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  1. Erny

    Trophy Elephant Hunt 12 Day Safari Caprivi

    Dream hunt for me!!! Just curious is it exportable to the USA?
  2. Erny

    One rifle for North American big game?

    300 Win Mag. Your good from Kodiak brown bear to Javelina and every in between. I personally shoot 180 grain Nosler Partions. The 300 Win Mag is also a fantastic plains game caliber.
  3. Erny

    One rifle for North American big game?

    I my humble opinion the 300 WM is the best option caliber out there for North America and plains game in Africa.
  4. Erny

    Vortex or Leupold for 375 H&H

    My 375 H&H wears a gold ring. In fact all my rifles have gold rings except one that has a Zeiss
  5. Erny

    Sighting in your rifles for hunting

    Most of my rifles are sighted in at 200 yards. I have the ballistics memorized for my favorite 300 mag rifle. At 200 yard zero I just aim dead on to 250 yards. It has just always worked out for me. My 375 H&H is sighted in at 100 yards. I don’t really plan on shooting anything more that...
  6. Erny

    Sable & Roan Combo Hunt For Only US$6,000

    Sounds good!
  7. Erny

    Sable & Roan Combo Hunt For Only US$6,000

    Nice deal!!!!! Would it be possible to add a hippo that can exported to USA?
  8. Erny

    Specialist Plains Game Hunt Package

    Nice deal. What size sable would one expect?
  9. Erny

    Hippo & Crocodile Hunt - Beast Of The Water Hunt

    Are the Hippo and Croc exportable to USA?
  10. Erny

    KMG Hunting Safaris 2020 Late Season Offer

    Wow! Great prices.
  11. Erny

    Sable Hunt Special Limpopo

    How large a bull would you anticipate?
  12. Erny

    Sable Hunt Special Limpopo

    Nice deal!
  13. Erny

    WIN a FREE Hunt, Taxidermy & Sightseeing Week in Romania with a Guest for 2019

    Nice trophies! Congrats on the hunt.
  14. Erny

    Sable & Roan Cancellation Hunt

    Heck of a deal. What Horn size would you expect? Also do you have a price list for other plains game that can be added to the hunt?
  15. Erny

    KMG Hunting Safaris AH Members Group Hunt With BRICKBURN In 2020

    Sounds like a lot of fun. Let me give this some thought and may be sending a deposit.
  16. Erny

    Late Season Hunt Special 2019 With KMG Hunting Safaris

    One heck of a deal.
  17. Erny

    MOZAMBIQUE: Hunt With Tootabi Valley Safaris

    Very nice Kudu.
  18. Burchell's Plain Zebra

    Burchell's Plain Zebra

  19. Erny

    ZIMBABWE: 2018 Cast & Blast x2 With Nyamazana Safaris

    Very good. Keep posting.
  20. Erny

    HUGE Bushbuck 18 1/4" Fun Mount

    What a dandy
  21. Erny

    Trophy Elephant Hunting Safari Caprivi Namibia

    Is it exportable to the USA?
  22. Erny

    Can you remember your first African animal?

    Black Wildebeest.. can remember everything about that day. One of the best days of my life.
  23. Erny


    I have both a 300 WSM and 300 Win Mag. They are both great cartridges and would consider them esentally equal. If you are going to buy one for all around use I would recommend the 300 Win Mag. Only because you can purchase ammunition for it almost anywhere.
  24. Erny

    New Member From Texas

    Welcome aboard.
  25. Erny

    17 Days till wheels up for South Africa!!

    Good luck and be sure to post pics