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  1. BeeMaa

    Laminated rifle stocks

    I like the look of a laminate stock on a hunting some cases. However it must be well executed and look like a hunting rifle. Some of the Sako 85's come to mind (Grey Wolf, Brown Bear...etc). The only one I can find for a Blaser R8 is made by GRS. The GRS Sporter is a high quality...
  2. BeeMaa

    Comment by 'BeeMaa' in media 'Bullets'

    If I remember correctly, you had a thread about 416TAYLOR. Should have went with that guess first. Cheers and enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Not even gonna try on the other two bullets. I'm way over my head already.
  3. BeeMaa

    Comment by 'BeeMaa' in media 'Bullets'

    How about 416TAYLOR... I know it's something out of the ordinary. 416HOFFMAN? I'm just throwing crap at the wall to see what sticks. EDIT - Officially I'm going 416TAYLOR.
  4. BeeMaa

    9.3x62 vs 375H&H

    I agree, keep it simple. Pick one load for the 9.3 or 375 and stick with it. SAF's, Barnes TSX and Norma Oryx are all premium softs.
  5. BeeMaa

    Rifle for Plains Game and Dangerous Game

    As @One Day... already said, one Blaser R8 with multiple barrels. Want to take extra calibers? Get your wife into hunting and you will end up with this. His & Her's in 300WM, 375H&H and 416RM.
  6. BeeMaa

    There is always room for a light rifle!

    I've alway been enamored with Kipplauf rifles. You have a beautiful one there in a great stalking caliber. How does it like the Barnes TTSX?
  7. BeeMaa

    Comment by 'BeeMaa' in media 'Bullets'

    From left to right... Guessing 416RM brass. An early Barnes TSX before they put bands on it. Woodleigh RN SN but those have a cannelure and your pic doesn't have it. I'm out to lunch on this last one, no ideas. Not being a reloader I'd be thrilled to just get the brass correct.
  8. BeeMaa

    9.3x62 vs 375H&H

    I an extent. The beauty of hunting Africa is the unexpected. In other words...everything is on the menu. We all have a wish list when we step off the plane. But when we get into the bush, things can, and often do, change. Seeing an incredible Sable, Roan or even a Black Wildebeest...
  9. BeeMaa

    9.3x62 vs 375H&H

    I don't own a 9.3x62 so I'm certainly at a disadvantage. And I didn't' cast a vote because of this. The ballistics between the two are close. However, it's clear the 375 delivers more energy on paper. But I doubt any animal would be able to tell the difference. I chose the 375 because it is...
  10. BeeMaa

    Hearing Protection for Hunting
  11. BeeMaa

    Hearing Protection for Hunting

    Electronic noise canceling custom made earplugs. Buy once, cry once...because you will get what you pay for. And no price is too high to save your hearing while hunting.
  12. BeeMaa

    What is the Max effective range of a 30-06 Over Under Rifle

    What about sights...scoped, v-notch, peep/ghost ring? Makes a huge difference. What are you shooting...paper or animals? I can effectively hit paper at distances I wouldn't shoot animals. What bullet and load are you going to use? Trajectory and speed are gonna be a factor. What are your...
  13. BeeMaa

    Calibre for lightweight rifle dilemma...

    But there have been advances in the past 6 years. I'd say ammunition alone has come a long way. Making those "mountain calibers" take game with more authority. Thinking a NULA Model 24 in 270WIN would be nice. Weighs in at 5.5#, so it's a bit heavy for a "mountain rifle" After a scope, rings &...
  14. BeeMaa

    Saturday’s stirring

    I agree with @CBH Australia, a 6.5CM or 25-06 is not a step up. Although the 25-06 is debatable because of the long action and sharp recoil. The reality is that he should have his own Blaser R8. You can add a kickstop for whatever caliber you decide on. Then, when he's more confident and...
  15. BeeMaa

    .375 Holland & Holland

    We took 9 animals with a 375H&H & 300 grain Swift A-Frames. Here are the only recovered bullets from a Gemsbok & Eland. All other bullets exited with incredible damage. That being said, I now have a different 375H&H. It seems to prefer the Barnes TSX 300 grain over the SAF's. IMO - If you stick...
  16. BeeMaa

    Comment by 'BeeMaa' in media 'Namibia Hunting Buffalo'

    Hair slip and worn tips are my idea of a great trophy. Well done.
  17. BeeMaa

    Comment by 'BeeMaa' in media 'Hunt Cape Buffalo in Namibia'

    Beautiful old bull.
  18. BeeMaa

    Comment by 'BeeMaa' in media 'Buffalo Hunting Namibia'

    Nice Buffalo. And possibly a scope cut?
  19. BeeMaa

    Saturday’s stirring

    The 243WIN can be hard to figure out. Mostly because it can cover a large range of game. Multiple twist rates, bullet weights, types of bullets...etc. I just believe that it is a versatile caliber when used properly. And that pink spider web stock wouldn't stop me from using it. Other opinions...
  20. BeeMaa

    Saturday’s stirring

    The Hornady V-Max bullet is a fragmenting bullet designed for Prairie Dogs. Using that bullet on "goats, pigs and deer" would be less than ideal. And I would not be surprised if you experienced wounded animals as a result. The Hornady SST was specifically designed for game up to Deer. Probably...
  21. BeeMaa

    Saturday’s stirring

    You and your son are certainly entitled to your opinion on the 243WIN. But I will have to respectfully disagree... The fact of the matter is that it's adequate for up to Deer sized game. Proper bullet selection, reasonable ranges and shot placement are the critical factors. Just like a 375 is...
  22. BeeMaa

    458 Lott ate my QD Warne rings

    Apologies. I did not mean to imply that the Warne rings are inexpensive (or cheap). You are absolutely correct...nothing about big bores is inexpensive. I had a CZ550 375H&H with the B&C stock and an AHR #2 upgrade. It did have 1" Warne QD rings with a Leupold 1.5-5x20 scope. Not even close to...
  23. BeeMaa

    Ithaca SKB 280E 12 gauge

    Well done. I like the English stock on your shotgun. Classic lines, white liner on the buttpad...very nice. The grain really pops out in the sunlight vs inside pictures.
  24. BeeMaa

    458 Lott ate my QD Warne rings

    I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned Alaska Arms. Although I've not used them myself, I've heard good things about them. Machined from solid bar stock, heat treated and carry a lifetime guarantee. They are not cheap, but you generally get what you pay for.
  25. BeeMaa

    Danner Jackal II hunting boots?

    If you are up for trying something different... I've found the Rocky S2V boots to be outstanding. They are also reasonably priced at under $140...
  26. BeeMaa

    Saturday’s stirring

    Sounds like you REALLY need a 243WIN. So what if Bob doesn't like it. You drop a few Hogs with head shots at range and he'll change his tune. Take back the 243WIN and make it a MANLY MAN cartridge again.
  27. BeeMaa

    Winchester Deer Season ammunition

    Exactly. Gotta dance with the one you came with. Check and double-check...triple check (if you are German like me). Last week at the range we had to make an adjustment for our "target" ammo. Scope dope was noted and will be changed back when the good stuff comes out. And then zero will be...
  28. BeeMaa

    458 Lott ate my QD Warne rings

    LaRue does not offer a direct mount to the CZ550 action. One of the reasons for having a CZ550 is the double square bridge. With dovetails and the notch it eliminates an adapter and makes QR possible. You simply go from the receiver to the rings to the rail needed. This also allows...
  29. BeeMaa

    Saturday’s stirring

    The 308WIN is the parent case to several options out there... 243WIN, 260REM, 7mm-08, 338FED & 358WIN to name a few. After looking at what you have, the big stuff is pretty well covered. How about a 243WIN for Varmints to Deer sized game?
  30. BeeMaa

    458 Lott ate my QD Warne rings

    I've always had good results with Warne. Recommend you contact them directly with pictures and info. Not sure you are open to accepting help from a company with a fault. But at the price of (possibly) free, you might give it a try.
  31. BeeMaa

    Hunting in America vs Africa

    I've been told of hunting sheep successfully... You need a lot of time, or a lot of money. The guys from the hunting rags/TV shows certainly have the $. The locals have the time to scout, know the land, weather patterns...etc. Unfortunately, I'm neither.
  32. BeeMaa

    7x57 Whitetail Round

    I've used PPU 375H&H and 300WM for target practice. Both have returned reasonable results, but not pin point accuracy. So to answer your question, I've not used PPU 7x57 on Deer. I would lean more toward what @mdwest mentioned. Shooting, saving the brass and reloading with a quality bullet. The...
  33. BeeMaa

    270 Weatherby?

    Every WBY cartridge was Roy's favorite cartridge. :ROFLMAO:
  34. BeeMaa

    Rigby Highland Stalker .275 vs 30-06

    Sweet. BTW - Pics or it didn't happen.
  35. BeeMaa

    Rigby Highland Stalker .275 vs 30-06

    I'm with you, 9.3 would be a great caliber for a stalking rifle. Although I'd have to go with a Kipplauf style rifle from Krieghoff or Blaser. And make it 9.3x74R because these are single shot rifles. Don't you have a 9.3x74R over/under double?
  36. BeeMaa

    Big Bore Rifles, How Much Do you Actually Shoot Them?

    Wife and I each shoot between 7-12 shots a week each, takes less than an hour. We break it up between the 300WM, 375H&H and 416RM. Admittedly, she has not shot the 416RM yet, just getting comfortable with the 375 now. We also do about 25 shots a week each of 22lr. This is mostly done off sticks...
  37. BeeMaa

    Plains Game Magnum?

    "Whew, sure glad I left the 375 at home this time." Said no one hunting African PG...ever.
  38. BeeMaa

    300 Win Mag or 325 WSM

    I owned a 300WSM Savage 16 Bear Hunter. It was an OK rifle, but there were several things I didn't like. As @WAB mentioned, magazine capacity was one of them. The biggest was the way the rounds fed from the magazine. The steep shoulder made it feel very different than other rifles I had shot. As...
  39. BeeMaa

    What is your minimum Buffalo cartridge

    I'm with you. Better to have them and not need them, than the other way around.
  40. BeeMaa

    What is your minimum Buffalo cartridge

    The more PH's I talk to, the more I hear recommending premium bonded softs & mono's. Swift A-Frame, TBBC, Barnes TSX and Norma Oryx are commonly mentioned. The current bullet technology is so great that solids for a client are rarely necessary. The better plan is to get very accurate with your...
  41. BeeMaa

    Rigby Highland Stalker .275 vs 30-06

    Would getting a 275RIGBY handcuff you when it comes to ammo? I understand that the 7x57 is the same and available most anywhere. What I mean is when traveling to a foreign country...ammo matching the firearm. Some countries check headstamps of each and every cartridge. I just checked Midway...
  42. BeeMaa

    Recoil Reducers

    I have used 2 kinds of recoil reducers...liquid mercury and the Blaser kickstop. I had 16oz KICK-EEZ recoil reducers in my CZ550 375H&H in the butt section. The stock was synthetic, so I bedded the tube in the butt with Bondo and sanded it flush. For a little guy like me (160# & 70") it made a...
  43. BeeMaa

    Dangerous Game for a first Safari?

    Hope you are not looking for a spot in @TOBY458's safe when the music stops. Because you are gonna find yourself in the classifieds on AH!
  44. BeeMaa

    Once In A Lifetime Pictures

    Beautiful scenery and rifle. You made out both ways... #1 - Didn't get mauled and didn't shoot by forgetting your rifle. #2 - If you HAD your rifle and shot it...having to explain it to fish & game. Hard to tell what you (or anyone else) may have done in a situation like that. Way to stay...
  45. BeeMaa

    Boys new gun

    Well done to both of you. That's a great start to a weekend. Goose sausage sounds pretty good to me right now.
  46. BeeMaa

    30-06 AI and the 300 Winnie

    This build you have in mind has some very specific requirements. Creating >4000lb-ft of energy with a .30 caliber is asking a lot. Heaviest (and longest) bullets at maximum speed in a production action. As others have stated... The two best cartridges designed to do this are the 300WBY and...
  47. BeeMaa

    Dangerous Game for a first Safari?

    I have significant NA hunting experience, however my wife does not. We are a hunt together most of the time, both in the US and abroad. On our first safari we only hunted PG. Although in retrospect, we agree that I could have hunted Buffalo. Taking a 375H&H that I was very confident with was a...
  48. BeeMaa

    Shooting Sticks

    4 more inches...just what I need. :oops:
  49. BeeMaa

    Shooting Sticks

    I'd appreciate if you checked for me. I had a conversation with Jim at ASC and I thought he said the large breaks down to 29". 29" ACS and $380 vs 30" BOG-POD's we already have... If it were 26" OAL, I'd have to give it a little more thought.
  50. BeeMaa

    SOUTH AFRICA: A Return To Huntershill Safaris - Even Better Than Last Year!

    Not a typo, and BTW good eye...most would not have caught that. We had 2 of the 1650's and have downsized to one 1560. The fact that the 1650 was right around the 65" mark...made it questionable. Most airlines allow 62", and if they pulled out the tape...we'd be screwed. Realizing we WAAAAAAY...