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    What is the draw of a Ruger#1?

    Don't get me wrong I couldn't agree more on the rifle part; as far as an old warhorse, not so much.
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    What is the draw of a Ruger#1?

    I really like the No. 1. When I was telling my Father how much I liked mine he let me finish talking then asked me "Why the hell do you want a 100 year old design?".
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    2 hours of some of the finest blue grass music ever made

    Thanks Matt. It's been a lot of years since I've seen/listened to this. Earl and Lester would be proud of you.
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    African Hunting Safari For Two

    I'd like to book a suite at The Breakers for the same cost as Motel 6. Maybe some here can help with that. To quote a fine Irishman, 'He is a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.'
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    Rigby 416 Bolt Action For Sale

    Very nice. Looks like an excellent piece.
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    The Mystery Of The Wild Horses From The Namib - Namibia

    Interesting article. Other than the need of some groceries for the two studs and those at the watering hole, they are fit, good looking horses from some obviously good stock.
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    The Animal Moved

    I guess the Tracker thought his job was done. Just reading about a close quarters charge is exciting. Well done Sir.
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    New Mauser, Worth It?

    Congratulations Ms. Foxi. There is a lucky baby on the way to have you for a Mom.
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    New Mauser, Worth It?

    Gentlemen thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. I have to confess my disappointment that Mauser made no mention of accuracy (that I found), and frankly accuracy is a major portion of a gun's value to my way of thinking. I'll look forward to receiving all the thoughts on the...
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    New Mauser, Worth It?

    Greetings Gents, I have been looking at rifles and really would appreciate opinions on new Mausers. No need to have one, or have had one, I will value all opinions - except those saying I don't need a new gun. As a lefty, I was looking at the M 03. It is a modular design, so of course I...
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    Reality Check By Hans Vermaak

    Everyone knows hunting lions causes global warming. Meanwhile, no word on the racist mugabi who in typical communist tradition has slaughtered and tortured an innumerable amount of Zim citizens.
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    Selling A Firearms Collection

    Best of luck with this Bill. I can only say how I would (and did) it. Pick a say lot of 10 of the least desirable/least value and sell them off first. I'd continue in increments so that I would not live with any regrets from being hasty. Few things turn out better done in a hurry, and remember...
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    A Memorable Spear Hunt With A Difference...

    Sounds like you had some practice with the spear before the hunt, well done, no easy task to place the shot. Just want to say very enjoyable read. The forthcoming argument of big, low velocity spears vs. the penetration of small, high velocity spears that is compelled of hunters should be...
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    Looking For A Left Handed .375

    I think the gentlemen above gave good advice, a Remington, Ruger, or Browning would be a good choice. Either may feed better than the CZ as from the factory, and probably at 1/2 the price. The CZ is also very heavy IMO.
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    How they Rescue Poachers in KZN

    If you're talking about the same PD that couldn't make a charge stick on Eddie Rothman you could drop the body off on LE-HQ front steps and they wouldn't be able to figure it out.
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    Cartridge Scoring

    Thank you all very much. I did as Bob suggested, fed an empty case, and sure enough the same scoring showed up. I really appreciate all the responses. Thank you each and every one for taking the time and sharing your knowledge.
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    Cartridge Scoring

    Gentlemen. I have a problem I've never encountered before. Any help/thoughts on the matter will be most appreciated. Below are photos of cases as ejected from a Winchester 70 in 300WM (bought used and just my 2nd time shooting it). All of the spent cartridges have the same scoring. When I...
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    Gizmo's big announcement

    I don't know Gizmo,, I think you missed a grand opportunity. Having bought the taxidermy business, why not stay on the force, shoot the bad guys, stuff and mount them, and open a museum? Best of luck on your new business, sounds like a lot of fun.
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    How they Rescue Poachers in KZN

    Very disturbing; I'm at a loss of the insensitivity of these responses. Not one has inquired for the rhino's well being.
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    Harry Selby's sidearm of choice

    Hello Mike, wanted to give this a pause so as not to interfere with any ongoing discussion. I would have to say I'm more inclined to rely on the first hand account of the day rather than a 50 year delayed speculation whose catalyst is publicity to promote one's publishing. I would think that a...
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    A Very Disturbing Lion Hunt

    Perhaps Christina's time would be of more value exposing the deplorable behavior of the antis. After all, in our entirety we haven't killed the amount of cats peta has.
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    A Very Disturbing Lion Hunt

    If those lions were domesticated, why didn't they just lay on the front porch until diner. Also,wouldn't you rather the lion population be subsidized instead of depleted?
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    Harry Selby's sidearm of choice

    The .22 is also a favorite of the Mossad.
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    Harry Selby's sidearm of choice

    You are correct, a Boss that was then cut to pieces and buried on Mary's orders. Hem shot his own legs while fishing on the Pilar. Just read Mike's account, so there is some question. I always read Boss and just repeated it.
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    Harry Selby's sidearm of choice

    Same sidearm Hemingway carried, although other than himself I think he mostly shot fish with it.
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    BDC on DG rifle?

    Ray, got a chuckle out of the African Queen comment; been a few Africa theme shows since then. I've left open sights on my 458 as I do not intend to use it outside 50 or so yards so no help, but will be interested in hearing what others that use it more say.
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    Comment by 'TallGrassHunter' in media 'Custom rifle by Swedish gun and rifle maker VO Vapen'

    Imagine the look on ole Bin Salty Al's face as he realizes the gun bearer is running out of camp just after that funny cracking noise is heard as the lorry backs up. Outstanding gunsmith work, really exceptional.
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    Girl gets death threats for shooting a giraffe

    Hunt with pride, share your pride for the world to see and hear. Here in the USA, not a day goes by that the TV fails to provide a dozen or so murders for our viewing pleasure, and if you watch the news we can up that number. Somehow the theme of killing people for entertainment escapes their...
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    Here we go again! ATF trying to make powder illegal by fiat it appears

    Just say you're buying it for the mexican gangs, fast and furious will probably pay for it. Funny huh, obama arms our enemies but disarms us, the law abiding citizens.
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    Girl gets death threats for shooting a giraffe

    I've reframed from much comment, but lets be realistic. This approval by the committee of apropos/ good taste; just where has this gotten us? what ground have we gained? This bending to the will of the opposing vocal, where has it gotten us? No Where but backwards.
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    470 capstick

    Well done HWL. Personally, on another note, if I was worried about my ammo being lost, I'd request my PH receive some custom ordered for me prior to my arrival, and I' order the ammo. Problem solved.
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    Girl gets death threats for shooting a giraffe

    Who the hell are they to tell someone how to live. PC bull has gone way too far. Our Grandfathers would kick our ass for being so spineless.
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    Girl gets death threats for shooting a giraffe

    I'm guessing none wear leather, eat meat, or certainly do not wear dyed clothing as strip mining kills lots, at once. Should be easy to spot, cheesecloth robes with rope belts. That or they're mindless hypocrites of the highest order.
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    Show us your Hat

    Thank you DMV. You can't see them, but under the sport caps is a WW I English helmet, a WW I French helmet, and a German WW II helmet. I never wear them as hats but some guys did.
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    Show us your Hat

    No cowboy or dress hat pictures, but these are the two hats I'm most proud of.
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    9 Myths about Captive-bred Lions by SAPA

    Captive-bred lions are genetically inferior, kind of like the American mustang or the African zebra are such superior mounts to those equines "breed in captivity". They'll be winning the derby in no time.
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    Show us your Hat

    7 pages and not one leopard banded pith helmet? I really enjoy these pictures, sorry I'm not better at posting them . I have an awful lot of hats that I hardly wear, but do occasionally sport a cowboy hat - fur or grass, fedoras, Irish caps, couple of baseball style caps, and the ole floppy...
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    Them Old Navy Chiefs

    ??? I thought 3 times was a season.
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    Comment by 'TallGrassHunter' in media 'My beloved rifles..'

    Very, very nice. Couldn't help but notice you like them big and Weatherby.
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    Heading to the Yukon in a week

    Besides my selfish reasons, let me share from my mistakes; take lots of pictures. Would enjoy seeing them, best of luck, and I suspect you're about to find out how good of shape you're in.
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    Rifle advice for the new guy

    XShock no way to improve upon the advice given here, I would just add a few words of caution. When this group talks of a support group, what they really mean is they'll help you pick out your new rifle.
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    Pregnant men! Consider yourself warned

    Might just be my old fashioned ways, but I want to know before any date.
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    30-06 inappropriate to hunt sheep

    I guess gun writers have to really dig to come up with an article that hasn't been written 20 times (or more) before. The Canadian sheep hunts I know about are also in brown bear territory, which in my opinion makes the 06 much more attractive than a 270 Win. Maybe I'm just biased, but I can't...
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    Reloader 17 - Accurate in 30-06, 7-08, 243Win. 257 Roberts, 375 H&H?

    My 375 H & H shoots the 300 grain bullets much better charged with W760, but for the lighter bullets RL 15 has been the best. I can't help myself and try a bunch of different powders/charges. I've only 1 load with RL19 that is really good in the 375. I can look it up if anyone needs it.
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    Reloader 17 - Accurate in 30-06, 7-08, 243Win. 257 Roberts, 375 H&H?

    Yep, Nosler has saved me heaps of time and powder in getting a good load. I know that my chamber isn't the same as theirs, but heck my chamber probably isn't the same as it was 200 rounds ago. I've found Nosler to be much more accurate than not, not too many times have I found a better load than...
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    Reloader 17 - Accurate in 30-06, 7-08, 243Win. 257 Roberts, 375 H&H?

    Lack of critical thinking? I was hoping to cheat a bit. You know how Nosler lists the most accurate charge for each powder? Would like to have started with a good point of reference for what may be the best charge weight for each listed cartridge.
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    Reloader 17 - Accurate in 30-06, 7-08, 243Win. 257 Roberts, 375 H&H?

    I very much appreciate you helping, just wouldn't be the first time I couldn't find something right in front of me. And Eddie, thank you. Will have a look.
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    Reloader 17 - Accurate in 30-06, 7-08, 243Win. 257 Roberts, 375 H&H?

    I visit the Hogden/IMR/WIN. and have never seen RL 17 listed. Am I missing it? As I have 3 of the Nosler manuals (all split at the binding, they need a new printing co.) I have never looked at their site. Will go to Nosler right now.
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    Reloader 17 - Accurate in 30-06, 7-08, 243Win. 257 Roberts, 375 H&H?

    Hello Gents, Most of my reloading books are old enough that RL 17 isn't listed. I'm wondering if any here have worked up loads with RL 17, or have current loading manual listing RL 17 for the above cartridges. Preferably accurate loads but I would be most interested minimum and maximum...