V actions reliable?? I'm a...
  43. Alexandro Faria

    340 Weatherby

    Anyone have any experience with this beast of a cartridge? I'm looking for a backpack/mountain rifle and the 340 seems awfully appealing, the biggest issue I have is that I have no experience with cartridge and I would like to hear from those in the know... TIA!
  44. Alexandro Faria

    Arsenal gaps

    So, I need the opinion of those in the know, please: I have the 375 for hunting, I'm very happy with her and I have found no need to add anything else to the hunting arsenal in that sense. I've recently started taking our farming seriously and I'm having issues with monkeys and birds in...
  45. Alexandro Faria

    Firearm self-justification (help)

    So I've been stewing over matching cartridges to application and I can't seem to find a justification for a .308 caliber like a 300 win mag (for my applications). Below is my list, please help me find a niche! I hunt in Southern Africa and will be heading to New Zealand, just to give you an...
  46. Alexandro Faria

    Wanted 20 Gauge 3" Shells

    Any South Africans know where I can get 20 gauge magnum ammo? I'm looking for 32gr in 5's or 4's for use on guineas... TIA
  47. Alexandro Faria

    What jackets do you suggest to hunt in the cold?

    Hi guys, For those of you who hunt in very cold, what jackets do you suggest? Spending time in Canada this Christmas and I'm looking to purchase 1 good quality jacket...
  48. Alexandro Faria

    20 Gauge O/U Search In RSA

    To any Saffas members, I'm in search of a 20 gauge OU, please let me know if any of you have one for sale or if you know of one for sale? TIA
  49. Alexandro Faria

    Browning GTS Special

    So I posted something similar to Shotgunworld and no help, so I'm hoping you lot are a little more clued up (I have no doubt)... I currently shoot with a 525 sporting, which I love, but I had a look at a GTS special the other day and lets just say I have buyer's remorse :P No palm swell, good...
  50. Alexandro Faria

    Ammunition availability New Zealand

    Hi all, My SO and I are looking to move to New Zealand in the near future and I wanted to know a little about ammo availability for the FA I'm taking with me: 1) 7x64 2) .308 Norma 3) .338 WM 4) .375 H&H I see ammo isn't cheap in general, but I want to know if I can find anything for the above...