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  1. Graham Hunter

    Still Have Openings For Texas Hunts

    I ain't coming from Canada to hunt in the snow in TX. Please delete that pic!!
  2. Graham Hunter

    WANTED: Pricing A Wild Managed Lion Hunt For 2022

    Sohow many approvals have you seen/
  3. Graham Hunter

    Finally took a leap

    I have been shooting the same gun for a few years. Have the full length sub gage tube for it also. I love it.
  4. Graham Hunter

    Leopard Hunt Special Caprivi Namibia

    And what happens if you test positive while on the hunt?
  5. Graham Hunter

    Tanzania & The Hunting Monks

    Thanks to both of you! Excellent.
  6. Graham Hunter

    Hornady ELD-X

    Or stick with the Partitions and never look back.
  7. Graham Hunter

    proper gunsmithing

    Savage Model 340.
  8. Graham Hunter

    proper gunsmithing

    maybe it's a Blaser prototype?
  9. Graham Hunter

    proper gunsmithing

    Funny thing is they are usually drilled for a side mount.
  10. Graham Hunter

    proper gunsmithing

    Glad it's only a Savage 340. Would be curious to see how the scope works?
  11. Graham Hunter

    .270 vs 7*57 Which is the best???

    Take your pick. Tamatoe, Tomato. 270 faster, flatter, but lighter bullets. If you have a modern action rifle and reload it give you a greater potential for the usefulness of the 7x57. I have both but use them for different purposes.
  12. Graham Hunter

    What to do with a giraffe

    I have eaten Waterbuck several times and thought it was excellent. Breaded Cutlets with Zak at Motsomi were fantastic.
  13. Graham Hunter

    What to do with a giraffe

    I don't think this is the forum to start bashing anyone's choice of what legal animal they wish to hunt!
  14. Graham Hunter

    Plains Game Magnum?

    So you say don't take a 270 but then give advise on a 308 Win. ?????????
  15. Graham Hunter

    Leopard - How I Hunt (Zoom Safari #3 by Nathan Askew)

    Will be looking forward to your report. Best of luck!
  16. Graham Hunter

    Working Rifle

    There is hope!
  17. Graham Hunter

    Wanted 405 Win Brass

    Thanks but I am in Canada. Can't get here from there.
  18. Graham Hunter

    Working Rifle

    Well my wife is from TX with a large family so I understand you guys are sometimes a little behind. LOL Please tell me you're not a Longhorn Fan.
  19. Graham Hunter

    Wanted 405 Win Brass

    So is loaded ammo.
  20. Graham Hunter

    Wrangler introduces Jeep's first electric-powered vehicle

    That would be a currant (current) bush.
  21. Graham Hunter

    Working Rifle

    Truck gun is what most of us Country Boys carry in our trucks. Used for Varmits, Predators and pests. Not a gun that makes you cry if it gets banged or scratched.
  22. Graham Hunter

    Working Rifle

    May not be the slickest one you own or the most accurate or the prettiest. It's the one that rides in your truck or tractor or 4 wheeler. Doesn't get all the attention it deserves but is totally reliable every time you use it!
  23. Graham Hunter

    Wanted 405 Win Brass

    Am I the only one that owns a 405 Win.
  24. Graham Hunter


    Browning are made in Miroku Japan. The Winchesters are made in Portugal.
  25. Graham Hunter

    Wanted 405 Win Brass

    Looking for anyone with some 405 Winchester brass they are willing to part with.
  26. Graham Hunter

    Guess RSA is not opening anytime soon...

    It is absolutely amazing the amount of hunt offers on this site now and the prices are phenominal. A lot of them are for 2020. WE CAN'T GET THERE!!!! Hope these guys are still in business with the same prices for 2021 or 2022. I will be broke but very happy.
  27. Graham Hunter

    Laminate Stocks on Dangerous Game Rifles

    I have used a lot of Boyd's stocks and have been very satisfied. I have one on a 375 and a 416 Rem. I do bed all of the stocks and some times pillar bed. Have not had any issue with Boyd's.
  28. Graham Hunter

    Looking for: What do you think?

    Bruce do you usually mix your 338 cartridges with 210 NP and 200gr Speer.
  29. Graham Hunter

    Added another to collection!

    Congrats Mark beautiful. If you find another let me know.
  30. Graham Hunter

    vx-freedom vs vx-3i

    It has now been put under the Freedom line.
  31. Graham Hunter

    vx-freedom vs vx-3i

    It is the same.
  32. Graham Hunter

    Best Deer Hunting Round, LOL!

    Actually we have had some very good performance with Hornady's Precision hunter.
  33. Graham Hunter

    Best Deer Hunting Round, LOL!

    25-06 Win 120gr PEP or my handloads 120gr Partition. There is a lot of dead deer to back me up.
  34. Graham Hunter

    Argentina Diamond Award Hunt Special

    If you wish to sell these hunts you are going to have to answer some questions.
  35. Graham Hunter

    I've found perfection

    Great Rifle. Congrats I have also used Alaska Arms ring and have been very pleased.
  36. Graham Hunter

    IMR v H4350

    That figures. One I use a lot of.
  37. Graham Hunter

    IMR v H4350

    I don't see IMR 4320. Should be between IMR 4064 and IMR 4350.
  38. Graham Hunter

    Argentina Covid 19 Hunt Special 2020

    Would i have to quarantine when I arrive
  39. Graham Hunter

    Argentina Diamond Award Hunt Special

    So what is the cost if you don't get all the species? And how much is the transfer to the Lodge?
  40. Graham Hunter

    Savage 99

    Where I grew up we had a large Finish population. Most of them had Sav 99 in 300 Sav. Most of the hunting was done in Timber with shots being less than 100 yds. I had the privilege of growing up and hunting with a couple of these gentlemen and a lot of Moose and Elk were killed with the 300...
  41. Graham Hunter

    SANParks to cull 2,600 animals, says 'disguised trophy hunting' not allowed

    I have no problem with culling not being for everyone. But it is necessary for proper management. But as I read culling was being applied as thrill killing. Back to the better translator. I can only respond to what I read. My Spanish is perfect. Cerveza por favor!
  42. Graham Hunter

    SANParks to cull 2,600 animals, says 'disguised trophy hunting' not allowed

    I have been to your beautiful Country 6X. To shoot/cull Doves & Pigeons. I did hunt Perdiz which was very enjoyable.
  43. Graham Hunter

    SANParks to cull 2,600 animals, says 'disguised trophy hunting' not allowed

    Then I think he needs a better translator as that is not how it came across. Culling is not about the thrill of the kill but a necessary tool for proper wildlife management. As well this proposal could provide a lot of protein for a lot of people who need it. Also would provide employment and...
  44. Graham Hunter

    SANParks to cull 2,600 animals, says 'disguised trophy hunting' not allowed

    So what would you refer Dove & Pigeon shooting as?
  45. Graham Hunter

    SANParks to cull 2,600 animals, says 'disguised trophy hunting' not allowed

    Well everytime you hunt and kill an animal you are participating in culling. Everywhere in North America as well as most other Countries. Game/ Wildlife divisions, commissions, branches or whatever draw up harvest regulations each year to control the number of many species. This is done to...