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  1. John Telford

    458 socom for charging cats?

    So I found myself in a Texas gun shop yesterday that had a big sign out front reading “ build your own AR...” . Since there were no classic rifles for me to fondle In this small but very interesting shop I got thinking about what ARI would build if it were legal to carry one as a PH back up? The...
  2. John Telford

    The humble 308 Win still a classic Bushveld caliber

    Their was a time in South Africa where hunters and shooters generally chose from 4 calibers if you were looking for a new rifle ie 3006 ,308 , 270, 243. Most hand me down rifles were usually.303 Brit or 7x57 mauser. Few hunters had a .375 in the safe. During the last 20 years Or so many new...
  3. John Telford

    Hello from Botswana and South Africa

    Like many other members on this forum I have been reading the posts on this site for many years and somehow feel that I already know many of you! I’m a collector of classic rifles, part time PH and Off road racing driver having done the Botswana 1000 km race a few times. Hunting is really a...