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  1. Jeffrey

    Rigby Highland Stalker .275 vs 30-06

    30-06 is more practical... but so is buying a Model 70. If I were buying a Highland Stalker I’d get the 275. Maybe 9.3, maybe.
  2. Jeffrey to be updated

    Whoah Jerome, I'm so used to the old AH it'll take a bit of getting used to, but overall I think it looks great! Well done!
  3. Jeffrey

    Recommended Binocular Carry Methods

    For most hunting areas in Africa, its hard to beat quality 8X30s in a Rick Young harness.
  4. Jeffrey

    CZ 550 9.3x62, barrel mounted recoil lug, and B&C stock fit Qs

    Sorry Joe, only input I can offer is my 9.3X62 came from CZ wearing a B&C stock already. Those models don't have barrel lugs for some reason!
  5. Jeffrey

    Leopard - How I Hunt (Zoom Safari #3 by Nathan Askew)

    Awesome experience. I can't wait for the next Zoom Safari with Bullet Safaris! Everyone interested in Leopard hunting who didn't attend really missed out.
  6. Jeffrey

    Leupold Warranty

    Arguably the best hunting riflescopes made. Great company as well. Especially considering Leupold makes a budget line (all Leupold scopes have the same strength of internals), I don't understand people who put substandard scopes on their rifles.
  7. Jeffrey

    Zoom Safari... it's about to happen!

    I'd like to be in! Sure it'll be a fun zoom!
  8. Jeffrey

    Thoughts: A rifle battery for a 28 day Safari hunt...

    Your favorite big bore and a scoped 375/9.3. Skip the light rifle - that’s the one that’ll be in your hands when you see that awesome dagga boy when you aren’t expecting him!
  9. Jeffrey

    Nyala Wall Pedestal Taxidermy

    IMO the prettiest plains game animal in Africa. Beautiful mount.
  10. Jeffrey

    Caliber 30-30 use in Africa???

    A good addition to any classic lever gun is a peep sight. Williams and Lyman both made no tap no drill options that can still be bought on ebay
  11. Jeffrey

    American Hunting Rifles

    Oh nice! With the CZ550 being discontinued, now they’ll do more Model 70s. Need to send him some rifles...
  12. Jeffrey

    Corona question - Shot placement and caliber for these critters

    There’s a whole book on the subject:
  13. Jeffrey

    Ammunition Test - Woodleigh RNSN Weldcore

    THANK YOU so much for doing this test and sharing this info! The internet is richer precisely because of people like yourself.
  14. Jeffrey

    I am sick

    Hang in there, you can beat it!
  15. Jeffrey

    My New Knife : A True American Classic

    I generally prefer full flat grind or scandi grind knives. I generally prefer carbon steel knifes to stainless. I generally prefer a fixed knife to be 4.25-4.75" and a folding knife to be 3.25" or less. BUT I love the Buck 110. One of my buddies has one his grandfather gave him thats 60+...
  16. Jeffrey

    Shotgun to a Double rifle? Possible?

    I wouldn’t butcher an heirloom British 28. BUT if I could commission a set of barrels for it in something like 25-20 or something like that it would be pretty neat. If money were no object, of course. Better still might be to commission someone to make 28 gauge inserts in 25-20 or the like.
  17. Jeffrey

    For Sale CZ 550 Magnum Lux Stock

    I’ve always wanted to do the Pepsi challenge with one of these hogback stocks VS a straight comb stock. This is a nice pretty one
  18. Jeffrey

    For Sale Leupold VX6HD 2-12x42 Illuminated

    Awesome scope I’d buy if I had the cash laying around. I’ve bought another VX6 from Warpig602 that’s turned out great. Buy with confidence!
  19. Jeffrey

    Best beginner brand/reloading kit for big rifle cartridges?

    A Lee Factory Crimp die won’t hurt, especially for a hard kicking round like the 458 Lott. Some people get real emotional when crimping comes up, but a light crimp won’t hurt anything.
  20. Jeffrey


    Okay I can find Vegemite and Marmite but does anyone have a USA source for Bovril???
  21. Jeffrey

    Best beginner brand/reloading kit for big rifle cartridges?

    As far as presses go, I do most of my hand loading with a $40 Lee Hand press. You can get a Lee 50th anniversary kit for quite cheap. I like nicer Redding, RCBS, and Hornady dies. People will trash talk Lee equipment but nothing you hunt will notice the difference. I actually prefer my Lee...
  22. Jeffrey

    .470 Nitro Express Brass life?

    NO EXPERIENCE HERE, but I’d go with Hornady brass if I were USA based simply due to its continuous availability in the USA. Your brass life will vary with the difference between your die and chamber size playing a role, as mentioned above. I’d consider anealing. Look up the YouTube video...
  23. Jeffrey


    Bovril’s for men :A Stirring:.
  24. Jeffrey

    Which caliber to keep?

    If you wanna have two guns: the ‘06 and the 375. I really like the 9.3X62 and the .338WM as well.
  25. Jeffrey

    Win Model 70 XTR .338 Mag, Alaskan Statehood

    Slick gat! Love the recoil pad. I recomend a Leupold VX6 2-12X42 Firedot in easy-to-remove (not necessarily “QD”) rings.
  26. Jeffrey

    What’s your beater rifle?

    Stainless Ruger Scout 18.75” barrel with replacement Ruger polymer stock to save 12oz of weight. 5 round dbm. Aftermarket flush swivels from Grovtec with a CW style sling from Andy’s leather. Standard Velocity that Leupold VX3 2.5-8X36 is an excellent and underrated scope. I think I might...
  27. Jeffrey

    Off-hand shooting

    I personally am neutral on the importance of a sling from offhand. From sitting or prone that’s a different story. My favorite sling is the Andy’s Leather Rhodesian sling. You can set your loop size and away you go. Highly recommended.
  28. Jeffrey

    Off-hand shooting

    For off hand, try to get the elbow of your off side arm as close to directly beneath the receiver as possible. This will allow your skeleton to help your muscles the best.
  29. Jeffrey

    Captive Lions For Sale At Safari Club International

    It seems the CBL controversy could be cooled if a wildlife management industry standard could be adopted in regards to enclosure size and length of time since being fed by a human. I am far from any expert, but it seems like 50,000 acres and 1 year should be ethically acceptable to the vast...
  30. Jeffrey

    Decent scope for .22?

    Hogpatrol that looks nice! Especially for a .17HMR. Anything with a lower magnification range?
  31. Jeffrey

    Decent scope for .22?

    I also have an old Leupold VXI 2-7X33. I wish someone would make a sensible, compact, rimfire scope with adjustable parallax. 1” tube please, and 40mm objective is just too big for a rimfire, IMHO.
  32. Jeffrey


    Fenix LD30. The mode toggle is on the side so the main tail switch is simply on and off, with mode memory. Hat band clip for hands free. Runs off an 18650, which can be found USB rechargeable, or two CR123s. Small, compact, non-tactical. $80 though. I’ve found with lights you do kind of...
  33. Jeffrey

    Gold Plated Rifling - The ultimate Double Rifle luxury!

    Sweets 7.62. That stuff is POWERFUL. I never leave it in for more than 5 minutes.
  34. Jeffrey

    For Sale Sako 85 Grey Wolf 9.3x62mm

    Great rifle. Whoever buys this, it’ll start to become the one they grab every time.
  35. Jeffrey

    For Sale Marlin 1895GS Stainless Guide Gun 45/70 JM

    This guy has a never ending collection of awesome gats! And what is this his third pre-Remlin stainless guide gun? And always when my toy budget’s depleted...:E Grouch:
  36. Jeffrey

    Binocular suggestions

    sambarhunter, yes I’ve found specifically deer hunting I like larger objective, larger exit pupil binos. Deer seem to move the most at first and last light so at least a 5mm exit pupil is best. Especially in a deer stand I’ve come to prefer my 50mm Steiner Military Marines. I have both the...
  37. Jeffrey

    Binocular suggestions

    WAB, I have the 10X30 CLs. I looked through the EL 10X32s, and I didn’t notice a huge increase in quality. The 10X42 EL Ranges look amazing; I’ve looked through them but not in low light. If I lived in the mountains I’d prolly buy those EL Ranges.
  38. Jeffrey

    Florida Hunter entering new world

    Welcome! What kind of DG hunting are you interested in?
  39. Jeffrey

    470 NE vs. 500 NE for Hippo

    Get the 416. And get that exact scope you mentioned, make sure to get the one with the Firedot. Doubles are cool . Get one and practice with it. And bring it over on a future hunt. For your first DG foray, I’d recomend that exact scope on a 375, or a 416 if you can shoot it accurately.
  40. Jeffrey

    Binocular suggestions

    I forgot to mention: try and go by a good store as the sun is going down (low light performance is part of the equation of what you’re paying $$$ for). Look through several models outside - everyone’s eyes are a little different, and yours might like Zeiss over Swarovski or vice versa. I’d...
  41. Jeffrey

    Binocular suggestions

    The most versatile power and objective combo is probaraby 8X42. Those ARE a compromise. 30mm binos are far lighter and handier. 50mm binos are best for low light. 10 power binos see further, but 8 power binos have a wider field of view and provide a “steadier image” by not magnifying shakes...
  42. Jeffrey

    Hunting boots for Northern Limpopo province South Africa

    Courteney. Expensive but worth it. You’ll have a cool momento of your hunt that will last many years. You can even get them cheaper in RSA and they don’t really require much break in. That said, the folks at African Sporting Creations are nice to deal with.
  43. Jeffrey

    Hunting Cape Buffalo Qs

    Ok good. On page 25 it says only 15 to 20 bulls are taken annually in the Caprivi. Now I know that book was published 13 years ago. But assuming ratios are still the same, That makes Namibia the country with the lowest amount of buffalo on offer in Southern Africa. The best quality/price...
  44. Jeffrey

    Freighter Travel To/From Africa

    I guess what I’d say is junk! At least that’s what my ex told me ;)
  45. Jeffrey

    Hunting Cape Buffalo Qs

    Read Africa’s Most Dangerous by Kevin Robertson. A quick reading, textbook-like treatise on hunting Syncerus Caffer Caffer.
  46. Jeffrey

    Freighter Travel To/From Africa

    So several years ago I looked into freighter travel. All I remember is EXPENSIVE. Like way more expensive than some cheesy cruise ship trip expensive. Freighter travel used to be for vagabond types, but some laws were made (I’m fuzzy on the details) and now it’s more regulated to the point...
  47. Jeffrey

    The Latest on Zimbabwe (and other) air travel with guns

    There are 2-4 flights a day from Joberg to Harare, many of which are nearly full. If SAA quits that leg for whatever reason, another carrier will pick it up.