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  1. jeff

    Knife sharpener

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a commercial knife sharpener for my taxidermy shop or other sharpeners that get good results?
  2. jeff

    Trophy Shippers

    I would like to say that I used trophy shippers for my SA aardwolfe, serval and buffalo and the communication was very good everything went smooth and the cost was less than other importers I've used in the past, I highly recommend Tom and his crew! This was my 19th African hunt so I am very...
  3. jeff

    WANTED: Archery Hunt Daytime Steenbok As My Number One Animal Plus Cull Hunting

    Looking for a archery hunt for a daytime steenbok as my #1 animal and possibly a few others or some cull hunting. Anyone have a bowhunt with a good chance of success on a day light steenbok?
  4. jeff

    SOUTH AFRICA: Has Anyone Hunted With Superior Hunting Safaris?

    Has anybody hunted with Superior Hunting Safaris in Mokapane limpopo?
  5. jeff

    SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: Legelela Safaris Hunt

    After talking with the Legelela guys at the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo for several years I finally booked a bowhunt for serval ardwolfe and caracal for the first part of Oct. 2019. Due to getting a super price on a Delta 200 flight with alternative dates I arrived on Fri. the...
  6. jeff

    Montana Whitetail

    The 17th of Nov. was a good day, while he isn't like the Midwest giants he's a good buck for out here and me. Taken in the general season 17 yards from a tree stand after a few all day sits at 3pm. Four big jumps and I watched him pile up. A P&Y whitetail has been kind of a bucket list...
  7. jeff

    Aardwolf Hunting

    Does anyone know of hunters taking Aardwolf with archery equipment?
  8. jeff

    5 days

    Leave in 5 days for 6 full hunting days of bowhunting in the Free State for Ardwolfe, genet and hound hunt for serval and who knows what else, then 8 hunting days bowhunting in the Limpopo for buffalo.
  9. jeff

    Blue Wildebeest Cape For Sale

    For sale, mature blue wildebeest bull shoulder cape cut extra long, harvested July 2018 $ 55
  10. jeff

    Fall away rest

    Hi, any info on what is your favorite arrow rest and which ones to avoid and why you like or don't like them?
  11. jeff

    Delta oversize baggage

    Has any one been charged a over sized baggage fee for bow or rifle cases that exceed the 62 inch combined total of length , width and depth ? In numerous trips to SA and Namibia I've never been charged yet my bow case is 69 combined inches, am thinking of buying a two bow case that has a...
  12. jeff

    Do taxis take credit cards for the fares in Pretoria?

    Does anyone know if taxis take credit cards for the fares in Pretoria ?
  13. jeff

    Nyala & Blue Wildebeest Cape For Sale

    Any fellow taxidermists looking for a nyala or blue wildebeest shoulder cape? I have a couple of spares to sell that were taken last fall in SA.
  14. jeff

    Tag draws?

    I just got my 39th unsuccessful notice for sheep. If my luck doesn't change soon I'll be to old to hunt sheep!
  15. jeff

    What to do in Johannesburg/Pretoria in a 24 hour period

    I have a 24 Hr day to kill in Joburg before my outfitter picks me up, any ideas on what to do? Thanks in advance
  16. jeff

    Western Hunting and Conservation Expo

    Are any AHers going to Salt Lake City for the expo the 14-17 of this month. I'll be there proudly wearing my AH cap. lol It's a great show, I've booked two African hunts there.
  17. jeff

    When does your Archery/Bow hunt really begin?

    Thought I would open a discussion on when preparation for your hunt should start. Lets say you are booked for 7 days archery, would it be reasonable to expect that hides be put up a week or two in advance or put up the morning of your arrival? How about a night hunt for bush pig , civet ...
  18. jeff

    SOUTH AFRICA: Has Anyone Hunted With Greg Edwards At Magersfontein Safaris?

    Has anyone hunted with Greg Edwards at Magersfontein Safaris? Any info?
  19. jeff

    Banded mongoose

    Does anyone ever hunt the Banded mongoose ? Are they protected, do you need a permit? They would make a unique addition to the trophy room.
  20. jeff

    Mountain Reedbuck Cape

    Looking for a mountain reedbuck cape.
  21. jeff

    Bad luck!

    I leave in 8 days for my bowhunt with Dries Visser Safaris and today I cut my middle finger to bone on the inside pad at the last joint.. I won't be able to shoot my recurve for a month so it's now only hunting with my compound and a release!
  22. jeff

    SOUTH AFRICA: Has Anyone Hunted With Shabalala Safaris?

    Any one have any info or hunted with Shabalala Safaris in the Limpopo?
  23. jeff

    Vapor trail

    Anyone have experience with Vapor Trail Strings or cables?
  24. jeff

    Spare Capes

    I have a cape eland cape, waterbuck cape and Kalahari springbok cape for sale. All were off of large trophy animals in good condition, all were cut extra long. If interested make offer. They are salt dried.
  25. jeff

    Crossbow broadheads

    What is the difference with crossbow broadheads from broadheads for vertical bows ? They both have the the same thread, is the portion just before the threads larger to prevent screwing into a standard arrow? Or do they interchange?
  26. jeff

    Western Hunting and Conservation Expo

    At Salt Lake City the WHCE was a great show this year with over 40 African outfitters attending.
  27. jeff

    Guaranteed hunts

    On a couple of other threads the topic came up about guaranteed hunts and it seem like it deserved a thread of it's own. Many posts seem to have a negative attitude towards guarantees in hunting, but guarantees can come in many ways. Many outfitters have a refund on animals not taken in a...
  28. jeff

    Night hunt

    What is the best moon for hunting bush pig, honey badger, civet and those night critters. Do you want the dark of the moon or full moon?
  29. jeff

    SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: Has Anyone Hunted With Bhejane Bowhunting?

    Does anyone know anything about Bhejane Bowhunting safaris in th Eastern Cape?
  30. jeff

    SOUTH AFRICA: Has Anyone Hunted With Savanna Hunting Safaris?

    Has anyone hunted with Johan Potgieter , Savanna Hunting Safaris?
  31. jeff


    My wife and I booked a bowhunt with Tsala for five full hunting days. I hunted with Rouan a couple of years ago for sable and other plains game and after a few emails decided to head back late Sept. Rouan had moved his hunting operation in the Limpopo to a place he just purchased near...
  32. jeff

    REPORT: Beware of Images of Africa

    About a month ago I finally received my baboon cape and skull. I must say that Images of Africa was the worst experience I've had out of 9 safaris concerning dip& pack. Their communication was almost non existent, they wouldn't respond to emails, I had the outfitter contact them for me twice...
  33. jeff

    SOUTH AFRICA: Has Anyone Hunted With Erfenis Hunting Safaris?

    Anyone know anything about Erfenis Hunting Safaris in the Free state?
  34. jeff

    SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: Has Anyone Hunted With Bushmans Quiver?

    Hi, has anyone hunted with Bushmans Quiver in the Limpopo ? The outfitters name is Stephan Van Der Merwe
  35. jeff

    Western Hunting and Conservation Expo

    Anybody going to the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo in Salt Lake 11-14 of Feb?
  36. jeff

    My taxidermy

    Sorry we don't have a wide angle lens that would show a little more close up detail. I finally finished my sable today and put him on the base, notice the croc in the water. These are some of my mounts not customer work. The blesbok are on a a fake tusk I made as that's about as close to ele...
  37. jeff

    WANTED: Bow Hunting Black Wildebeest?

    What outfitters would be the best for bowhunting Black wildebeest ? Preferably in SA. Does anyone know of someone who has a great setup for them?
  38. jeff

    Baboon import

    Does anyone know if I need a permit from the Atlanta Center of Disease Control to import a baboon cape and skull that has only been dip and packed?
  39. jeff


    What did the doe say after running out of the wood lot ? I'll never do that for five bucks again!
  40. jeff

    SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: Bos en Dal Bowhunt Report

    I spent 6 full days of bow hunting with Bosendal Safaris in the Northwest province in SA. Gerrit and his lovely wife Yolandi were waiting at the airport when I arrived, we went back to the lodge and settled in for the night after dinner. The traffic in Joburg was terrible. Day 1 Gerrit the...
  41. jeff

    Recommendation for good economical lodging in Windhoek Namibia

    Does any one have a recommendation for good economical lodging in Windhoek for my wife and I ?
  42. jeff


    Sitting in Atlanta airport after flying 4.5 hours already dreading the next 17, hope to have some bloody arrows in the next few days.
  43. jeff

    Closest shot

    I was thinking of a new thread topic, what is the closest shot you have taken on African game ? Lots of people talk about how far they can shoot but how close have you closed the deal ?
  44. jeff

    July 9th

    Anybody flying Delta out of Atlanta on July 9th, would like to say hi and visit. Jeff
  45. jeff

    Horn Shapes

    I was wondering if others prefer different horn shapes? I like nyala that turns back out at the top, eland that are V shaped and not straight, kudu points that turn out, gemsbok that are straight horned and slightly V shaped, impala that viewed from the side are S shaped and turn out at the...
  46. jeff

    REPORT: Emerald Guest House

    Hello, has anyone stayed at the Emerald Guest House in Johannesburg, it is not far from the airport?
  47. jeff

    NAMIBIA: Has Anyone Hunted With Elandpro Safaris?

    Has anyone hunted with Elandpro Safaris or know of their outfit in north east Namibia? Thanks
  48. jeff

    String jumpers

    I was wondering if Springbok are bad for jumping the string? Have had people tell me both ways, yes and no, of the game I've hunted warthog and impala are the only African critters that I've had problems with. Anyone out there who has a lot of experience on bowhunting springbok?
  49. jeff

    NAMIBIA: Has Anyone Hunted With Namibia Safari Corporation?

    Has anyone hunted with Jaco at Namibia Safari Corporation?