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    Wanted 416 Remington Magnum Supplies

    Barnes banded solids 400 gr bullets .60 each have 400. Corbin 300 gr otm hollow point bullets $60 for 100
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    Need 458 Lott & 416 Rigby Brass

    No problem. I also have some 405 gr cast gascheck bullets cast up that I used to shoot in 458 win mag.
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    Need 458 Lott & 416 Rigby Brass

    I have a few hundred rcbs 416 350 gr bullets ready to load. 100 northfork 300 gr jacketed 416 bullets. 400 Barnes 400 gr banded solids. And about 400 500 gr 458 tsx bullets for the Lott. Pm sent f interested.
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    New & Once Fired Brass For Sale

    Ill take the whelen brass
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    For Sale Long Range .338 Like New Unfired

    I'll take it. Pm coming
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    Want To Buy .375 Ruger Ammunition

    8231. 8233
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    Want To Buy .375 Ruger Ammunition

    Can look when I get back home. I have 10 boxes ,300 gr round nose. And 10 270 spire point only want to sell half
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    Want To Buy .375 Ruger Ammunition

    I have 10 boxes of factory Hornady ammo $525 shipped
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    Ruger Super Blackhawk 44 Magnum For Trade

    I have a new in box vx3i 3.5-10 1 inch tube
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    Wilson Combat Elite Professional 1911 .45ACP For Trade For .375 H&H

    I have a ,cz550 safari classic in 375 if that peaks your interest. Or a win model 70 in 458
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    Want To Buy 375 Remington Ultra Mag

    Bass pro catalog outlet in Springfield MO has about 20 boxes of Remington 375 run ammo loaded with 300 gr a frames for $40 per box
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    .416 Rigby - Wanted Reloading Supplies & Ammunition

    I'll send a pm. I have 3-400 brass, dies 100 factory loads. And probably 1500 projectiles.
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    For Sale CMP Special Service Grade & HXP Ammunition

    Cz 550 safari classic 375 ?
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    Want To Buy 405 Winchester Brass

    Gary Reeder had some he was selling.
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    Big Bore Hunting Rounds Wanted

    9.3x 57 9.3x62 35 whelen 358 win 308 Norma 338 win 338-06 338 rcm 375 Ruger 375 whelen 375 win 376 hh 416 Taylor 416 Ruger 416 Rigby 458 win Most wouldn't be proper headstamped brass. Alot of the cases I form from 30/06 brass I could make a dummy of each of these but it would take...
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    For Sale Leupold VX3i 3.5-10x40

    I'll take it. Pm forthcoming
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    Wanted New .458 WM Brass

    I have about 200 rounds of factoryammo if you can't find any brass
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    Want To Buy Ruger M77 MKII Express Rifle 30/06

    This one was polished blue not matte had a 1/4 rib and no muzzle brake. Definitely was a mk 2 not a Hawkeye
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    Want To Buy Ruger M77 MKII Express Rifle 30/06

    Cabela's Kansas City has one in 6.5x55 in the gun room
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    Stainless Ruger #1 In 458 Lott For Sale

    I'd say price is fair. I like it but not sure about recoil
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    For Sale Weatherby Mark 5 Ultra Lightweight 300 Weatherby Magnum

    I have a cz550 safari classic in 375
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    .416 400gr Trophy Bonded Bear Claw Bullets For Sale

    Any chance you would want to trade some for 416 Barnes solids. Or 458 500 gr tsx ?
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    For Sale .416 Ruger Guide Gun

    The rifle is now bedded in a factory black synthetic stock shoots much better groups. Shot 2 nice black bears in ak this spring and a dozen hogs in Oklahoma . Headed north for moose this fall but will probably take 338-06. Lighter and shoots little flatter
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    For Sale Winchester 70 7RM

    Sent you a pm. Best I can tell it is a gen 3 21 SF.
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    For Sale Winchester 70 7RM

    I have a 21 SF I believe it's a gen 3 can check tonight after work
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    Wanted ISO 375 Ruger Guide Gun

    I have a 375 Alaskan with the brake and hogue stock. That I would sell but I also have about 25 boxes of factory Hornady ammo that would have to go with the rifle
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    Want To Buy Sako Brown Bear/Kodiak

    Sako Kodiak 375 hh. Fired very little still have the box. Will come with a set of rings but they have never been on the rifle. Comes with about 150 pieces of 1 x fired brass $1600 plus ship to your FFL from missouri
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    375 H&H Sako Kodiak For Sale

    I'm thinking of drilling an tapping 8-40 using warne stainless bases and Leupold qrw rings and just cerakote the rings
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    375 H&H Sako Kodiak For Sale

    Like it so far. Need to find a set of rings and really wring it out
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    For Sale Truck Gun For Cape Buffalo Or Brown Bear 416 Caliber

    I have a new Leupold vx3 in the safe. I think it's a 3.5-10 I'll have to check for sure tomorrow
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    For Sale Ruger 30mm Stainless Rings

    PayPal sent
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    For Sale Ruger 30mm Stainless Rings

    PayPal? I'm working about 150 miles from a post office
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    375 H&H Sako Kodiak For Sale

    I really didn't need it but I handled one a few years ago on a hunting trip in ak and price was good enough. That and I didn't get anything good for Christmas. Lol
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    375 H&H Sako Kodiak For Sale

    Too late .
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    375 H&H Sako Kodiak For Sale

    Any interest in a cz 550 in 416 Rigby. Or a model 70 safari express in 458 win ?
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    375 H&H Sako Kodiak For Sale

    I'm interested but I just bought 3 rifles . Hard to justify another big bore. But those kodiaks are a sweet rifle
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    6.8 lb?

    I had the exact rifle you describe. Recoil was actually not bad . I think it was a combination of stock design and that squishy recoil pad they come with . My issues with the x bolt are the extractor riding over the case I'm and failures to extract . And let's not forget the cheesy magazine
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    Ruger M77/44 Carbine For Sale

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    Ruger M77/44 Carbine For Sale

    I've kinda wanted one of these For some tune . Shipping included or extra ?
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    Rechambering to Ruger Magnums

    I was going to have a Ruger 77 stainless in 338 win rebored to 416 then I found a 416 hawkeye on gunbroker for $620 . Look just like the African without the brake
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    For Sale .416 Ruger Guide Gun

    Tarbe . Pm sent about some other deals I found
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    For Sale .416 Ruger Guide Gun

    I'll take it. Pm incoming
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    Custom Reloading Dies Wanted

    Ch4d. Does They make good functional dies
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    Wanted 470NE 500gr Trophy Bonded Sledgehammer

    There are some Barnes banded solids on GunBroker for cheap. $15 per 50 I bought a ton of the 416 solids and the 458 tsx. These guys are selling and all arrived great
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    405 Winchester Double Rifle Wanted

    There is a butch Searcy double in 405 at the Springfield bass pro fine gun room had really nice wood was priced a little over $10k
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    Cz 550 416 Rigby Package Deal For Sale

    The middle rifle is the 416. I will get better pics of everything tonight now that I found out how to load them. The rigoe on the right is a 375 hh I am also considering selling .
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    Cz 550 416 Rigby Package Deal For Sale

    Working on pictures. If anyone is interested in the meantime I can e mail or text them
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    Cz 550 416 Rigby Package Deal For Sale

    I have a cz 550 in 416 Rigby. Rifle is in good shape and has served me well Feeds Barnes fn banded solids so should work with about anything . Rifle has European style stock . To go along with the rifle I have 156 pieces of brass. About 40 are once fires the rest are 2x fired. 18 rounds...