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  1. Molopohunt

    How many PH's are actually using double rifles?

    I'm a rookie but here is my experience with PH guns in the last 4 years. I carry a scoped 375 ruger Alaskan scoped with a leopold 2-7x33 with 260gr nosler acubonds for accuracy, and 300gr for bigger plains game. (Giraffe, Eland etc.) On DG hunts I use a 416 ruger Alaskan open sighted rifle...
  2. Molopohunt

    SOUTH AFRICA: Koedoeberg Safari Was Fantastic

    Thank you very much for that great report Frank. Really had a good time with you and the family. I would like to ad to the forum, Frank is one of the best marksman that I have come across. The Blesbuck was taken at 277 yards at an angled shot. Even for a PH that is impressive. The black...
  3. Molopohunt

    375 Ruger Recoil

    The 375 ruger is a great calibre with very moderate recoil in the ruger alaskan model. I shoot the ruger alaskan and recoil is simular to my 30-06 mauser. Thats using the nosler acu bonds 260gr, with 75grs sochem s365 powder. My rental rifle is the howa, and had to do some mods to get the...
  4. Molopohunt

    Koedoeberg Safaris South Africa- Special Offer 2013-$1500-(2x1)

    Hi Nathan and AH. I'm a relative reader on the forum, but would strongly recomend Koedoeberg from a freelance PH point of view. Know those guys on the photos, if Willem gives me permission, I can even tell you some of the medals hunted on that trip. Trohies are of great quality. I can...
  5. Molopohunt

    .270 Winchester for plains game

    I'm stil new here, so no long input from me, but what I can say about that caliber is that I inhereted my grandfathers brno zkk 600 in 270 win, and have been hunting with that rifle on nearly all my hunts. I load 170gr rhino points (not too common), and you also get 160gr from hornaby which...
  6. Molopohunt

    Hello everybody, from Lichtenburg, South Africa.

    Thank you all, Nyati, where did you hunt here? Maybe I know the guys.
  7. Molopohunt

    Hello everybody, from Lichtenburg, South Africa.

    Hello to all. My name is Peet van der Westhuizen, PH and keen hunter from the Northwest province in South Africa. I'm licensed for Northwest, Northern cape, Free state and Limpopo. Mainly operating in Limpopo lowveld and the Kalahari/Molopo area. Still a rookie as a PH, but have been guiding...