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    Big Tech censors hunting page

    If everyone uses this rationale, we'd never make a dent in their income. What about my second question: Are you confronting friends, relatives and neighbors on their support of liberals and the like? This is the really powerful action we can take.
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    Big Tech censors hunting page

    How many here have quit FaceBook, Twitter, etc. and encouraged their family members to do so as well? Frankly, there's not a lot of impact that we can have on tech giants and liberal politicians except making relationships uncomfortable with the people who support and vote for them. Whining...
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    Western Colorado Hunting Outfitters

    Does anyone have first-hand experience hunting with Western Colorado Hunting Outfitters? I'm researching for a 2021 or 2022 elk and mule deer hunt. Please don't send recommendations for other outfitters at this point. I'm only beginning my research. I will certainly ask for recommendations...
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    British Columbia Moose hunt

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    Ruger Safari Magnum

    I experienced the same issues with my RSM in .416 Rigby, but removing the burrs from the sides of the ejector and installing a heavier ejector spring cured the problem.
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    Bison kills hunter

    A cautionary tale indeed!
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    Holster recommendation requested

    No need to apologize. I looked at the holster on-line before purchase. Sometimes things just don't work as planned.... Thanks for the follow up.
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    Holster recommendation requested

    Well, I purchased the Blade Tech and used it for a while. Here's what I found: * The holster is adjustable for tension on the weapon. However, no matter how tight I make it, the pistol "rattles" in the holster. The molding is too wide for a Hi-Power profile and I suspect that it is better...
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    Hello from Wisconsin

    Welcome from another Wisconsinite with a man cave trophy room.
  10. Model 98 German Mauser sporterized and rebarreled, but still 8x57mm.

    Model 98 German Mauser sporterized and rebarreled, but still 8x57mm.

    White-tailed Deer Hunting
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    Military Surplus Rifles for Hunting

    Model 98 German Mauser sporterized and rebarreled, but still 8x57mm.
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    Knives - Why?

    I carry a Leatherman Surge along with the inch / metric bit set. I've never had to use the knife to dress game on safari, but the have used the tools more times than I can count. Most of the time, to repair someone else's gear. The jewelry screwdriver came in handy to repair my glasses once!
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    hello from Namibia

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    404 Jeffery dies

    If you think about what a poorly placed shot on a high $$ game animal would cost you, the extra money for the Redding dies does not sound like a bad deal. I switched out 8 of the 9 calibers that I load to Redding when I found out how much better the bullet run out was and the effect that it was...
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    416 bullets for Moose size game and big bears?

    I suggest that you use the bullet that groups best in your rifle. All that you have named are proven performers. Shot placement is still the most important factor.
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    Researcher from the US

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    Holster recommendation requested

    Based on your advice (which made great sense to me), I ordered the Blade Tech this morning. Thanks again.
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    I am sick

    Best wishes - get well soon!
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    Holster recommendation requested

    Thanks for the input, but I have a Bianchi for the Browning. At the time I bought it, it was the highest-riding option that they carried. While well made and durable, it has some features that I don't care for. With the explosion of holster options, it was time to get advice from the...
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    Holster recommendation requested

    Thanks for the XD advice, but I should have added that my wife's XD9 kinda has a permanent home: I mounted a Veridian laser / light on it and bought the Veridian holster that turns the light on when the weapon is removed. Then I mounted the holster to the bed frame on her side of the bed. She...
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    Holster recommendation requested

    Thanks to both of you. Both suggested holsters look excellent. Maybe I should look to something other than SOB. I've been carrying an M&P Shield 9mm in a kydex holster for quite a while, but my wife just picked up her CC license and her XD9 is too big for her to conceal, so I can see my M&P...
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    Holster recommendation requested

    I'm guessing that many US members of AH practice concealed carry, so I though that this was a good place to get advice on a specific holster: Does anyone have experience with and a recommendation for a small-of-the-back holster for a Browning Hi-Power? I'm really looking for input from...
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    Sharing my daughter's success

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    300 Winchester Magnum bullets for plains game

    I once had a PH tell me that he was happy when hunters showed up with TSX, A-Frame or Partition bullets. As long as they group well out of your rifle, I'm sure any one of these would work well.
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    Barnes TSX vs. TTSX

    Thanks. Since the day I had it built, Barnes are the only bullets that have been down the barrel of the 375 . I use Barnes solvent and scrub until there is no blue tint on the patches, so I'm pretty sure the barrel is very clean. I'll give the H414 at .070" off the lands a try.
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    Barnes TSX vs. TTSX

    I've used TSX in several calibers for a while now. I'm very happy with the performance and accuracy. I've tried several times to work up a load using 250gn TTSX in my .375 H&H, but so far, the groups are too large. Ditto the poor groups for 160gn TTSX in my 8mm Mauser, but I've only tested...
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    Ideas for skins/leather

    Here's one I posted before: I had impala and blesbok purses made for my wife. I also had several pillows made for the couches and chairs in my trophy room. Purses shown on this website: Before you ask, no, I didn't pay this much...
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    Recommendations On Rifle For My Wife

    Ditto this. My wife shoots an Encore in 7mm Rem Mag. I load a 140gn Barnes TSX for the rifle and it has all of the knock down and range needed for everything she has hunted. (Pronghorn, warthog, white tail, springbok, etc.) A nice plus: The Encore is a simple break-action single shot with...
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    NRA: Does anyone on AH know what is REALLY going on?

    I've been trying to locate a website for David Dell'Aquila so that I can get more information, but none of the major search engines bring it up on a search. They may be blocking it, I don't know for sure. Only anti-NRA articles pop up. Does anyone have a link?
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    NRA: Does anyone on AH know what is REALLY going on?

    I read this article too. I'm sure it has some truth in it, but Politico is a left-wing publication that often reports opinions as facts.
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    NRA: Does anyone on AH know what is REALLY going on?

    These are many well-made points about voting. I'm also glad to see that some AH participants have some knowledge about NRA board members. There is "voting" and there is "informed voting". I for one would appreciate advice when board elections roll around again. Also, I'm going to spend more...
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    NRA: Does anyone on AH know what is REALLY going on?

    Back to the issue of what is going on, I too would like to know and it wouldn't be a bad idea if there was a total house cleaning done from the top down. Just like any organization the bigger it gets them more problems it creates for itself. I highly doubt that any of us will ever really find...
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    NRA: Does anyone on AH know what is REALLY going on?

    Thanks all. My "gut" tells me that it's time for a house cleaning (executives and board) because NRA has become a big cow and many are milking it. However, gut feelings are not facts. I will continue to watch for information.
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    NRA: Does anyone on AH know what is REALLY going on? The link above is just one of a recent string of articles about financial issues, infighting and fiscal waste within the NRA. Since there are a lot of members of this forum that are also...
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    My wife and I used to buy some of our non-shooting sporting goods there, but that has come to an end.
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    JP Sauer & Sohn of SUHL unique/restored Cape Gun

    Very interesting! Have fun!
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    Mauser 98 Parts & Accessories For Sale

    Thanks Dave. All: The shroud is sold.
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    Scope Rings, Bases & Sling Studs For Sale

    Please see my previous post of Mauser parts. This is the rest of my "inventory reduction". I find this hard to believe, but I have enough center fire calibers (9) and really need to spend time hunting and shooting instead of building rifles. Again, all prices include US Priority Mail shipping...
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    Mauser 98 Parts & Accessories For Sale

    I have built several rifles using German 98 Mauser actions. I now need to spend more time shooting and hunting instead of rifle-building. Also, I need to create more space in my shop! As a result I am selling off my excess inventory of parts and accessories. All prices include US Priority...
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    8 x 57 Mauser

    Gert, here is the link
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    Just-finished Mauser Project

    Update: I am getting under 1 inch groups using 170gn HCSS Speer with 47.0gn of RL15 and with 160gn TTSX loaded with 49.0gn of Varget. Both are 0.020" off the lands. I cannot wait to see what happens with the second loading of the new brass. I full-length resize, but only bump the shoulder...
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    8 x 57 Mauser

    Gert, PS: The pictures of my Mauser can be found under the post "Just-finished Mauser Project" browningbbr
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    8 x 57 Mauser

    Gert, The barrel on my 8 x 57 is a Shaw. It's not a step barrel. I just completed retesting of rounds last week and had pretty good success with Speer 170gn HCSS (0.978" center to center) and Barnes 160gn TTSX (0.985" CtoC) bullets. I used 47.0gn of RL15 powder for the Speer bullets and...
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    Help deciding on a Rangefinder

    I use the Nikon with ID technology. Not real expensive, but distance compensation on uphill and downhill rifle shots has proved to be very accurate. Also, they are small and light. You have gotten many good recommendations already. If you have friends with rangefinders, why not borrow them...
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    8 x 57 Mauser

    Gert, I am loading to a speed of 2700 feet per second. I don't intend to use it in Africa, I have a .300 Win Mag, a .375 H&H and a .416 Rigby for that type of hunting. I used the the .300 for a hunt in the South Cape. I built the 8x57 on a M98 military action, but the barrel, stock, trigger...
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    8 x 57 Mauser

    Thanks! My first tests were 0.050 and 0.060" off of the lands. I'll try a little closer with the next loadings.