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    Extreme Huntress - Tatiana Orosova

    @flatwater bill, I truly appreciate your honesty in trophy judgment.
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    Mozambique Hunt Specials For Last Quotas 2018

    The proof is in the pudding. I even tried to phone Francis, no response, sent whatsapp message no response even shows the message was read.
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    Mozambique Hunt Specials For Last Quotas 2018

    I have no dog in this fight, @BRICKBURN brought up what happened with me, I had official quota from the government, but government hadn't applied to cities,, luckily Wayne brought it up. Managed to get the paperwork done. Hippo have been opened. But! Quota allocation is a bit undesirable. No...
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    Extreme Huntress - Tatiana Orosova

    This is an interesting topic. I don't want to mention the forum, but a woman posts a picture of not such a good trophy and immediately gets like a 1000 likes, a man posts a brilliant trophy and get 50 likes. Most of these competitions a woman wouldn't even know the right end of an animal.
  5. Lion at close range Mozambique

    Lion at close range Mozambique

  6. Leopard Mozambique

    Leopard Mozambique

  7. Elephant Bull Mozambique

    Elephant Bull Mozambique

  8. Rhino Mozambique

    Rhino Mozambique

  9. Cape Buffalo Mozambique

    Cape Buffalo Mozambique

  10. Lion feeding Mozambique

    Lion feeding Mozambique

  11. Elephant Mozambique

    Elephant Mozambique

  12. Cape Buffalo Mozambique

    Cape Buffalo Mozambique

  13. Hunting Camp Mozambique

    Hunting Camp Mozambique

  14. Mozambique Hunting Camp

    Mozambique Hunting Camp

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    I need help with the price guys .. Heym .460 W Magnum.. unused

    Congratulations on a beautiful rifle, the inlaid engraving is a work of art. Happy hunting. What's going to be a the menu for test drive?
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    Croatian Lion Hunter Killed

    R. I. P and prayer to the family. I think we all knew that the other side was going to have a field day with this sad tragedy in the media. They like a bunch of vultures ready to pounce on any accident that happens in the hunting industry. Police investigating illegal firearms and ammo, is...
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    Oh so the 30-06 enough?

    30-06 is more than enough gun for wildebeest.
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    In memoriam - Ian Goss

    Ian was a true legend in his field of teaching ph's. I remember the day I arrived at his school, nearly 20 years ago, you could hear his voice from miles away. I was so nervous of him, but realized it was more out of respect. Ian's course was hard, I think only 3 out of 10 passed the course I...
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    Continued Contact with Professional Hunter

    @spike.t, would like to hear your opinion. o_O
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    Rancher Gilfred Powys trampled to death by elephant

    Sad, prayers to his family. RIP.
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    A thank you to Dr Ray

    Hunters generally have hearts of gold and always willing to help. Well done @Dr Ray. excellent!!!
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    Johnny wishing your wife a successful recovery.
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    Fair Chase Cape Buffalo Hunt

    Great stuff Dave, I hope you get some more success.
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    Reply To PHASA by Custodians Of Professional Hunting & Conservation South Africa

    When I first started being a professional hunter, I joined PHASA, talking 20 years back. I had done my course through Ian Goss, and at the my first PHASA Agm, I had the privilege of meeting some of the stewards of the hunting industry that Ian introduced me to. Coenraad Vermaak, Matt Greef...
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    Continued Contact with Professional Hunter

    Free world, free market, but a PH should never try and solicit business from an outfitters client while on safari. A PH has inside information on an outfitters business, prices etc and easy to under cut. Outfitter has gone to the cost of getting the client. Yes, I have heard the point, if I...
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    Special On Leopard Hunt In Prime Area Zimbabwe 2018

    Wayne, I am sure you will get it sold asap. Excellent leopards. Good luck on the shows.
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    Comment by 'siml' in media '60 pounder Elephant Mozambique'

    @Foxi they incredible animals, like walking ghosts.
  28. 60 pounder Elephant Mozambique

    60 pounder Elephant Mozambique

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    A message to all from the Professional Hunters Association of South Africa (PHASA)

    In the PHASA letter posted,.. Our hunting of predators is of a higher standard than the ethics of most other African countries and international organizations????? Seriously PHASA??? Why then have so many of your own members resigned and lost support from many other associations?
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    Looking For Tissue Samples From bushpigs

    Marine, you can whatsapp me for samples. +27825727725
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    One and Only One Bullet manufacturer for Dangerous Game

    PMP, South African brand has made great strides in their ammo. I would use it on any game.
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    Can you kill an animal by missing it?

    Ethical kill.....? I guess that's why we all see ethics in a different light.
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    South African Predator Association (SAPA) suing journalist

    The term, don't tickle the lion's by the ball's, sure comes to mind.
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    New ANC President

    Cyril is brilliant businessman, hopefully he will be a positive change.
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    Searcy PH Double - .470NE

    Beautiful, congrats on a fine piece of art. Wish you many happy hunting days.
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    PHASA Captive Bred Lion Hunting

    @firehuntfish, there are plenty of excellent ethical outfitters in SA. But also there are enough that fully practice put and take, which is not conservation.
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    PHASA Captive Bred Lion Hunting

    I am so glad I was in the bush hunting without signal when this all broke. We might not like to hear it, but SA is slowly killing the hunting industry. We need to stop pretending we helping conservation, we NOT!! This put and take hunting needs to stop!! Real wild animals are going to be...
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    WANTED: Wingshooting In South Africa April 2018

    I have just returned from Mozambique, my South African company specializes in wingshooting. High volume rock pigeon and being in the agriculture corn belt, great for duck and geese. Two and a half hours south of Johannesburg.
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    Best bullet type for Tiny Ten?

    I don't know why I didn't see your list of animals, I was thinking more of the smaller ones in thick bush, would change from a solid to softs, 30-06.
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    2017 THANKSGIVING - November 23 - Kowas Hunting Safaris

    @Ridgewalker, all the best for your daughter's operation. Pray for her full recovery.
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    2017 THANKSGIVING - November 23 - Kowas Hunting Safaris

    Running around the bush with fellow AH member, looking for Leopard.
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    Rockin G Ranch Hunting Season Pictures

    Great stuff gizmo :)
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    Best bullet type for Tiny Ten?

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    Tipping Guide

    @Doc Lightning, very valued point, BUT make sure each knows what he will be receiving at the end of the season.
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    Zuma Corruption, there is a God

    Found the solution and it was so simple...
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    Duck Hunt In Argentina - Buenos Aires - MG Hunting

    @ROCKET, looks like a lot of fun :) One day.
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    10,000 posts and counting

    Congratulations Charlie and Eric, some real entertaining posts. Dead or graveyard dead :)
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    My first double rifle - I love it

    Pure art.... Enjoy the rifle.