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  1. Shootist43

    Want To Buy Redding 416 Remington Mag Dies

    I have a Win. Mod 70 in 416 Remington Mag due in shortly. Does anyone out there have a set of Redding Dies for this caliber that need a new home? I'd prefer a three die set, but a two die set will work. Also looking for a Lee Factory Crimp die for the same caliber.
  2. Shootist43

    Range Date 7-31-2020

    Yesterday I used QuickLoad to work up a new load for one of my 6.5 x 55 Swedish Mausers. In the past I've loaded 140 Gr. Nosler Partitions and Barnes X bullets. This time I wanted to try some 160 Gr. Woodleigh PP(s.) The program calculated the velocity at 2612 FPS when using 44.5 Gr. of H...
  3. Shootist43

    Thank You Lori

    @Travel Express led by Lori Spears and her team have been responsible for making enjoyable, trouble free travel arrangements for more than just a few of us. Like many of you my son and I had our 2020 hunt cancelled by the Coronavirus and or Governmental Policies related thereto. Due to my age...
  4. Shootist43

    What determines the need for Magnum Primers?

    Like many of you I have more time on my hands because of the "Social Distancing" currently being the thing. I thought it might be a good time to load up some of my odd-ball calibers. I have enough of the stuff I normally hunt with to last longer than I will. But there are lots of other...
  5. Shootist43

    Good News for a change

    I have a feeling that the next month and perhaps more will be bringing news that gets worse by the day. In order to help keep our spirits up I'm proposing that we as a group share whatever good news we have. For starters I picked up another partially sporterized Swedish Mauser yesterday. This...
  6. Shootist43

    Disappointed, wheels will not be up in five days

    My oldest son and I were scheduled to leave next Wednesday for a Red Stag Hunt in Argentina with MG Hunting. We were both absolutely stoked to say the least, I had everything and I mean everything ready to go. Today disaster struck. We received a call from Lori Spears the owner of Travel...
  7. Shootist43

    Trophy Importation Costs from Argentina

    Have any of you taken a Red Stag or other animal in Argentina and had the cape, scull and horns sent to the U.S. for mounting? If so, how much did the freight forwarder charge?
  8. Shootist43

    A favor for a fellow hunter

    Over the past several weeks we have been given an insight into the "Glory Days" of hunting in India by a PH who has "been there and done that." In several of his posts Kawshik Rahman has stated that he wanted to shoot a 460 Weatherby Magnum. But sadly never had the opportunity. I think that...
  9. Shootist43

    Want To Buy Brass & Dies For A 300 Weatherby Magnum

    I'm looking for some once fired brass say 100 rounds of the same head stamp preferably Norma and a 3 Die Set for a 300 Weatherby Magnum. I prefer Redding Dies, but will consider others. I have a pre war Mod 70 that was rechambered to this caliber. The Winchesters of that era are generally...
  10. Shootist43

    9-11 Where were you?

    On this, another date that will live in infamy where were you? I was on a plane heading for Mexico. We landed in Houston and I was enroute to the gate for my International flight when the "news" was flashed on the TV screens. I watched as the second plane went into the towers. All flights...
  11. Shootist43

    My Quandary

    Back in the mid 90(s) I helped a coworker sell part of his aging father's gun collection. Then several years later when his father was in Hospice they asked me to help them sell the remainder of his collection and I agreed. Since I didn't ask for anything the first go around the old man told...
  12. Shootist43

    Speer Hot Cores in a 375 H&H

    Just curious, anybody out there loading 300 Gr. Speer Hot Cores in their 375 H&H? I'm not considering using them for hunting (at the moment) but I'm thinking they should be good enough for target practice. Your thoughts please.
  13. Shootist43

    I just joined the BRNO ZKK 602 Owners Club

    A few moments ago I was notified that I won a gunbroker Auction for a ZKK 602 in 375 H&H. I have been hearing / reading other AH members touting them. I guess I'll soon find out for my self how good a rifle they are. I have a question though. Regarding the "backwards" safety. Can they be...
  14. Shootist43

    Have any of you seen this before?

    I purchased a Winchester Mod. 70 African Express in 375 H&H off Gunbroker a little over a year ago. It sat in the safe till recently. A couple of weeks ago I loaded up 10 rounds using new Norma brass and 300 Gr. Hornady DGX bullets (for cheap practice only). I bore sighted the gun at 25 yds...
  15. Shootist43

    When was my 375 H&H Built

    I purchased a used Win. Mod 70 in 375 H&H Mag off Gunbroker. I am trying to find the correct Warne scope bases for it. I bought a pair for Win. Model 70(s) Post 64 Long and Short Action but they don't fit. I measured the Rear Hole Spacing and it appears to be .440". When I went to Warne's...
  16. Shootist43

    Acceptable accuracy for Double Rifles

    First off if there is an older thread that answers my question please direct me to it. I am helping CAustin get into reloading. One of the firearms he has is a 140 Merkel in 470 N.E. For this rifle what would be an acceptable group size under the following parameters: one shot fired from...
  17. Shootist43

    Am I "beating a dead horse?"

    The bolt on my CZ 550 chambered in 404 Jeffery does not "run" as smooth as I'd like. But then I got to thinking how smooth is smooth. I contacted Von Gruff and asked him for some hints as to where to proceed. Accordingly I've purchased some layout bluing to apply to the bolt and am prepared...
  18. Shootist43

    My Plain Jane has a Heart of Gold

    My most recent acquisition was a Winchester that had been converted into a 404 Jeffery. Plain straight grain wood, no engraving and a barrel from a maker that I'd never heard of, assembled by a guy named Randy. The previous owner had all of the work done and I purchased the rifle as is off...
  19. Shootist43

    The grandkid's gun

    Those of you that have been around a while have no doubt read about my fascination with the 6.5 x 55 Swedish Mauser and the fact that I've purchased one for each of my grandkids. A couple of years ago Michigan changed its' laws regarding youth hunters. Now youngsters 10 years of age can hunt...
  20. Shootist43

    Your advice please

    Our good friend CAustin wants to start reloading. His wife will be buying him "everything" that he needs to reload his 470 NE Double Rifle, a 416 Ruger, a 375 H&H Mag and a 300 Win. Mag. as a Christmas present. Since I reload and see Charlie when I visit my son in Kansas City, he asked me to...
  21. Shootist43

    Wanted Any Winchester Model 70 Classics In 300 Or 338 Ultra Mag For Sale

    I'm looking for a Winchester Mod. 70 Classic in 300 or 338 Ultra Mag. It doesn't have to be pristine, a "working rifle" will do just fine. I've only seen one "Custom Classic" in 338 Ultra Mag on any of the usual online auctions. It was priced way out of line based on what I want.
  22. Shootist43

    Optics for Dangerous Game Calibers

    I have several "somewhat" Dangerous Game rifles that are currently wearing Iron Sights. I like the Nikon Monarch 3 African with a No. 4 German reticle that is on my 404 Jeffery. My problem is that Nikon quit making this scope. I've been looking online for several months (eBay, Gunbroker etc.)...
  23. Shootist43

    SOUTH AFRICA: Shootist43's Participation In The 2018 Group Hunt With Pawprint Safaris

    This post is just to get the thread started. A little over a year ago the possibility of an AH group hunt was proposed. The thought behind it is that since we all share a common "love" of hunting in Africa that we could form a group of AH members that were willing to hunt with guys and gals...
  24. Shootist43

    375 H&H Accuracy

    How accurate is your 375 H&H? I don't mean for this to sound like a silly question. Maybe a better title might be what 300 Gr. bullet shoots best in your rifle and how does it perform on larger PG animals like Eland. I have dies and several kinds of Brass and powder. However I have not...
  25. Shootist43

    Info wanted on Mauser Model 2000

    I purchased a Mauser Model 2000 in 375 H&H from a friend about 12 years ago. I put it into my safe and never fired it. Because of feeding issues with my CZ 550 in 404 Jeffery which is at a local gunsmith's shop, I'm initiating Plan B which may have me taking the 375 H&H to Africa in July. I...
  26. Shootist43

    What is the proper "Sight Alignment" for Express Sights?

    I am very familiar with the proper sight alignment and proper sight picture for several types of iron sights including Buckhorn, Patridge, Peep, Ghost Ring and Tang. In the past year or so, I've purchased 2 rifles that came with Express Sights. Even though the Express sights were removed and...
  27. Shootist43

    What is the difference between a Mauser Action and an '03 - A3 Action?

    I've seen lots of threads on AH where someone is building a new rifle or rebarreling a "true" Mauser Action. Most of which are K-98s. I looked for a Mauser Action at a reasonable price and couldn't find any. I then decided to just use the action from an old Remington '03-A3 sporter that was...
  28. Shootist43

    My 404 shoots like a dream, I'm happy

    I purchased a 404 Jeffery from LonD (an AH member) several months back. It took me a while to get my loading bench set up, dies and components purchased etc. but "we" my new 404 Jeff and I made it to a range last week. My reloading data was furnished by VonGruff. For the time being the rifle...
  29. Shootist43

    Once Fired Norma 404 Jeffery Brass & Boxes Wanted

    Just wondering if there are any 404 Jeffery owners out there that use Norma Ammo but don't reload. If you have some once fired Norma Brass and boxes and want to sell it, please PM me. We will work out a deal that is a win win for both of us.
  30. Shootist43

    What case trimming pilot to use?

    I now have all of the components to load for my 404 Jeffery or so I thought. I use an old Lyman hand crank trimmer. Like most if nor all such devices you need to use a caliber specific "pilot" to center the brass against the cutting head. I looked on Midway but did not see a pilot for the 404...
  31. Shootist43

    What bullet for my 404 Jeffery

    Ok, I have the rifle, the dies and brass are on their way. But what bullet should I get? The only DG that I would ever consider is a Cape Buffalo. When I asked a similar question for my 416 Rigby the most common answer was the Swift A Frame. I am currently considering three options, a 400...
  32. Shootist43

    Best Twist rate for a 404 Jeffery

    After reading in a recent post that 450 Gr. bullets were better Buff medicine than the old tried and true 400 Gr I started to worry. The heavier bullet requires a 1/14 twist rate to stabilize it. Apparently there is some support for the thought that the "normal" twist rate for the 404 is 1/16...
  33. Shootist43

    In persuit of a 404 Jeffery working rifle

    Prior to becoming an AH member a little over two years ago, I'd never heard of a 404 Jeffery. Since then it seams that there is almost a constant stream of posts regarding the building, obtaining or use of a 404 Jeffery. That got me to thinking about the possibility / feasibility of adding one...
  34. Shootist43

    Swarovski Scopes, good, better, best?

    Yesterday I purchased a used Swarovski scope on EBay for my newly acquired 308 Norma Mag. I noticed that some of the scope descriptions included the word "Habicht" while others did not. What is the difference between a Swarovski Habicht and Swarovski scopes that do not have that nomenclature...
  35. Shootist43

    Best Distance to Zero a 416 Rigby

    I took my only big bore a 416 Rigby to the range over the weekend. I fired 2 shots at 25 yds. to make sure the shots were at least on paper. They were almost touching so I decided to move the target out a bit. Since this is the first time I've ever fired a DG caliber I didn't have a clue as...
  36. Shootist43

    New to me 308 Norma Magnum

    I just picked up an InterArms Mark X in 308 Norma Mag. The gun was given to the friend of a friend by his grandfather in 1981 and has been sitting in a closet gathering dust since then. What I'd like to find out is who made the gun. Does anyone have a book showing which manufacturer made a...
  37. Shootist43

    What stock style reduces felt recoil the most?

    I've read time and time again on AH that some stock designs reduce felt recoil better than others. Most of my firearms were made by Winchester and Remington with a few Rugers and Mausers thrown in. The recoil seems to be more commensurate with caliber than manufacturer. What causes the...
  38. Shootist43

    Chapuis Armes Double Rifles

    I've been on AH for almost a year and a half and have read a lot of posts discussing Double Rifles. Today I went to my local Cabelas Store and while going through their "Gun Library" ran across a Chapuis Armes Double Rifle in 9.3 x 74R complete with "claw" type mounts, scope, wood presentation...
  39. Shootist43

    Is a 416 Rigby using Hornady Interbonds adequate for Cape Buffalo?

    I recently acquired a Ruger No. 1 in 416 Rigby and what may be a lifetime supply of 400 Gr. Hornady Interbond Bullets. I am just thinking/dreaming about the possibility of a future Cape Buffalo hunt and wondering if the bullets I have are more than up to the task or do I need to consider...
  40. Shootist43

    Why choose Talley Rings and Bases?

    I've been shooting for about 60 years and own enough rifles to fill several safes and I never heard about Talley Rings and or bases until I joined this forum. In the past I've used Weaver and or Warne Rings and never had a problem. Is it caliber dependent, are they manufactured to a tighter...
  41. Shootist43

    Best scope mount for a BRNO Super

    I have one of these fine double guns, however it currently equipped with iron sights . I see that there are several different models or styles of scope bases to choose from. Which base do you recommend and why? Does the type or model of scope influence which of the bases should be used?
  42. Shootist43

    What size Electrical Power Converter do I need?

    I already have adaptor plugs to go from SAs 240 V to US 120V. What I'm concerned about is what size power converter should I bring. These units are rated in watts. Small appliances use from 1 -15 AMPS. The smaller units i.e. 200 WATTs provide a little less than 2 AMPs. That will charge cell...
  43. Shootist43

    SAP Form Requirements

    I plan on using a Sporterized 6.5 X 55 Swedish Mauser for the smaller animals included in my upcoming Plains Game Hunt in August. The rifle was manufactured in Sweden in the early 1900(s) by the CARL GUSTAFS STADS GEVARSFAKTORI. The rifle's serial number is clearly visible. However there is...
  44. Shootist43

    Best Airline flying from the U.S. to South Africa

    My sons and I are getting ready to book our flights to Johannesburg and have received quotes from two Travel Agents. We can either fly Delta all the way or we can take a U.S. carrier to Washington D.C. and fly South African Airlines for the rest of the way. We would like to hear from others...
  45. Shootist43

    Shootist 43 introduction

    My name is Art a.k.a. Shootist 43 I am a retired engineer, a competitive pistol shooter, a hunter for 57 years and the proud father of my two best hunting partners. We recently branched out from just hunting White Tailed Deer in Michigan to include hunting for Wild Hogs and Rams in Texas and...