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    Crocodile Stomach Stones

    Interesting story borrowed from...Herman Labuschagne The crocodile stones. The vast majority of people on earth will have no idea what these stones are. And given a thousand guesses, they will probably not guess right either. These stones have...
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    Joseph Rodgers & Sons

    I inherited and then consequently 'mislaid' my grandfather’s [Willem J. Pretorius] Joseph Rodgers pocket knife that my father gave me many years ago. It’s older than me! While preparing for my annual winter 'primitive' solo hunting trip during 2018, by pure luck I found it again hidden deep...
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    Raw Nature/Natural World

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    ...long-long ago....

    WOW, This would took 'bird' hunting to a whole new level. Especially primitive hunting this beast that definitely would see you only as a snack! How cool is the “QUETZALCOATLUS NORTHROPI” next to a 1.8 man.. Largest known flying animal that ever existed.
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    Beautiful Paintings

    A very talented wildlife artist Lions..
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    Bush plane vs wild game...

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    NOW We Are Going To BRAAI....!

    Lets see your nice braaivleis and braai spots.... This 2kg steak that we barbequed [braai] fed the whole family....
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    Airgun Hunting [?]

    From the net--AIRGUN Hunting !!! well,well,well...... Finally, With An Airgun: I am ecstatic to report the harvest of the magnificent cape buffalo with the @umarexairguns Hammer #50cal airgun at Huntershill Safaris South Africa. We have been working towards this day for over a year now, but this...
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    Primitive Horn Bow Impala Hunt

    Successful solo Gemsbok Horn primitive barebow hunt...eventually ! Full penetration on this Impala with a 125 gr 2 blade fixed blade broadhead at +_ 120-130 f/sec @ 55-60 pd horn bow. Instinctive shooting [LOTS of practice beforehand !] The arrow went through both lungs and the top of the heart...
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    Bowhunting Elephant

    NEED SOME BACKSTORY INFO PLEASE. Howard Hill 1950 Could this headshot in the first picture be the [only?] killing shot? What type of arrowhead and bow poundage would he be using for this hunt? How close does he need to be to achieve that arrow angle in the skull? The two arrows on the two...
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    Cast iron cooking

    I just like my cast iron cooking utensils over an open campfire when out camping as I'm sure all of you do too. [Some photos on this thread will not be mine]
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    Honey Badger

    One of the toughest and bravest little guys on the African continent. A Honey Badger [Ratel] is absolutely fearless and have a very short fuse ...
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    Just some random interesting photos about snakes.... An epic prinitive clash.. A King Cobra (the world's longest venomous snake) has attempted to catch, kill and eat this Reticulated Python (grows to be the longest snake in the world) and has been coiled and strangled by the python and died in...
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    Spear Hunting Blue Wildebeest

    Here are some 20 odd of my personal lessons / philosophy learned previously and over my 23 + hours spread over 3 days from my Blue Wildebeest spear-hunting attempts this year at Aloe Rock for you guys [Viktor Gideon Kuhn, Henk du Plessis] [There are probably a lot more,like a razor...
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    So, What Is A 'Survival' Knife...??

    Here is my humble opinion on the definition of an average person's "survival" knife.. You know, from my experience, I couldn't agree with you more about the definition of a 'survival knife' as being the one you have on you at the time of the crisis... In my opinion there are also a lot of...
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    Bird Observations While Ambush Spear - Hunting...

    If you do still- or ambush hunting with hunting tools other than a powerful and long-range rifle, it is imperative that you are able to keep still for long periods of time. I hunt mainly warthogs with my primitive bow or spear and always have my trusty .357 magnum on my person as a back-up just...
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    A Memorable Spear Hunt With A Difference...

    This experience of mine is maybe not for everyone, and definitely not for chance takers or ego chasers but I do want to share my thought on this hunting topic with you...... I want to share with you another [rare lol !] spear hunt success on a warthog that I had a while back. I again went...
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    Primitive bowhunt set-up

    I am ordering a custom 'primitive' bow kit from a master craftsman in this type of bow for this years 'primitive' hunt. It is a dream- type of hunt that I've thought of for years , and now the opportunity has knocked on my door... I plan on hunting warthog walk- and- stalk at about 15 m ...
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    Spirits Venda

    [Some of you here may know this area and its people/traditions..] Spirits Pretorius was in trouble, and he knew it. Ever the adventurer he knew that he would run into difficulties sooner or later. And not just a mechanical...
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    Warthog in Texas

    Could this article be true or just a hoax? [Warthog wont interbreed with feral or other pigs [pig vs hog ??]
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    My Funny Spear hunting warthog epic fail...

    enjoy and have a chuckle on me...[lol]
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    Interesting Historical Photo.....

    I think that the full story behind this picture would be very interesting... Either India or Africa? Anyone with more info?
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    Unusual 'bone-eaters'

    elephant warthog giraffe baboon
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    Old lion hunt close call

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    Hog invasion!

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    This is Clay Pigeon shooting at it's best.

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    close hog..!!!

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    How big is Africa really...???

    :confused::confused::confused: [keep in mind the 'normal' commonly seen maps distortions etc.]:rolleyes:
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    Bush Survival Guide

    The absolute best bush survival guide for Southern African Bushveld & Savannah situations that I've found so far! A must-have and read for anyone going into the African bush for whatever reason, hunting, camping, hiking, etc ;) Bush Survival Guide View the entire article at...
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    Slow motion bullet impact

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    Need some PH help/info

    Dear all I've received this plea for help from a friend from afar.... Willem, I have a little question if you dont mind... My son Willhelm 21 y/o is studing his last year at the agriculture college in Sweden (we are Swedish but living in Bulgaria) and during last year he was doing his...
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    Massive Bear!

    Read the article and see the 2 x photos below: Enough to scare you to death!. [I feel lucky that we have 'only mere lions' in Africa!] HA Holding Bear's Paw (below) These pictures are of a man who works for the US Forest Service in Alaska , and his trophy bear. He was deer hunting...
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    Italian Auction - only 44 seconds!

    You don't have to understand Italian to follow the auctioneer: A Chinese Ming Vase is up for auction. The bidding opens at a half-million Euros. Bidding is brisk and each bidder is clearly identified as each raises the bid by 100,000 Euros. (The exchange rate at auction time was 1 Euro =...
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    My Marula - tree warthog bowhunt...

    Here is a picture story of my lucky warthog bow hunt in the Limpopo out of a leafy Marula tree... [I hunted it with an older 65 lb Jennings bow with 125 gr 3- bladed Muzzy broad-heads at less than 20 m from this tree] once I'm up the tree,the long ladder is taken down I'm the one...
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    Hunting bushpigs with monkeys,,!

    Well,well well Now I.'ve seen everything! Trained monkeys 'ride' the bush-pigs to tire them out and confuse them till they are caught with nets! What's next??
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    Hi guys I thought long and hard before I've decided to bring up this topic on this thread,and hope it could be of value/educational for all. I'm starting this new thread, as I'm really interested in this topic [ though in my younger days we have just called it merely outdoor camping or...
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    For really close-up shots...

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    Split second photography....

    Timing is everything..... and then this one....;);)
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    Clever bird uses bread to catch fish...

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    live python bait.....

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    A very close call...!

    Some 'operators' realistic training---:guns: I would definitely, absolutely,without a doubt say that this was a very, very close knife dodge call!!:shocked::shocked::shocked: [I don't have any more info on this pic....]:confused:
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    Air gun hunting African game & hogs..

    How the times have changed from our Daisies and BSA hey? Very good hunting rifles now!
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    the first time....

    My First Condom:o:o:o I recall my first time with a condom. I was 14. I went in to buy a packet of condoms at Parchen's pharmacy. In those days it took a lot of guts to go in a store and ask for that kind of item because everyone in town knew me and there was no doubt the young lady (I think...
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    A new big word....

    Ineptocracy -:confused::confused::mad::o: A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated...
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    How good are your eyes...?

    To all my ageing hunting friends :happywave: AARP Eye Chart a good eye test before the new hunting season... good luck! :flashboobies: