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  1. chemarq

    WANTED: 2 Hippo Hunt In RSA

    I'm looking for late 2017 hunt for 2 hippo in RSA ; probably Sept 2017 Looking for good prices, hunting 2x1, 3 days incl. Best regards Jose
  2. chemarq

    Buffalo Bull Hunt in South Africa - 6.900€

    We have a good oportunity to hunt an old buffalo bull, is a dagga boy, expected size 35 inches, and hard and wide boss. The animal is more or less similar to this one, but this one was 36 inches wide. We hunted it last July month in Kimberley area, South Africa. The regular price for this...
  3. chemarq

    My first Buffalo Hunt : Any good Advices ???

    Hi guys: I have hunted many times in Africa, mainly plains game, but also some Hippo and one liones. But i feel really excited, because in 4 weeks, the 2th of June i go for my first buffalo. Tha country is ZAR, is a fenced area of 6000 has, with quite a good number of buffalo. I know in a...
  4. chemarq

    Rifle Insurance

    Hi guys I am travelling next month to South Africa like every year... and i have the same problem like every year... the difficulty to get a proper insurance for my rifles. Last years I have tried several posibilities, and no one really convinces me. I want to get an affordable insurance...
  5. chemarq

    MOZAMBIQUE: Hunting in Mozambique in June

    I have a friend living in Mozambique, and i will visit him next June 2011. He is making the arrangements so probably we will be able to go hunting some days, in Sofala province. I am interested in bufalo, hipo and sable. Anyone could give me some advide ??? How is the weather in that part of...
  6. chemarq

    Hippo and brown hyena in the Eastern cape (ZAR)

    I will be in the Eastern Cape next July (19-24) , and i have booked some hunting days in a place for plains game hunting. Time has come.. and year has been a really long wait...but i almost smell the sand of Africa. Unfortunately the farm where i will be hunting in the Eastern Cape isn´t able...
  7. chemarq

    Buffalo Bull great deal . Due to previous Cancelation.

    We offer a buffalo bull hunt, size expected 37-42 inches hard boss, during the World Football Cup in South Africa. Reduced price due a previous cancelation. Hunted in 5000 has. Northern Cape province. Three hunting days 1x1 included All meals, accomodations, laundry etc... PH, tracers and...
  8. chemarq

    Lioness during the World Football Cup in South Africa !!!

    We offer the posibility to hunt a lioness, in 20.000 has in the Kalahari desert. Three hunting days included (enough to hunt the cat), hunting on the tracks, the traditional way. Price 4950€ Posibility to book aditional days, or more animals according to our pricelist. Also posibility to...
  9. chemarq

    Searcy Double

    I have next weeks the oportunity to buy a double rifle caliber 470 NE manufactured by SEARCY in the USA. As this manufacturer is not well known in Europe... Anyone has experience about him ??? How good is the quality of his rifles ??? Thank you very much for your help.;) JM
  10. chemarq

    Plains Game Spitskop Safaris - Springbok driven hunt

    Spitskop Safaris, Kimberley, Northern Cape, South Africa We offer a plains game "driven hunt" for springbok and impala, prices - springbok ram 75€ (regular price 130€) - impala ram 195€ (regular price 285€) It is for a group of hunters, minimum 20 animals hunted during the day of the driven...
  11. chemarq

    Newcomer from Spain

    Hi , i have been reading many weeks your fantastic web page... and finally i decided to join it. I hope i will be able to share many things with all of you.:) Jose