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  1. Spooksar

    Videographers - your thoughts

    I’m not a person that likes my picture taken so I wouldn’t want a video made of any of my activities.
  2. Spooksar

    ZAMBIA: Lion Safari With Strang Middleton

    Love the story congratulations, to your wife on a beautiful loin, can’t wait for the rest of the story.
  3. Spooksar

    Teak gunstock?

    Teak is beautiful wood but hard on tools, because it grows in sandy areas it soaks up silt. Popular is the same way, a mill I worked in made Popular 4x4’s and it would destroy chipping blades in 2 hours.
  4. Spooksar

    What to do with a giraffe

    I shot a management Giraffe on my first hunt in Namibia interest hunt. We had a 5 ton flat deck to load it onto still took 2 hours to load. It ran 800 yards with 2 shots in the lungs. Their vitals are in a different spot then most animals. We loaded it and took to the butcher shop and left. They...
  5. Spooksar

    Interesting rifle and chambering

    I believe Winchester made more 1895 rifles in 7.62x54 then any other caliber. It was a run for the Russian military. I have a bunch of them in various calibers.
  6. Spooksar

    Big Bore Addiction Group

    Your problem is selling rifles not owning them
  7. Spooksar

    Canada bear kills woman, son witnesses from cabin

    Sad but not uncommon in Northern Canada, the black bears in the Fort Nelson area in BC kill quite a few people.
  8. Spooksar

    Moose loads for .375h&h

    270 will do for years all I had was a 270 and a 30-30 shot many moose with the 270 when I lived in Fort Nelson BC. Last one weighed in at 1700 lbs, one shot into the heart.
  9. Spooksar

    Moose loads for .375h&h

    I drew my first Moose tag in 6 years this year, 260 gr Accubond will get the job done. I’ve had really good luck with the Accubond over the last few years.
  10. Spooksar

    416 Rigby bullet recommendations

    Your in Canada check out Tradex for Woodliegh. Most of the other brands are hard to find in Northern Alberta so I’ve been using Woodlieghs for awhile. Worked good on Buffalo and Elephant plus a lot of smaller game.
  11. Spooksar

    Favorite above .40 Revolver cartridge?

    I have a 41 Mag, 2 44 Mags, 454 Casull, 460 S&W, 45Colt, 45/70, 480 Ruger, 500 S&W amd a 59 AE. The 44 Mag is my favourite of them all.
  12. Spooksar

    Best Caliber for Tiny 10?

    I used a 22 Hornet on Red Duiker and Sharps Grysbok last year and used a 22 Magnum on Dik Dik a few years ago.
  13. Spooksar

    Has Anyone Here Hunted With One Of The Famous Professional Hunters?

    I’ve hunted Buffalo with him class act.
  14. Spooksar

    Lost Luggage

    I’ve never had my baggage delayed going to Africa, but I’ve had it coming home. Usually if there is a delayed flight in Africa. Last time landed in Calgary wearing jeans and a short sleeve shirt, in the middle of a really bad snow storm. Airport shut down and no luggage, only had enough...
  15. Spooksar

    Hello from alberta

    Welcome from a fellow Albertan lots of good info on here
  16. Spooksar

    In memoriam - RIP simple man - Charlie Daniels

    I’ve been listening to the CDB since 1974, only saw him once in concert at the Big Valley Jamboree. Ran into him there and said hi, great man, great musician. RIP if you see Ronnie our there say hi to the Freebird.
  17. Spooksar

    For Sale Heym Express Martini 404 Jeffery

    Rolf is now living in Creston BC one hell of a gunsmith.
  18. Spooksar

    Kidney Stones Suck

    A doctor told a friend of mine that had them to drink 2 beer a day, he did and never had them again.
  19. Spooksar

    Ackley question

    Very true a good gunsmith will always turn the barrel back one full turn and rechamber, I’ve had a few Ackely improved cartridges done and my gunsmith always turns the barrel one turn then rechambers, I’ve never had a problem with any of my improved cartridges.
  20. Spooksar

    Sig Sauer Bankrupt?

    I assume Germany like many socialist governments are taxing businesses to the point of them leaving. Prophet is not the bad thing that some people think it is. It creates jobs and stimulates the economy. Look what has happened in the province’s of Canada that have Liberal or NDP governments...
  21. Spooksar

    Has anyone seen this new .303 single shot?

    311 bore and very accurate I’m a fan of the number 1 and accuracy on some is hit and miss, but my 303 British is very accurate.
  22. Spooksar

    Cape buffalo safaris recommendations

    Depends on what you want in a hunt, if it’s fenced I would look at a area with at least 20,000 acres. I did a hunt with Wintershoek 3 years ago in a fenced area of that size and never saw the fence. Next year I’m going after Cape Buffalo in the Caprivi Strip where there are no fences. My first...
  23. Spooksar

    necking up 416 Rigby to 450 Rigby

    Yes you may get a shorter neck up it shouldn’t be much, I really haven’t had a problem with a shorter neck. The only thing I would worry about would be erosion in the chamber, but how often will one shoot a 450 Rigby, and would it make much difference
  24. Spooksar

    necking up 416 Rigby to 450 Rigby

    I haven’t necked 416 to 450, but I have a couple of wildcats I’ve had to neck up. I’ve done 300 RUM to 416 with no problem. Anneal and do it in steps. I do have a 450 Rigby and managed to find brass in Canada just can’t remember where but I think it was a place in Ontario
  25. Spooksar

    Wish you could all see this one in person

    Cam there are a few butchers that sell horse meat, when I was going to college in Burnaby my room mate bought horse meat at a place in downtown Vancouver. They had it mainly for the European people.
  26. Spooksar

    Ruger No.1 "460 Weatherby"

    Unfortunately in Canada it would be classed as a Military style assault rifle meant to kill as many people as quickly as possible. Thanks to the Turd and his drunken bully Blair
  27. Spooksar

    Possible meat shortages soon

    Lots of ranchers in Alberta I’m sure I could buy beef, bison, elk direct if I had to. Buy chickens and turkey from the Huderites down the road.
  28. Spooksar

    Ever OK to shoot from a truck?

    The problem is some PH’s want you to shoot everything of the Bakkei, I’ve been very firm with them that I’m here to hunt not shoot. There may come a time when I’m to old or crippled to do a long stalk but I can still get off the truck and onto the sticks. One thing some PH’s don’t understand is...
  29. Spooksar

    10mm auto new pistol which one?

    I have the 220 Hunter and yes the Kryptec finish is soft, did a clear Ceracote on the slide so I can carry in a holster
  30. Spooksar

    Who reloads.....and why?

    I have replied in the past, I started in 1972 and now reload for 300 rifles and handguns. I have 7 Wildcat cartridges, quite a few obsolete cartridges, and a few European cartridges such as the 8.5x53 and the 9.3x64 that are impossible to find in Northern Alberta. I have 4 bench presses RCBS...
  31. Spooksar

    Wondering what animals you can shoot with a .22 long rifle?

    Growing up in Central British Columbia, I used to once in a while hunt with a old native that was a friend of my dads. He used a 22 LR for deer, a 30-30 for moose and a 270 for Grizzly Bear. In the 12 years I lived there he never lost a animal. He would spend hours stalking a deer to get the...
  32. Spooksar

    What Are Your Alternative Plans?

    Bear season opened April 1 but lots of snow, hope to get baits out on my Quarter in the next two weeks. Hoping for a late spring bear for meat. Had a Alligator hunt planned in September in Florida hope it goes. Other than that hunting in Alberta although I may see if I can do a hunt in Nunavut...
  33. Spooksar

    9.3x62 plains game

    Try Prophet River out of Loydminester to import into Canada, I’ve had good luck with them, IRunguns leaves a bit to be desired.
  34. Spooksar

    Change of plans anyone?

    The first year since 2011 thar I didn’t plan to go to Africa, planning to drive to Tukteyuktuk on the Artic Ocean in June, hope that works out. September going to Florida to hunt/fish a Alligator.
  35. Spooksar

    7 Millimeter Remington Magnum Adequate For Hunting Eland?

    I would use a 175 grs premium bullet and study shot placement the 2 most important thins. My first Eland was with a 30-06 using a 180 gr Remington factory ammo, hit the heart and it drop where it stood.
  36. Spooksar

    Advice on Cleaning Brass

    I’ve read that Brasso can make the brass brittle
  37. Spooksar

    Advice on Cleaning Brass

    Soap and water find a way to agitate them for a while, rinse and let dry, inspect. Be careful of using any chemicals as some will react with the brass and weaken it. One thing I’ve seen is using a cement mixer for this, don’t know if that would work.
  38. Spooksar

    on a lighter note...

    I doubt it
  39. Spooksar

    on a lighter note...

    I’m a Millwright with 40 years experience, never met many engineers that were right. Lots that thought they were.
  40. Spooksar

    425 Westley Richards

    Very nice
  41. Spooksar

    Springfield '03A3 Calibre Options

    It is different I only own it because of the package deal with the 9.3x64. Was a good price for 2 guns and both came with Brass and dies. I don’t know if I would build one
  42. Spooksar

    Springfield '03A3 Calibre Options

    I posted it originally as 8.5x53 it’s 8.5x63 Ammo Guide has it on their website but not much info. Created by Reb Werner in Germany
  43. Spooksar

    Springfield '03A3 Calibre Options

    It’s a 338 cartridge based on the 30-06 with the neck moved forward. I bought one on a deal for a pair of rifles, the other was a 9.3x64. It’s an interesting cartridge
  44. Spooksar

    Springfield '03A3 Calibre Options

    Medium game 270, 280, 25-06 or 30-06. Bigger game 338-06, 35 Whelen or 375 Whelen. Or to be different build something on Rocky Gibbs line of improved cartridges. Or try a 8.5x63 Reb from Europe
  45. Spooksar

    .45 ACP recommendations

    Now that you have bought the handgun you need to learn how to use it and practice. Remember what you do in practice you will do in real live, you need to eradicate any bad habits and keep practicing your good habits so when the brown stuff hits the fan your training kicks in. If not you’re your...
  46. Spooksar

    Tipping Guide

    I can believe that it’s going away, people are getting tired of ever increasing tips and add to that the poor service, not hard to understand why
  47. Spooksar

    Improving the 375 H&H

    Not a fair comparison, heavy for calibre bullet for the 375 and light for caliber bullet for the 416. Should be 350 gr verses a 450gr .
  48. Spooksar

    .45 ACP recommendations

    I've been a 45 fan since the 70's, a good quality 1911 or a Sig 220 are my preferred handguns for this caliber. I do have 2 blocks in 45 but they are double stack and a bit big for some people.
  49. Spooksar

    .470 NE Reloads and Fillers?

    True I’ve shot 2 Buffalo and 1 Elephant with it all went down quickly. I followed Graeme Wrights book for the 5 grs of Dacron. Main thing is it works in my rifle, may not work in another.