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  1. DieJager

    International travel to RSA open October 1st 2020!!!

    Really wanted to go in '21 but decided to to some improvements to the house and will go to Africa in '22... To risky with all the lockdowns and changing rules
  2. DieJager

    Western Australian PC wokes at it again

    Sad... But is is the reality.. I would certainly wish everybody could post what he wants but that is not how the world works. Hunting African game has become controversial, do not post pictures with you and the animal if you know their is a chance the antis will weaponize it. A few more...
  3. DieJager to be updated

    This will take some time for me to get used to..
  4. DieJager

    Would you like a Cigar?

    Last night was a 2 cigar night. First a Partagas No. 1 Maduro. Smooth smoke, light Cedar, first some cream and floral notes. Later white pepper. But probably the pairing with the scotch overwhelmed the flavours of the cigar. Switched to a coca cola after the scotch, also because I had to...
  5. DieJager

    Would you like a Cigar?

    After work, nice craft beer and a Partagas Aristocrats. Second stick I smoked from these. Construction of first one was flawed, this one was great. Taste was great from Both. This small stick packsa punch. Starting with hints of cream, some wood flavour (oak?). White pepper on the retrohale...
  6. DieJager

    Would you like a Cigar?

    Great thread... The wife and kids are away and monday being my day off I decided to light on up. Gurkha Heritage, nice medium stick. Gurkha is hit and miss but the Heritage ones I am enjoying. Cedar notes, must, leather and a hint of something sweet.
  7. DieJager

    Duck Hunting in Europe?

    Not a duck hunting guy but at least two of the above mentioned species are huntable in Finland. Google Wildmark Finland
  8. DieJager


    Welkom Enrico!
  9. DieJager

    Is there such a thing as too big?

    Great minds think alike... And also ... A dirty mind is a joy forever..(y)
  10. DieJager

    Is anyone booking Flights for Next year yet?

    I am waiting for a finalized offer. When all of the details are worked out I will go end of may beginning of June. Small chance for march or april
  11. DieJager

    The Last Day On The Job

    I Just feel your pain Major when reading this. Such raw emotions and so eloquently written. God bless you Sir.
  12. DieJager

    The Hunt of a Lifetime: Randy Newberg

    What is a CPA?
  13. DieJager

    Where Did All The Real Hunters Go?

    @Tanks I see what you mean now. I can better understand your position. My understanding was that his main point was that their was a lack of basic hunting skills and that technology made that worse. For me it seemed more a challenge to educate myself in having betterprimal survival skills...
  14. DieJager

    Where Did All The Real Hunters Go?

    I understand your sentiment. My post was not particularly directed at you. I would understand the reasoning better if it was a one man company who would outright say he only was willing to do work for what his definition of a hunter was. This is not the case I think. It seems rather a poor...
  15. DieJager

    Where Did All The Real Hunters Go?

    I try to be as polite as I can but give the guy a break. So he made a wrong calculation, maybe stepped on some toes. Who cares. Are we fellows, as. a part of the hunting community, part of the cancel culture now? I'm not, the guy has an opinion on a hunting forum. Quite the shocker.
  16. DieJager

    Where Did All The Real Hunters Go?

    So true, my almost daily " adventures" consist of shooting crows and pigeons. Glad that I do not only have rocks to throw at them...
  17. DieJager

    Making A Terminally Ill Client's Final Dream Come True

    The man was blessed with the company he had hired for the hunt. May he be on the eternal hunting grounds, with his comrades, hunting panthers till eternity. Thank you for this story, Major.
  18. DieJager

    Mark Sullivan shows us how to handle a Double Rifle

    Probably not the most popular opinion... But I liket thevideo's of Mark. Today I received 12 of the, the whole collection, of dvd's he offers on his website. Saw 2 films before that and enjoyed them. Also mailing with him was a pleasure he is quite the gentleman. I would compare him more to a...
  19. DieJager

    How (I Personally Believe) The Future Of Hunting Can Be Saved

    Major, Thank your for the kind words of my country. Well the next time your are visiting the Netherlands it would be my honor to have you over for dinner and a chat (would love to hear more of your adventures,) as my guest.
  20. DieJager

    What do hunters look for when researching / booking their safaris?

    Two main points; - good reviews/hunting references ( Google is your friend) - a swift and polite answer on emails or when to expect a detailed response. The latter on all the points that are mentioned regarding the preferences what I would like for that specific hunt (e.g. area size, animal...
  21. DieJager

    Which is the best game meat?

    I always cook with wine, sometimes even adding it to the food :whistle:;)
  22. DieJager

    Ever OK to shoot from a truck?

    Typo, it is a jackdaw. Species of bird in the crow family.
  23. DieJager

    Which is the best game meat?

    No, not kidding. Some Swiss hunters eat it, they call it fuchspfeffer. Here is a video from Deutsche Jagdzeitung. Thinking about it to experiment with it this weekend. If I shoot it I will try to eat it
  24. DieJager

    How (I Personally Believe) The Future Of Hunting Can Be Saved

    Last polls in the Netherlands are showing that a majority is for hunting. The Royal Dutch Hunting Association is doing, finally after decades without action, its job. That said it is showing a support for the hunting that takes place over here. I think support for hunting DG in Africa would...
  25. DieJager

    Ever OK to shoot from a truck?

    Hunting big game is called management and is mainly seen as a management tool over here, shooting from a car is legal, in some areas the only way the landowner or the forestry agency will let you shoot is from your car. This way they think you are not a disturbing the recreationists. Luckily...
  26. DieJager

    How (I Personally Believe) The Future Of Hunting Can Be Saved

    @375Fox . As a 32 year old Hunter, Let me say I mostly agree with you, certainly on the issue of non-toxic shot and bullets. Albeit bullets in a lesser degree. I think unity is the key, certainly on issues like CBL Hunting. My opinion is that while you may disagree on the subject it would be...
  27. DieJager

    Blaser - L&O Group Company Owners Germany - Email Addresses

    @NWT . My advice would be the same as @wesheltonj . Just curious, what is the problem you stumbled upon?
  28. DieJager

    Which is the best game meat?

    Venison from Roe deer is good. It is the main game meat I eat. Have eaten jackdawns and crows in a pie, it was good. Have some Fox meat in the freezer, haven't eaten it yet.
  29. DieJager

    How (I Personally Believe) The Future Of Hunting Can Be Saved

    @Bob Nelson 35Whelen . This is so true. A lot of it is not having knowledge about hunting. Lot of non-hunters are having trouble understanding that we kill in order to hunt instead of hunting in order to kill. Besides lots of them having issues with pictures of the trophy with the hunter...
  30. DieJager

    How (I Personally Believe) The Future Of Hunting Can Be Saved

    First this is not personal. But I am reacting to the sentiment your posting. So tired of the " but brigade". But but... It has nothing to do with these people. It is only a stick to beat us with for these people. So there a a few bad apples, cry me a river. Even if all of our were saints they...
  31. DieJager


    I am a small goverment guy. A rare breed where I live. I am all for localism. If the protesters in Amsterdam , and for you guys in left wing cities in the USA want to abolish the police let them. Let them live in their own Utopia ( distopia within a few weeks). On the condition they live in it...
  32. DieJager

    The Art Of Hunting The Great Bears Of Bengal: A Comprehensive Guide

    Very informative and fascinating article. Thank you Major. Is their any commercial hunting in Bangladesh?
  33. DieJager

    Rhodesia/Zimbabwe Loses A Bit More History & Tradition

    Well, I hope you are right but that is the utopian in me. In Europe we still are picking the fruits of the hippie-generation. They destroyed religion and their mass imigration pitted one citizen against the other. The youth does not believe in anything anymore. Except instant gratification.Taxes...
  34. DieJager

    Rhodesia/Zimbabwe Loses A Bit More History & Tradition

    This is in part what I meant in my previous post. Momentum is going one way. Ride it out till it swings back.
  35. DieJager

    Rhodesia/Zimbabwe Loses A Bit More History & Tradition

    Let me get a bit philosophical. In theNetherlands there was a mass protest despite the corona measures. The left wing mayor of Amsterdam allowed it. Whilst recently we werent allowed to visit a dying family member. The prime minister said our "Black Pete" tradition must go because of the magic...
  36. DieJager

    A Close Shave

    Thank you sir for your response. Hopefully you can change some minds. Lead by example.
  37. DieJager

    A Close Shave

    Thank you Sam, for sharing your story. I have a question, you are living in India if I understood correct. What is the general opinion about hunting under the Indian youth?
  38. DieJager

    Without tourists, South African farmers cull antelope to feed community

    Any updates when SA is planning to reopen for foreign hunters?
  39. DieJager

    The Art Of Hunting The Bengal Bush Boar: A Comprehensive Guide

    Hope for a speedy recovery. And waiting for the next installment. :A Popcorn:
  40. DieJager

    Best hunting movies Africa or otherwise

    Well thank you. I am definitely set for the next couple of months.(y) Because of this thread I already watched a few movies that are mentioned with mixed results. Watched Hatari, was not my cup of tea, sorry guys. Enjoyed The Naked Prey and really liked The Last Safari with Stewart Granger...
  41. DieJager

    Best hunting movies Africa or otherwise

    Ah forgot that scene. Great movie btw. When seeing your avatar I remember I forgot to mention the film Roar (1981). Crazy scenes with lots of Lions and tigers. Remember reading An article that mentioned 70 crew members being hurt by the animals. It it set in Kenya, very amusing movie.
  42. DieJager

    A Shikari, A Pack Of Hounds & One Very, Very Angry Leopard

    Well, and another great story, Major. If you did not notice yet I am catching up on your articles.;)
  43. DieJager

    Close Quarters With A Crocodile

    Great story, with luckily a happy ending. Thank you Major and keep the stories coming.
  44. DieJager

    The Hunting Leopard Which Almost Killed My Client

    Another splendid adventure, Major. Thank you and your friend for permission to tell the story.
  45. DieJager

    Norma discontinuation of Barnes TSX in .375 H&H (Factory loaded)

    Arms24 in Germany. If I remember correctly they have a pick up facility. If you want more lead free options search for Sako or Sax or Jaguar.
  46. DieJager

    Vintage Lion Hunting

  47. DieJager

    Best hunting movies Africa or otherwise

    Just watched it, awesome documentary.
  48. DieJager

    Leopard Hunt And A Broken Arm

    Love this forum more by the minute. Thank you for sharing this amazing story.