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  1. Ironhorse375

    Draw Results coming in

    Jim, My Facebook post started after I got back. Zero cell service in the wilderness area. Lol.
  2. Ironhorse375

    Draw Results coming in

    A very happy, and very sore mountain goat hunter here! What a challenging hunt. Pics and story to follow.
  3. Ironhorse375

    Draw Results coming in

    Well gents. 10 hours from now ill be at the trailhead starting my mountain goat hunt. All is packed and double triple checked. 20 years to draw this tag in Colorado. At least the area I'm hunting isn't caught up in all the wildfires. I'll try to post as possible. Not sure how much I will be...
  4. Ironhorse375

    TAJIKISTAN: Tajikistan Marco Polo Hunt November 2018

    Scott thats impressive Thanks
  5. Ironhorse375

    For Sale .416 Rigby Ammunition Factory New Cheap

    Happy to take 3 boxes off your hands.
  6. Ironhorse375

    Which is the best game meat?

    Mike I hear mountain lion is a sweeter meat? Never had bear so I don't have a reference
  7. Ironhorse375

    Which is the best game meat?

    In Africa Zebra was our favorite. In the states Moose Wild sheep both Dalls and rocky mountain bighorn Elk. Not a huge fan of mule deer. I hear mountain lion is top notch. Just have to get one first and then I'll let you know.
  8. Ironhorse375

    Zoom Safari... it's about to happen!

    Count me in. Thanks IH375
  9. Ironhorse375

    Just filled my two Turkey tags today

    Awesome beard! Both.
  10. Ironhorse375

    Draw Results coming in

    Your right Phil. Been applying since 2000. I'm super lucky to have drawn that either set mountain goat tag. I'm excited. Plus the added bonus I get to take my 32 year old son on a pack in wilderness hunt. Who knows maybe ill draw a moose tag. But not holding my breath. I've been assured that...
  11. Ironhorse375

    Draw Results coming in

    Great picture Beautiful buck!
  12. Ironhorse375

    How Does Recoil Contribute to the Likelihood of a Torn Retina?

    I'm guessing this may be a job for Myth buster guys on TV. Place the sensors on Buster. Hook a 416 up to him see how he fares. Damn. You could stuff him in a funny car too. Lol....
  13. Ironhorse375

    Draw Results coming in

    @firebird, What is a "dedicated hunter" ? Also what are you looking for in Wyoming tag wise? Congratulations to your daughters. We certainly need more young people out there.
  14. Ironhorse375

    How Does Recoil Contribute to the Likelihood of a Torn Retina?

    Thanks for finding and posting the link on recoil and retinas. " guess I just didn't see.. that one.
  15. Ironhorse375

    Draw Results coming in

    As draw results are being released who drew a tag they have been waiting forever for?
  16. Ironhorse375

    How Does Recoil Contribute to the Likelihood of a Torn Retina?

    Bill, I can speak directly to part of this. I'm 62 now but 3 years ago I actually had one of my retinas detach . My history was of retinal tears secondary to trauma over 40 years prior that was repaired with a laser. This time was quite different I required surgery and my chances were poor to...
  17. Ironhorse375


    Thanks, Its a bear for sure but survivable. Working on getting endurance and lungs back into shape.
  18. Ironhorse375


    I've followed this thread for awhile. Its been tempting to jump in and give some first hand perspective. I'm in a unique position to now attempt to engage this subject. First of all what we absolutely know today about treatments, methodology and survivability could very well change in coming...
  19. Ironhorse375

    Buffalo Hunt For The Books!

    Outstanding recount of a exciting hunt. Wonderful old bull. Thanks for sharing
  20. Ironhorse375

    .416 Rigby - Will this stock hold up?

    Sir. I have a RSM in 416 Rigby. Personally I wouldn't shoot one with a thumb hole. That pic appears to be a Weatherby rifle? I would rather keep my digits. Best of luck in your search.
  21. Ironhorse375

    For Sale Leupolds

    I got a chance to look thru Ridgewalkers 2×12 vx6. Very nice optics. man he's a good salesman for you. trying to figure out funding
  22. Ironhorse375

    ZIMBABWE: Huge Buffalo Hunt With Hartzview Hunting Safaris

    Fantastic story! Wonderful buffalo! Congratulations! As far as hunting with dogs following a wounded buffalo I can relate that it was extremely helpful for me. The alertness of the dogs gave us the heads up we needed to face a charging buffalo. Again awesome buffalo!
  23. Ironhorse375

    Prayers needed

    Prayers his way
  24. Ironhorse375

    Buffalo & Crocodile Combo Hunt At Mafojani Safaris In South Africa

    Sounds like a job for my 338 win mag
  25. South Africa Hunt Warthog

    South Africa Hunt Warthog

  26. Ironhorse375

    Buffalo & Crocodile Combo Hunt At Mafojani Safaris In South Africa

    Thank you sir. That certainly helps with a time frame. What is the average shot distance on crocodile? I ask because my 416 is topped with a 1.5x5 Leupold scope. is that enough magnification For the smaller target of a crocodiles brain ? When I do my part I can shoot 1.5 to 2 inch groups at...
  27. Ironhorse375

    Its A Party!

    Sounds like a good time. Definitely on our radar.
  28. Ironhorse375

    Warthog Pictures

  29. Ironhorse375

    Buffalo & Crocodile Combo Hunt At Mafojani Safaris In South Africa

    Lol, you got to love youthful enthusiasm. His bb gun is a step up from his pop gun that he stealthily carried around the house in search of African game.
  30. Ironhorse375

    Buffalo & Crocodile Combo Hunt At Mafojani Safaris In South Africa

    What time of year is best to hunt crocodile? I don’t really have a clue. This is the combination that I’ve been looking for. Since it’s my wife and grandson who are non hunting. Well for the time being. This Christmas Zane who is 5, got himself a BB gun. He is telling me that little hunter is...
  31. Ironhorse375

    Buffalo Bull Hunting 2020

    Is this hunting package still available?
  32. Ironhorse375

    Last Hunt of 2019

    You have to love hunting ringnecks . A crisp morning with some snow behind a good dog and late season wiley rooster. What’s not love? Congratulations and a happy New Years to you also!
  33. Ironhorse375

    Father & Son Plainsgame Trophy Package Hunt Eastern Cape

    Happy New Years to you also, and thanks for the amazing offer! Like others here my sons are above 18 but my awesome grandson wants to go hunting with papa all the time. Getting youth outdoors and off electronic devices is a win for everyone including wildlife.
  34. Ironhorse375

    ZIMBABWE: Amazing Zimbabwe Safari With JKO Hunting Safaris

    Awesome account of a great adventure. How was the cruise portion of your trip? The side trip looks fantastic. Good shooting! Sending you a PM for more details.
  35. Ironhorse375

    ZIMBABWE: Matetsi Unit One SCI Cape Buffalo

    Also would like to hear about your adventure. I'm looking at the same area.
  36. Ironhorse375

    First safari booked april/may 2021

    You can't help but have a fantastic time. And hunting with your son. Priceless.
  37. Ironhorse375

    A Double Barrel Rifle, A Gaur & A Very Unpleasant Surprise

    Sir thank you for the remarkable account of a fantastic hunt. The pictures are certainly a very nice touch. I love the old black and white photos. You painted such a vivid story with your words,the photos were almost not needed.
  38. Ironhorse375

    TANZANIA: Double Dugga Boy With Bullet Safaris!

    Can’t wait to hear more!
  39. Ironhorse375

    First Dangerous Game Hunt

    Ahh The planning, preparation and anticipation are half the fun. Have a great time. Safe trip. Looking forward to your story.
  40. Ironhorse375

    Last Minute Buffalo Hunt

    Thinking hard....
  41. Ironhorse375

    New trophy room

    Nicely done sir
  42. Ironhorse375

    SOUTH AFRICA: Pawprint Kalahari Lion & Lioness Hunt

    Phil, Amazing trip and amazing stories. The youngest 72 year old gentleman I know
  43. Ironhorse375

    SOUTH AFRICA: Buffalo Rodeo In The Kalahari

    Very good report. Congratulations on a fine buffalo.
  44. Ironhorse375

    I'm a Grandpa!!

    Congratulations, Grandparents best gig in the world. Enjoy