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  1. Tucketed

    Looking To Buy Swarovski 8x30 SLC Binoculars

    Love my Swarovski 8x30s. Given to me from Helmut Swarovski. I always carry a pack and my binos reside there while hiking in, noticed it was no longer there had to back track a day of hunting till I found it. The early morning coffee had kicked in and I had made a rush stop setting my pack on a...
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    Recoil Mitigation

    My 375 was slightly short. I added a Pachmayr Decelerator Slip On Recoil Pad over the existing pad. Makes a world of difference.
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    For Sale Military Grade Thermal Scope

    My past business was making all of the optics for L3/Insight gear likely this one. Top shelf nothing better, developed and used by Devgru and all of the special ops. Insights devices, infrared, night vision and laser designators took out OBL, Somali Pirates and scores of other very bad people.
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    375 H&H rebored to 404 Jeffery

    Dennis is doing a M70 conversion on a 375HH to 404J for me. Hopefully done in a couple of weeks. There are a number of folks here that have had him do their conversion. He is busy but give him a call. He is reasonable on cost and is highly regarded.
  5. Labrador Retriever & Pudlepointer

    Labrador Retriever & Pudlepointer

    My buddies Madeket the lab and Tiller a Pudlepointer. Madaket hunts food and Tiller has become a wonderful hunter.
  6. Tucketed

    Journey continues...

    Your killing me! I make my move back to Florida this week and would love to meet up with some of you guys for a Georgia quail hunt. Have to get some blood on my new Spanish 20. Ed
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    For Sale Browning Superposed 12ga Round Knob 26" IMP/MOD

    Salt wood was a process to fast cure walnut. Originally developed for the furniture industry by Morton Salt. Browning purchased the process and used it for a few years but found that the wood in contact with steel rusted. I believe there were a few years where 90 percent of the guns produced...
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    A man and his dog, lets see yours

    My buddies Madeket the lab and Tiller a Pudlepointer. Madaket hunts food and Tiller has become a wonderful hunter.
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    Bounce My Jack Russell Terrier

    Thanks for bringing the story of Bounce back to AH so I could read
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    The Small Bore Ivory Hunter By Karamojo Bell

    Great reading
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    Legal Victory For Safari Club International And America's Hunters

    A move in the right direction, thank you SCI
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    A new toy for Cal

    Cal Thanks for the update. I’ll see if I can’t dig a little more. I love doing historical digging. Ed
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    A new toy for Cal

    Cal It might be worth a call to Birdseye Mercantile in Avon Montana. A CJ Birdseye established this in 1887. His business was called Birdseye and company. He appears to be a general merchant during the gold/silver rush these types of stores were who sold firearms at the time and this also could...
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    Has anyone hunted on horseback

    Twenty years ago we had a friend with a large ranch and well trained hunting horses. In December we would hunt deer while in saddle. We used buckshot and the horses were very good at navigating thick palmetto brush which the deer hid out in. The horse would put the hunter high enough so we had...
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    A new toy for Cal

    Beautiful rifle, simply gorgeous. A little search found some correspondence of a Birdseye and Company involved with a British Syndicate purchasing Montana Mining. Dates appear to be 1890’s to 1905. Not sure if this is a tie but it’s England and around the proper time period. Enjoy Ed
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    Maybe this was discussed earlier in this thread but look up 1968 Pandemic and 1958. Both killed over 100,000 in US and over 1 Million worldwide. When my son mentioned it I had no memories of it even though a teen in 68. No lockdown just being careful...
  17. Pudlepointer Dog Breed

    Pudlepointer Dog Breed

    It’s a versatile breed, NAVHDA. It’s a wonderful home family dog and it’s drive is incredible. I have had many labs and other pointers but Pudlepointers have an incredible personality and are extremely intelligent. The other plus is they don’t shed.
  18. Tucketed

    ZIMBABWE: Early Season Elephant Hunt With Nyamazana Safaris

    Nicely done Mike and Gina, Congrats. I also like your little pause for thanks. Sorry if it’s been stated prior, what red dot did you use? Thank you for sharing. One day I hope to do the same with Wayne’s crew.
  19. Tucketed

    Best upland bird dog?

    Look up Pudlepointer. It’s a versatile breed, NAVHDA. It’s a wonderful home family dog and it’s drive is incredible. I have had many labs and other pointers but Pudlepointers have an incredible personality and are extremely intelligent. The other plus is they don’t shed.
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    Just filled my two Turkey tags today

    @Joedad nice hooks, congrats
  21. Pedro Arrizabalaga 20 Bore Rifle

    Pedro Arrizabalaga 20 Bore Rifle

  22. Tucketed

    Reproduction Elephant Tusks

    Ed Look beautiful, love the stands and Zimbabwe stamps. I still drool when I read your hunt report. The picture of you and Wayne and your hunt mementos is superb. I was supposed to leave next weekend for a visit with Wayne. Congrats to all on your fantastic hunt. Ed
  23. Tucketed

    Joined the club...

    @Tanks nice going. I just picked up a Pedro Arrizabalaga 20 bore this week. I have a Merkel 12 but this is my first Spanish lady. If you haven’t read “Spanish Best” by Terry Wieland it’s a nice read on gun making and makers.
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    Delta Airlines News

    I think it’s funny how many on the board here hate Delta. Have you ever looked at the ratings of the top 10 US Airlines? I fly predominantly Delta with many long haul flights and a at least a couple hundred thousand miles per year, until this year. I shutter every time I book an American or...
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    Silence in The Selous

    Great story telling, nice hunt
  26. Tucketed

    My .404 Jeffery is home

    Actually I miss spoke 1 and chamber 3 in magazine.
  27. Tucketed

    My .404 Jeffery is home

    I believe the .404 Jeffery the nomenclature stands for 4 rounds in the magazine.
  28. Tucketed

    Elk Help Colorado Black Powder

    Interesting concept my eyes are also a struggle. All my other rifles I have gone to scopes or red dots and hence both not allowed in Colorado BP this could be just the ticket. Thank you I’ll try one out Ed
  29. Tucketed

    Elk Help Colorado Black Powder

    glad to hear two supports from the forum. I respect all of your knowledge. My Colorado hunts were always a learning experience. From nothing to guiding my kids and some friends. Hard to believe 23 seasons, time flies. I sure miss those days so have to get back out there. My archery is more...
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    Elk Help Colorado Black Powder

    @Ridgewalker thank you much. I really appreciate Ed
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    Elk Help Colorado Black Powder

    So I have hunted bow and black powder in Colorado over 20 years. A number of years ago the lodgepole pines were killed off by bugs and now the trees where I love to hunt are falling and getting horses in and hunting is not much fun. Needless to say it’s been 5 years of no bugle hunting and i...
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    Rifle weight

    Guess my win 70 375 at just a tad under 11lbs. In my mid 60s and deer or elk hunt with a pack which weighs more. I am trying to understand why a pound makes that big of a difference. I understand a double in the woods for grouse or pheasant in the field all day but the only thing I have found a...
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    Greetings from London and Luanda!

    Wonderful adventure. I saw your recent post needing help for information on poaching in Mozambique which led me to this adventure. Great job not only putting this trip and documentary together but also raising money for HALO. Thank you for posting and good luck on your life travels
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    Tag Soup Podcast - SCI

    Philip Thank you for posting this and thank you for what you do. Enjoyed this very much and listening to your stories was wonderful. Thanks again for everything you do supporting our sport and dreams Ed
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    First .375 on the way!

    @Skinnersblade all I can say is I love my 375HH Win model 70 which i purchased 2 years ago. It’s a beautiful rifle to shoot and is ready to go to Zimbabwe if we can get this dang virus under control. I love it so much I went ahead and have a 404J being built from a Winchester 375HH action...
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    For Sale Tuffpak 1050 Gun Case Key Lock Version US$200

    If no one has bought it I will
  37. Tucketed

    Feral cats in Australia

    As a young boy the farm we lived on had a dump from the prison. I got my pellet practice shooting piles of rats but the dump also attracted feral cats. My father bought me two large havahart live traps which I used for a number of years. My neighbors were Amish and would attend a auction in...
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    I just started down this path. Buying the RCBS kit and other starter things. The previous 3 months reading and watching as much as possible to get the basics understood. I found that I was starting to use custom bought ammo which were proving to be more accurate than premium ammo. I wanted the...
  39. Tucketed

    Wife's second Osceola Turkey.. First doing her own calling....

    TSS #9 is the ticket. TSS is much heavier than Heavi Shot. Last two years I switched and 9 long beards later I am sold. They aren’t giving them away and recoil in a 3 inch is modest but the pattern is tight and the 9s have plenty of energy to 40 yards.
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    Wife's second Osceola Turkey.. First doing her own calling....

    Good for her, love spring gobbler, congratulations
  41. Tucketed

    Curious to see what action people are taking for the Coronavirus

    Yes, thank you BRICKBURN
  42. Tucketed

    Curious to see what action people are taking for the Coronavirus

    Working in the yard, taking dogs for runs, playing board games and drinks in evening, getting my old Beeman pistol out teaching my wife and daughter proficiency at handgun shooting, answering work calls and emails. Enough food and drinks for 4 weeks. Not bad just wish everyone was being socially...
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    Just finished WP nyala mount

    Nice mount, great job it’s certainly a beauty
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    Hello from Western New York (as far from the city as you can get)

    Welcome BigTree, I am located in Rochester. This is the best place on the internet for your Africa planning or learning all sorts of wonderful things around the world. Many of these guys and gals are experts with many hunts under their wings and reside every where in the world. My understanding...
  45. Tucketed

    New dot sight on my Sako Brown Bear

    Just a little caution on red dots or reflex sights being parallax free. They are not. Though parallax is better understood and compensated for it exists even in dot sights. Check weld and getting your eye in exactly the same place as we all know is key. If you notice on the newer Burris Fastfire...
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  47. Tucketed

    ZIMBABWE: Hunting Opportunities With My Son

    Wonderful times, spending times in the woods with your kids is special. Still hoping my kids and I can complete our hunt this year if not June we will be ready when we can. I heard Gin and Tonics help with keeping the virus at bay! Stay safe
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    Disappointed, wheels will not be up in five days

    That really blows. Would not have thought going to Argentina would be stopped. So sorry, hopefully you can reschedule in a month or so
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    Joining the 404 Jeffrey Cult

    Beautiful rifle, nice
  50. Tucketed


    Italy has the 2nd best healthcare system in the world by the WHO. Personally i believe we have the best and could care less about the WHO ratings.The issue in Italy is ICU beds and ventilators. Triage ongoing in Italian hospitals deciding who they help and who they don’t. Issue here is how...