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  1. MBaugh

    Qatar no longer flying to Namibia until 2021

    The Ethiopian website says only laptops and medicines. No handbags or carry-on. But i also heard business class travelers could take carry-on. I usually carry a day pack with books, magazines, medicines and was told to only carry items that can fit in my pockets. I'm going to try might have...
  2. MBaugh

    Qatar no longer flying to Namibia until 2021

    I'm scheduled to fly to Namibia in November on Ethiopian Airlines via Dulles as well. I asked the same question about the time in Addis Ababa and was told by a couple of guys who just returned to make sure you have copies of your firearms paperwork in your gun case. Supposedly they have you...
  3. MBaugh

    Resizing Brass Question

    I have two 300 H&H's one a Winchester Model 70 the other a Remington 721. They have completely different shoulder datum points. Full length re-sized with 0.002" shoulder set back for both rifles the Remington cases won't fit in the Winchester but the Winchester will fit in the Remington. They...
  4. MBaugh

    Is any kind of hearing protection used on safari?

    Without protection the ringing in my ears increases to the point of being uncomfortable even after 1 shot. I wear walker game ear plugs and i can also hear the PH when he's talking to me.
  5. MBaugh

    416 Remington reload info

    Shootist43, I'm using Hornady brass, Winchester WLRM primers. My starting load was 76 grains of IMR4064. OCL is 3.60", and run through my Lee factory crimp die. Load was accurate with no pressure or extraction signs or issues. I worked up to 77.5 grains maintaining accuracy and I do not have...
  6. MBaugh

    416 Remington reload info

    You might look at IMR4064 as I'm getting just under 2,400 fps and good accuracy with both 400 gr. A-Frames and North Fork SS with my model 70. I've been able to get close point of impact using Trophy Bonded Sledgehammer solids as well. Best of luck
  7. MBaugh

    Thoughts: A rifle battery for a 28 day Safari hunt...

    I'd take my Dakota Traveler and 235 Barnes TSX and 300 gr Swift A-Frames for the 375 H&H barrel and 400 gr North Fork and some solids for the 400H&H and for me i believe my basis would be covered.
  8. MBaugh

    Which .375 Rifle?

    I own 7 Model 70's, which 2 are 375 H&H and 1 416 rem. You can't go wrong with the model 70 Winchester, They shoot great right out of the box. Buy one and never look back.
  9. MBaugh

    .45 ACP recommendations

    My everyday carry is a Springfield XPS 3.3 with 185 gr Hornady FTX. Recoil is very manageable, accuracy is excellent for close range. Just my two cents worth.
  10. MBaugh

    Winchester M70 .375H&H optics/mounts

    One has Tally QD and the other has Warne QD both have Zies 1x6 scopes. One can never have too many 375 H&H's.
  11. MBaugh

    Blackbuck & Axis Deer Hunt In Buenos Aires Argentina With MG Hunting

    I have the same questions as Bruce (gillettehunter) asked above. My wife says only if she gets to go and we would want to make the most of the trip and spend extra days to make it an adventure. Thanks Mike
  12. MBaugh

    Hunt booked tonight in the Selous!!!

    Congrats. I took my 416 Rem Mag and shot my buffalo, a Nyala, Impala and a sable all with 400 gr TBBC. Longest shot was 125 yards but the rifle and bullets performed flawlessly. I took 350 gr. A-frames but did not use them. The Impala is the only one than ran off when shot. He was shot at...
  13. MBaugh

    Swarovski z6 Or Zeiss victory

    I have the Zeiss with the #60 illuminated on my 375 H&H and it is a fantastic scope and i wouldn't hesitate to get another.
  14. MBaugh

    Dakota 76 African Traveler 2 Barrel Set With Extras For Sale

    The rifle arrived today and Christmas came a week early. I can assure everyone it is everything Limpopo promised and more. Can't wait to get some rounds loaded up and pull the trigger. Now to start planning that next adventure to Africa. Cape Buffalo, Oryx and maybe a Mountain Zebra with...
  15. MBaugh

    Dakota 76 African Traveler 2 Barrel Set With Extras For Sale

    I just sent you a PM with questions. Look forward to your reply
  16. MBaugh

    Dakota 76 African Traveler 2 Barrel Set With Extras For Sale

    Beautiful rifle in a great caliber set. Is it still available???
  17. MBaugh

    A very naive question about Winchester Model 70 Safari Express .375 H&H

    I hope you find the M70 in 416. I love mine, taken Impala to Cape Buffalo with it. You'll love it! It's a toss up between the 375 H&H and 416 which is my favorite. Good luck.
  18. MBaugh

    A very naive question about Winchester Model 70 Safari Express .375 H&H

    Mine has been on 2 of my plains game safaris. Never a doubt about the decision to take on a hunt. Buy and practice and you will never regret your purchase. Great cartridge in a great rifle.
  19. MBaugh

    WIN a FREE Buffalo Skinner Knife By Von Gruff in a Random Drawing

    Buffalo Skinner Knife Beautiful knife
  20. MBaugh

    Dying For A Buffalo...

    Well said! I hunted buffalo with Claude at Makuya in September of 2017. What great trip, Makuya is a beautiful place with wonderful people.
  21. MBaugh

    In memoriam - Professional Hunter Claude Kleynhans killed by Buffalo

    Truly a tragic and sad day. We spent a wonder 3 weeks hunting with Claude at Makuya Park last fall. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. You will be missed!
  22. MBaugh

    Top African animal to shoot

    Cape Buffalo anywhere and everywhere!
  23. MBaugh

    What 416 Rifle Should I Take To Africa???

    Great choices on the rifles and good luck!
  24. MBaugh

    What 416 Rifle Should I Take To Africa???

    Take the 416 Rem model 70 and don't look back. I did and no regrets at all.
  25. MBaugh

    .416 Remington vs .458 Lott

    Great thoughts and conversation. I have both the 375 H&H and 416 Rem Mag in Winchester Model 70. Took the 416 last year and shot a buffalo, Impala, Nyala and Sable with 400 grain Trophy Bonded Federal ammunition. For this hunt the 416 Winchester was absolutely outstanding. You can go wrong...
  26. MBaugh

    Tanzania Buffalo Hunting With Game Trackers Africa

    Dam tough animals - thanks for sharing!
  27. MBaugh

    What do guys consider the ideal weight for a .416?

    My 416 Rem Mag Winchester model 70 with 4x Leupold compact scope weighs in around 11 pounds. Recoil is very manageable. Hand loaded 350 gr speer to practice and used 400 gr Swift A-Frames on Buffalo and Sable. Shoot nearly 300 rounds practicing and the more I shot the more I loved the rifle...