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  1. bassasdaindia

    SOUTH AFRICA: Lion Hunt With KMG Hunting Safaris

    I haven't had he time to write a hunt report yet , I certainly will when time allows , however Marius is your man to book your hunts through . Marius called me recently with a cancelled Lion hunt and offered it to me , although a Lion hunt had never really featured high on my list it was a...
  2. bassasdaindia

    Ernest Hemingway's .577

    I found this on line and thought it deserved to be posted here on AH.
  3. bassasdaindia

    NAMIBIA: Hunt With KMG Namibia Hartmann's Mountain Zebra

    Thank you Marius for this magnificent Hartmann's Zebra in Namibia .
  4. bassasdaindia

    Fishing Addiction Group

    Hi , following in @matt85 Big Bore Addiction Group , with permission I have decided on starting a Fishing Addiction Group . Most of us hunting folk enjoy our fishing as well. Please post fish that you have caught on either fly tackle or conventional tackle I am an avid fisherman ...
  5. bassasdaindia

    416 Remington vs 416 Rigby

    hi all , I am just thinking out aloud . apologies if this question has been asked before and I am repeating it. I am of the opinion that the Winchester M70 is one the finest value for money rifles available as a factory produced rifle. what then is the difference between the 416 Rigby and 416...
  6. bassasdaindia

    SOUTH AFRICA: My Buffalo Half Jack & My 416 Rigby

    Half Jack the Buffalo and my 416 Rigby : My PH mate contacted me and enquired if i was keen on hunting a buffalo this year still , my response was of course i am. The PH had been informed about this bull whilst hunting Lion in the area previously and informed me that he is an old mature bull...
  7. bassasdaindia

    Heym Doubles

    hi all , please share your opinions and views on Heym doubles. I have followed Matt85 thread regarding Merkel and Krieghoff but would appreciate comments regarding the Heym. the caliber is 450/400 thanks in advance.
  8. bassasdaindia

    RIP Oom Mauritz Coetzee

    Fot those of you who knew Oom Mauritz Coetzee from South Africa,one of the founding members of BASA and a wealth of ballistic information as well as a true gentleman . Oom Mauritz has passed away today.He shall be sorely missed . RIP my dear friend and mentor.
  9. bassasdaindia

    404 Jeffery Cogswell and Harrison

    hi all does anyone know the value and history of the Cogswell and Harrison rifle in 404 Jeff,I have tried searching online however the values seem to differ . thanks in advance .
  10. bassasdaindia

    my 404 Jeffery - finally

    so I've been holding out on posting this until I received the license in my hands. I FINALLY found and purchased a 404 Jeffery CZ550 safari classic to match my 416 Rigby and 375 h&h also in CZ550. I will shoot the 404 Jeff on the weekend and then take her to my gunsmith on Monday for my usual...
  11. bassasdaindia

    416 Rigby

    Hello,and apologies if this topic has been asked before. I am considering purchasing a 416 Rigby and have been advised to go for the CZ550 I have also been informed that it requires gunsmith attention but after the work is done the rifle becomes a winner. I live in South Africa and...
  12. bassasdaindia

    scopes for 375 and 243

    hello,and firstly apologies to all if I am repeating a thread that has been addressed. I have seen replies regarding scopes for 375 however they date back to 2010 and my thoughts are that new products are available. I need to scope my 375 and 243,I have a leeupold 3x9 which I want to fit...
  13. bassasdaindia

    new member

    Hi,i am a new member,based in South Africa,thanks for having me on board I love the bushveld and the ocean