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  1. Brit Mike

    Brass Shotgun Hulls
  2. Brit Mike

    Brass Shotgun Hulls

    Kynamco in the UK has them. (I know as I work there lol)
  3. Brit Mike

    Nosler Ballistic Silver Tips, anyone use these on a regular basis?? 308w etc

    To answer the OP, I use 168grs Nosler Ballistic Silver Tips in my .308win to shoot deer in the UK. I routinely shoot deer which range from muntjac to red deer and the bullets have always behaved as expected.
  4. Brit Mike

    Good afternoon

    Hi there, just found this forum and been reading the reloading section with great interest! I'm a keen reloader and in fact it forms part of my current career! Having no experience of hunting in Africa I hope to be able to ask a few questions regarding loads for Dangerous game loads..... My...