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  1. flatwater bill

    The Girlfriend

    My nephew Brandon sends me a joke every week. This was the most popular at last week's high roller elk camp: (apologies before hand, never before, etc.................) How do you know your girl friend's getting too fat? She's starting to fit into your wife's clothes:giggle:................FWB
  2. flatwater bill

    20 gauge Slug

    I have tested many 20 ga slugs lately. This is my favorite. Advertised at 1600 fps.........FWB
  3. flatwater bill

    Bore Scope recommendations

    I have been using a bore scope on my rifles for the last 3 years. It has improved my cleaning methods, and shown me why some of my rifles simply don't shoot well. The problem is, the scope is not mine. The friend that owns it is happy to share, but it is inconvenient and I want to buy one. His...
  4. flatwater bill

    Covid-19 Updates 2

    At 97 pages, the last thread is too cumbersome to peruse, so here is an interesting piece of data on Covid 19: The CDC says 80.6% of deaths are in people age 65 or older. World Population Watch says only 16.03 % of the USA is 65 or older (much less in some countries) So....................16% of...
  5. flatwater bill

    CARES aid for Africa

    The Corona Virus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES) from the USA includes about $11 billion for three African NGO's. 1. African Development Fund (ADF) $514 million, 2. International Development Assoc (IDA) $3+ billion, and 3. African Development Bank (ADB) $7 + billion. It is...
  6. flatwater bill

    .45 ACP recommendations

    I still have not gotten around to buying a handgun. Ready now. I want a reasonably light .45 ACP and would appreciate any advice. I am a rifle-shotgun guy, not much pistol experience. Thinking ease of carry, probably single stack magazine, maybe shoot 45 super at times? Some of this was covered...
  7. flatwater bill

    Travel Warning

    This isn't a political forum. I recognize that. But politics influence hunting and travel. This is a common time for African Hunt Operators to be in the USA for trade shows and exhibitions. Please take care this week. If the impeachment trial does not end in favor of democrats, I fear rioting...
  8. flatwater bill

    Rains Down in Africa

    Can someone give us an update on rainfall in Namibia? It is very difficult for me to find this on the net. Yet, like phases of the Moon, useful data when planning a hunt. Getting weather forcasts: easy...getting weather summaries......anywhere..... difficult. Hoping that the deserts are blooming...
  9. flatwater bill

    Wildlife import violations

    FWIW: On YouTube there is a posted video entitled "don't talk to cops, part 1". It is presented by law professor James Duane, and it is 27 min and 25 secs long. It is also quite old, at 11 years. But he talks about The Lacey Act for one minute, beginning at about run time 6:05 or so. It is well...
  10. flatwater bill

    Cost of dip and ship

    My four trophy skins and skulls have arrived in the USA. Portland, Oregon. I post this so new hunters, or those returning after a long absence, can better plan costs. Namibia: One eland, skull, horns and cape South Africa: one Nyala and one impala S, H and C. Plus one zebra flat skin, no head or...
  11. flatwater bill

    NAMIBIA: Elandpro Safaris

    The Poor Man's Lord Derby Eland hunt:
  12. flatwater bill

    SOUTH AFRICA: Tsala Hunting Safaris

    For our anniversary this year, we returned to Africa. A few days in RSA, then by train from Pretoria to Vic Falls, and on through The Caprivi to Namibia. We spent a bit of time in RSA, Zim, Botswana, and of course Namibia, returning for home from Windhoek. We began in April and came home to the...
  13. flatwater bill

    The Democratic Socialists of America

    This is a website about hunting, not politics. But politics and hunting are intertwined; from the setting of hunting seasons and issuance of licenses, to the importing of trophies, and international laws that form CITES and The Lacey act. Politics stopped hunting in Kenya and India, and in so...
  14. flatwater bill

    NAMIBIA: Has Anyone Hunted With Namibia Safari Corporation?

    Has anyone hunted with Namibia Safari Corporation? I did a search on AH and did't find much. Met them at the Western Outdoor Expo in Salt Lake City, and was impressed. But would like to hear something more, if anyone has hunted with them please give me a sentence or two......thanks.........FW Bill
  15. flatwater bill

    Questions and Inquiries....where to ask?

    I see a lot of questions about PH's listed in "Deals and Offers"........has anybody hunted with Slipshod Safaris?? I see some posted in "Hunt Reports"....has anyone hunted with Stiffsem Hunting Adventures? examples. Where do these questions belong?? Or should there be a separate and new...
  16. flatwater bill

    5 R rifling

    Any shooters with extensive experience with 5 R rifling? Are such barrels easier to clean? A lot? Are they more accurate? If so, I expect that the 1000 yard boys are all over this rifling technique. Any other pros or cons? My thanks...........................FWB
  17. flatwater bill

    Dick's Sporting Goods Update

    Earlier, this website's forums ran articles critical of Dick's Sporting Goods for their decision to limit firearms sales, both type and by age. They were perceived by AH members as non supportive of the shooting sports. Last week Reuters and Baltimore Business Journal ran articles about Dick's...
  18. flatwater bill

    8X68s revisited

    The last rifle I will build in my lifetime. I have shot several oryx with a borrowed 8X68 and Speer 200 grainers. What a hammer. Gert's thread got me started. Anyone with experience have length problems with this cartridge in a standard model 98?......................................Flatwater
  19. flatwater bill

    Advice on 416 scope

    Appreciate any thoughts on what scope some of you like best for my application: Bolt action .416 Rigby, short to medium range, dangerous game. Hopefully some buff hunters can comment on reticle......thanks.............FW Bill
  20. flatwater bill

    Hunting at National Wildlife Refuges

    On May 17, Secretary Zinke proposed expansion of hunting opportunities on 30 USNWR's. Many of you may be unaware that hunting opportunities had gradually eroded....especially under Pres Clinton. For example: hunting was severely curtailed on two of my favorite NWR, without the required public...
  21. flatwater bill

    The Royal Wedding

    Whoa.............jump back.....the menu at the luncheon included smoked salmon, grilled fish, lightly bound chicken (?) and Cumbrian Ham. Not just veggies? Lots of pics of the beautiful bride, but also of the crowd. Faces stuffed with tasty treats, hoping no one really had to hunt or kill any of...
  22. flatwater bill

    10mm Buffalo

    I just read an interesting article on hand gun hunting in the magazine "Sporting Classics". The author did a hunt report on his taking of a large cape buff bull with a 10mm semi auto handgun, 5 inch barrel. Bullet was 200 grain double Tap, muzzle energy listed as 750 ft pounds. Range was quite...
  23. flatwater bill

    President Cyril Ramaphosa

    One can scarcely imagine things getting worse with the new president. Former president Zuma, aka "Jake the Snake", finally got kicked off of the gravy train. President Ramaphosa, on the other hand, already has plenty of money, so maybe he will tackle the rampant corruption.... if he does he will...
  24. flatwater bill

    Western Hunting and Conservation Expo

    I was fortunate to meet with three other AH members at the WHCE in Salt Lake City last week. Putting faces with the familiar names was nice. This is a well organized expo well worth attending. The speakers were excellent, and regardless of your political bent, Donald Trump, Jr., The Secretary...
  25. flatwater bill

    New ANC President

    I'm always hoping for positive change in Africa. That often means any change. Now Cyril Ramaphosa has been elected the new ANC president. That usually translates into RSA's new leader. Although Jake "the snake" Zuma will remain at the trough until his term is up in 2019. It makes change a real...
  26. flatwater bill

    MOZAMBIQUE: Traditional Mozambique Safaris

    TRADITIONAL MOZAMBIQUE SAFARIS, SIMON LEACH, ET AL. OUT OF SOUTH AFRICA I hope this report is a good one. Simon would like that. He so loves a story well told. You see, l had a hunt in Mozambique, at the foot of the Chaxie Hills. But it began before that. It...
  27. flatwater bill

    Selling A Firearms Collection

    I plan to sell my guns over the next year. Any advice on how to go about it? I bought my first firearm 55 years ago, a Savage model 64 O/U .22/20ga. Bought another gun when I could or when I thought I needed it. The numbers grew and grew. Probably about 125 guns now. It isn't a collection in...
  28. flatwater bill

    8X57 S Mauser; extensive load eval

    Here are a few notes on my prep for Sable hunting with a new JP Sauer 101 bolt rifle in 8x57. This rifle has essentially a 22" bbl. Hornady factory load 195 grain soft point......................velocity average 2470 fps 1.5 inch group ave 3 shot PPU (Privi-Partisan) factory load 196 grain soft...
  29. flatwater bill


    Does anyone have some experience with the 9.3 and black powder? The 9.3X72 ( or 74 for that matter) This is a generous capacity case generally loaded to low pressure, and should do well with 1 and 1/2F or even CTG black. If anyone has a good load for this please let me know, nothing of note I...
  30. flatwater bill

    Western Outdoor Expo

    Tomorrow is the Western Outdoor Expo in Salt Lake City at the Salt Palace. I suspect there will be a few AH member there. It is getting more booths from African outfitters each year, but still is small enough that one doesn't feel overwhelmed, like at SCI in Vegas. I will be there. Would like to...
  31. flatwater bill

    WANTED: Northern Namibia Hunt

    I would like to hunt two different biomes in Northern Namibia. The bleak desert, and the wet Caprivi. Is anyone offering both? I could bring extra hunters who would target most anything, but my goals would be photo, exceptional plains game, buff, hippo, or happy with camping and looking. I WILL...
  32. flatwater bill

    KYRGYZSTAN: Hunt With Arpa Marco Polo LTD

    Hope to load this report, here goes.... ARPA-MARCO POLO, LTD HUNT REPORT DATES OCT 28-NOV 12, 2015 HUNTER: WILLIAM (AKA FLATWATER BILL) , IDAHO, USA HUNT REPORT I received my CITES permit for an Argali only 8 days before my departure. Wheels are in motion by this time. There is no turning...
  33. flatwater bill

    Marco Polo Hunt

    5................................5 weeks from today, I leave for Bishkek Kyrgyzstan to meet Kariat, and to hunt Marco Polo sheep on this hunt. Although I spend all my free time exercising.........or so it seems, I am definitely feeling too fat and too old. I have worked up loads for 3 possible...
  34. flatwater bill

    Savage Model 99 in Africa

    Has anyone taken a lever action rifle into Namibia? There was a thread that touched on the legality of using a lever gun in Africa, and all concluded that it was no problem. I just read Jerome's info on RSA importing and transiting of guns and it says "no automatic, semi automatic, lever or...
  35. flatwater bill

    Jim Corbett's .450-.400 Boxlock Double

    this .450-.400 by W.J. Jeffery & Co boxlock double with which Jim Corbett killed many man eaters, and mentioned so often in his books, will be auctioned off by a major auction house mar 15. Part of the Elmer Keith collection.