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  1. Lee M

    How to edit my profile

    I did this and it only opens up my photo ?
  2. Lee M

    Bongo Pictures

    Yes, But there is not a one time trophy price for those, it lasts a lifetime...
  3. Lee M

    Most beautiful antelope?

    That falls under the “go ugly early” mantra that a old friend of mine followed at a local bar when we were in our mid 20’s and single. Lol.
  4. Lee M

    Most beautiful antelope?

    When the numbers are added up and there is a tie, what is the criteria to break this? Maybe which antelope tastes the best... But that’s a whole new thread [emoji1303]
  5. Lee M

    Most beautiful antelope?

    All beautiful antelope. I’m going to say it varies based on which one I’m looking at through my crosshairs...
  6. Lee M

    Limpopo Plains Game Hunting All Inclusive Deal

    Nice offer. What other animals are on the property and can you mix in others? Or are you trying to cull these three?
  7. Lee M

    SOUTH AFRICA: My PH/Guide/Tracker Was Not Human

    Very much enjoyed your story. Reminds me of the feeling i get when I’m there as well. It’s time for me to start planning trip #4. Thx!
  8. Lee M

    Some things can never be bettered?

    I still have my grandfathers red and black wool coat hanging in my closet. Too big for me but I’ll never get rid of it.
  9. Lee M

    Happy Independence Day to our American friends...!

    Thx! A very nice gesture. Let’s hope the world gets back to a more normal routine and many of us can return to visiting Africa. I hope Limcroma and our other African outfitters can weather this storm and prosper in the future.
  10. Lee M

    Draw Results coming in

    Drew a Colorado mule deer tag [emoji1303]. Might add an over the counter elk tag if i hear the migration started before i get there. Good luck to all who drew this year.
  11. Lee M

    USA: Texas Hunting Done Right!! At The Rockin G Ranch

    Yes indeed. Good stuff! [emoji1303]. Made me smile, especially with the crazy things going on in our country the past few months.
  12. Lee M

    on a lighter note...

    It taint there [emoji23]
  13. Lee M

    Best upland bird dog?

    I’ve had two Brittany’s. Good noses and a bundle of energy in the field. Good family dogs as well with no shedding. I am thinking of getting a French Brit next. They are a little smaller.
  14. Lee M

    WANTED: Namibia Archery Hunt

    Good advice Dee. I also hunted with Pieter Delport of Eintracht Jagd Safaris and had a great time. Great properties, lots of animals, good food and good people. Pieter is not just an outfitter but a true hunter.
  15. Lee M

    Management Hunt 140 Animals 10 Days

    Now that’s a lot of shooting! Can any skins/skulls be kept?
  16. Lee M

    New trend- Pay all upfront for a discount

    I agree this trend carries with it much risk. Very unfortunate global situation with the pandemic. I understand 2021 prepays will help keep the lights on and cash flow coming in at outfitters, but as @Hank2211 points out this could lead to a longer term issue. I would expect only a small % of...
  17. Lee M

    Best hunting movies Africa or otherwise

    I’m going to try to find these to fill in some quarantine tv. Any idea if they can be found online or on pay channels?
  18. Lee M

    Buffalo Cow Cull Hunt With Henry Griffiths Safaris

    Adding to my list of options! Nice deal.
  19. Lee M

    Silence in The Selous

    Excellent. Hope to get to hunt them some day!
  20. Lee M

    Has anyone ever had a Core Lokt truly "fail"

    Never had a failure. They have worked well for me over the years. I have shot quite a few premium brands as well but still shoot core lokt often. Maybe as i tend to buy 4-5 boxes at a time when on sale at midway. I took an elk this past year at 175 yards with a 140 grain 7 mm mag. He ran...
  21. Lee M

    NAMIBIA: BOWHUNT: Bowhunt In Namibia

    Nice bull Dee! I think i would have squeezed the release.
  22. Lee M

    American Hunting Rifles

    I think they do fix/smooth the action as part of #1. Agree without that the rest of the upgrades are somewhat worthless. Everyone seems to be very satisfied with the work AHR does.
  23. Lee M

    In Bound From Tampa

    Welcome to AH! Sounds like you have done a lot of traveling both in the service and for fun. I have done SA 2x and Namibia once. Looking for the next adventure in the future, but doing some new trips in 2020 and 2021 here in the US. Thx for your service. I did 30 yrs in the Navy. [emoji1303]
  24. Lee M

    New Broadhead Battle: Exodus vs Stryker V2

    What fletching was on the arrows?
  25. Lee M

    Snakes in South Africa

    I saw a cobra in Namibia in late July 2018. I didn’t think they were out that time of year. Was getting out of the pop up blind and it was 10 feet away and moving toward the brush pile next to our blind. Likely trying to get out of the sun. PH said it was an Egyptian Cobra. I have pics and...
  26. Lee M

    NAMIBIA: BOWHUNT: Namibia Bow Hunt With Eintracht Jagd Safaris July 2018

    We had some good times on that trip! Never imagined there would be so many pigs.
  27. Lee M

    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Welcome Brad. Are you already booked? What part of PA are you from?
  28. Lee M

    Well wishes for our friend Dennis from The Artistry of Wildlife

    Hope you recover soon Dennis!
  29. Lee M

    Great American Outdoor Show 2020 in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

    I’ll probably go at least 2 days. Only a 2 hr drive, so i have flexibility. Likely the first Sun and one day during the week.
  30. South Africa Trophy Hunt

    South Africa Trophy Hunt

    Really enjoyed my two hunts with Pieter in 2014 and 2016. He introduced me to Africa and gave me the return bug. I’ll always remember the excitement he had after i got my bow Kudu. I think he was as happy as i was. A special man. I’m still in disbelief he has passed. Here is a post hunt harvest...
  31. Lee M

    In memoriam - Pieter Erasmus from Pawprint Safaris passed away

    Really enjoyed my two hunts with Pieter in 2014 and 2016. He introduced me to Africa and gave me the return bug. I’ll always remember the excitement he had after i got my bow Kudu. I think he was as happy as i was. A special man. I’m still in disbelief he has passed. Here is a post hunt...
  32. Lee M

    30-06 Factory ammo for elk

    Watched an elk go down with a good shot in about 50 yards when shot with 140 grain rem core lokt out of a 7mm mag this year. So i agree with those who say a decent bullet placed in the right spot is all that is needed. I have shot an elk in shoulder bone/ball with 160 grain TB bear claw that...
  33. Lee M

    SPAIN: Ibex Hunt In Spain

    Sounds like a great adventure. Thx for posting.
  34. Lee M

    Pay It Forward-Free

    I could put those to good use. PM sent [emoji1303]
  35. Lee M

    2020 Bow Battle Video: Hoyt vs Mathews vs Bowtech vs PSE vs Elite vs Bear

    I didn’t mean the actual speed, but the fact that lower IBO bows were shooting faster than higher claimed IBO bows.
  36. Lee M

    2020 Bow Battle Video: Hoyt vs Mathews vs Bowtech vs PSE vs Elite vs Bear

    Good video, thx. Funny how speed relative to published IBO didn’t correlate very well.
  37. Lee M

    Tikka for hunting? Thoughts in general

    My stainless 7MM mag T3 light with factory black stock has been my go to for 15 years. I’ve taken Elk, deer, black bear and numerous African plains game. I just put a new trigger spring (Carbo?) and it breaks around 2 lbs. i keep saying I’ll buy a second plastic clip, but original one works...
  38. Lee M


  39. Lee M

    NAMIBIA: BOWHUNT: Bowhunt In Namibia

    Hunter101. That was your blind i believe. Was just thinking of your double jackal with the bow evening sit.
  40. Lee M

    Aardwolf Hunting

    I’ve only seen one and that was while stalking an Oryx in Namibia. Took off about 10 feet in front of me in knee high grass and scared the crap out of me.