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  1. matt85

    What Is Your Dream Rifle?

    My dream rifle would be an English double 8 bore paradox gun. I WILL own one some day... -matt
  2. matt85

    Red Dot/Reflex or Low Power Scope for 416 Rem Mag?

    good choice! I have the older version of that scope on my Win M70 416 RM and have taken game in both the USA and Africa in all types of conditions. I even competed in a couple large bore competitions and did very well with this gun. something fun to try when you get the scope set up: turn...
  3. matt85

    Red Dot/Reflex or Low Power Scope for 416 Rem Mag?

    i went with... both! I use a Leupold VX-6 1-6x24 with an illuminated reticle. turn this puppy down to 1x and turn the reticle on and youve got a red dot optic. turn it up to 6x and your good out to 300 yards which is further then you will ever shoot with a 416. the 416 is a very versatile...
  4. matt85

    Tarnished bullets

    bullet is fine. Swift uses pure copper which is more prone to corroding then other jackets. -matt
  5. matt85

    350gr ttsx in 416

    I cant speak for the 350gr but I use the 300gr TSX in my 416 RM and would highly recommend it! They group around 1 MOA at 2700fps from my Win M70. Only downside is they do leave a fair bit of copper fouling in my barrel but the trade off is they are an absolute hammer on game! I've taken...
  6. matt85

    Big Bore Addiction Group

    I havent tried the synthetic CZ in 458 Lott but i have tried the normal wood rifle and was a HUGE fan of that gun! The 458's recoil is stout but the design of the stock on the CZ rifle lends itself to dealing with recoil. -matt
  7. matt85

    Big Bore Addiction Group

    The problem rifle your referring to isn't the fault of the cartridge and more the rifles builder (assuming your talking about what i think your talking about). The 416 RM and 416 Rigby can be found any place other large bore rifle cartridges can be found. In RSA i found both on shelves at...
  8. matt85

    Big Bore Addiction Group

    I'm gonna guess you don't like the 500/416 NE? I was actually referring to the more common 416 cartridges such as the 416 Rigby and the 416 RM (but i still think the 500/416 is a fine cartridge). In almost every African situation i would take a 416 RM over a 375 H&H but that is just a...
  9. matt85

    Big Bore Addiction Group

    The way i see it: 375 cartridges: a large game cartridge that can work for dangerous game. 416 cartridges: a dangerous game cartridge that can work for large game. Between the two i prefer the 416 because there is no such thing as "too dead". -matt
  10. matt85

    Big Bore Addiction Group

    nice looking muzzle loader! may i ask how much it weighs? also, will it handle the traditional elephant loads? (roughly a 1200gr conical over around 270gr of powder) a while back i had the privilege of shooting an 8 bore paradox gun with a classic paradox bullet and the experience was one ill...
  11. matt85

    Discounted Ammunition At Mid South

    Thanks for the heads up, those prices are decent considering its all Norma which is typically very expensive. So its a good deal if you shoot Norma. -matt
  12. matt85

    Got the CZ blues

    Its very common for CZ rifles to need some work to function 100%. I would recommend talking to Wayne at AHR, he has a great deal of experience with these rifles. -matt
  13. matt85

    Another .600 Overkill by AHR

    nice rifle and nice pigs! -matt
  14. matt85

    .458 Lott recoil is no joke

    The Ruger No1 is probably the worst rifle in existence to be chambered in 458 Lott. Its obscenely light weight and the stock design is not well suited for large calibers. The CZ 550 in 458 Lott is night and day better! a 458 Lott should weigh no less then 10 pounds, so to start with try...
  15. matt85

    416 Rigby Hang Fire

    Tula Primers arent terrible, just not suited for this task. The Rigby cartridge needs an extremely hot primer to be 100% reliable. The Federal 215 primer (not the match ones) has been my ideal for large capacity cartridges. -matt
  16. matt85

    Scope/Mount choices for Browning X-Bolt 375 H&H

    A good optic can really make a gun shine, while a bad one can ruin a hunt (or worse get you killed). I would recommend saving up for a better optic rather than buying an inferior one. $900 isnt over the top for a decent optic and i have NEVER regretted putting that optic on my 416! The average...
  17. matt85

    Scope/Mount choices for Browning X-Bolt 375 H&H

    I highly recommend this: I use the older version of the above scope on my 416 and its perfect for everything from DG to PG. turn it down to 1X and turn on the firedot and the scope turns into a red dot optic ideal for...
  18. matt85

    Red Dot Optics for DGR

    I use a Trijicon 1.0 RMR on my Heym 500 NE double and a Leupold VX-6 Firedot 1-6x24 on my Winchester M70 416 RM. While not traditional (people will complain) red dot sights are superior to all other forms of sights at close range. Just make sure to get an optic with a small enough dot to allow...
  19. matt85

    Kimber Caprivi 416 RM First Trip to Range

    nice rifle, I love my 416 RM! if you pick up hand loading for it then i highly recommend 81.5gr of H4895 under a 300gr Barnes TSX (adjust as needed). I use Hornady brass and Federal LRM primers. This load is suitable for game ranging from impala to cape buffalo! -matt
  20. matt85

    Big Bore Shoot at the Range

    vids dont work! -matt
  21. matt85

    PETA is after a guy in CA - article mentions AH

    Hiding our pictures and cowering in the dark will not help us. If the anti's cant use our pictures against us then they will simply find another avenue of attack and nothing will change. -matt
  22. matt85

    416 Rigby bullet recommendations

    Best bullet ive ever used in a 416 is the 300gr TSX. Over 81.5gr of H4895 in a 416 RM i get an average of 2700fps and 1 MOA accuracy from my Win M70. I would use this load for anything that called for an expanding bullet. As mentioned above, if your going 400gr lead bullets then Swift A-frame...
  23. matt85

    Big Bore Addiction Group

    Good to see this thread is back from the dead! Ive actually been behaving myself... mostly im just short on money. I still dream of a 577 NE and a 8 bore paradox but these dreams are getting more and more distant as financial obligations kick in. I still shoot my 500 NE and my 416 RM every now...
  24. matt85

    For Sale Fixer Searcy Double In 500/416 NE

    The rifle has sold! -matt
  25. matt85

    416 bullets for Moose size game and big bears?

    The link i posted has 340gr Woodleighs available. I LOVE Barnes and Swift bullets, but fouling is a part of life with these bullets. I exclusively use the 300gr TSX in my 416 RM and have killed enough critters with it to know the performance is worth the trouble of cleaning later. I killed my...
  26. matt85

    416 bullets for Moose size game and big bears?

    If you don't want a lot of copper fouling then i suggest staying away from Swift A-frames. A-frames and Barnes both leave about equal amount of copper fouling in barrels (a lot). The 350gr Speer bullet would probably be fine for moose but i might want a slightly tougher bullet for big bears...
  27. matt85

    600 Overkill? Anyone..

    I believe Verney Carron still builds 600 NE doubles. I cant remember the price but they had one at the last SCI show i went to a few years back. I admit i have not shot a 600 OK (i have fired a 600 NE though) but i put some real consideration into buying one at one point. I ended up passing on...
  28. matt85

    Light for caliber Projectiles

    I have used the Barnes 300gr TSX in my 416 RM Winchester M70 for years. Velocity is around 2700 fps using 81.5gr of H4895 and accuracy is 1 MOA. The recoil feels a little lighter then standard 400gr loads but i've had others say it still pretty sharp. This load has been used on game ranging from...
  29. matt85

    Best Red Dot/RMR for 458 Lott

    I use a Trijicon 1 MOA RMR on my 500 NE and i use a Leupold VX-6 1-6x24 with Firedot on my 416 RM. If the rifle is strictly to be used for close range (100 yards or less) then i HIGHLY recommend the Trijicon RMR with the 1 MOA dot! The Leupold 1-6 optic is an excellent all around optic suitable...
  30. matt85

    Heym Model 89 in 500 NE

    Ive got 570gr Swift A-frames and Barnes 570gr solids regulated. Both are just a little over 2000fps maybe around 2030fps or so. I would NOT recommend Barnes TSX for the 500 NE cartridge. Barnes TSX are wonderful bullets... at modern rifle velocities. In my experience to get best performance...
  31. matt85

    Heym Model 89 in 500 NE

    The rifle has been fantastic and Heym has quickly solved any issues that came up. I really do recommend the 1 MOA RMR with Heyms QD mount! -matt
  32. matt85

    Best premium bullet

    this is the 375+ cal section of the forum, if you want 30-35 you will need to post in a different section. -matt
  33. matt85

    Best premium bullet

    this is a pretty vague question... best bullet for what? instead of giving a single one, ill list some of the top favorites: - Swift A-frame - Nosler Partition/Accubond - Barnes TSX/TTSX/solids - Woodleigh Weldcore/FMJ - North Fork soft/solid - Peregrine expanding bullets and solids im sure...
  34. matt85

    Ruger no1 500 nitro

    i dare ask how much the rifle weighs? -matt
  35. matt85

    .458 Win Mag Hornady 500 grain DGS factory load

    i also look forward to the chronograph results! -matt
  36. matt85

    Big Bore Addiction Group

    not sure your laws on hand loading, but its pretty much required to shoot large bore guns. 450/400 is in the same ball park as the 375 H&H, its surprisingly easy to shoot both of these cartridges out of a properly made (weight and balance) rifle. as @Opposite Pole says though, id avoid...
  37. matt85

    Searching Ruger No.1 Blued 458 Lott

    the Cabela's in Tulalip WA had one for a while, not sure if they still do. i handled the one in Tulalip and decided i wouldnt shoot it with someone elses shoulder let alone mine! ill stick with 600 NE and 4 bore guns, they are easier on the body. -matt
  38. matt85

    Big Bore Addiction Group

    glad to see someone brought this thread back. sadly ive added nothing new, mostly because money has been extremely tight. once my money situation gets sorted out i plan on having either a 577 tyrannosaur or a 585 HE built for me by AHR. i also still have the dream of a 8 bore paradox double but...
  39. matt85

    Heym express 600 NE

    600 NE from a 10 pound gun... NOPE! but i really doubt that weight is for the 600 NE gun. be neat to get a bolt gun in 577 NE though. -matt
  40. matt85

    505 Gibbs

    its not possible to accurately guess the velocity with such little information. i would recommend buying or borrowing a chronograph. -matt
  41. matt85

    KMG Hunting Safaris Cull Hunt Packages 2020

    pretty tempting... -matt
  42. matt85

    Lightweight Mono Metal Bullets For Buffalo

    since this thread is about my comment in another post i figure i should respond. i strongly advocate high velocity monometal bullets for most game! i say "most" game because sometimes you run the risk of excessive meat damage on critters intended for the dinner table. i use a 300gr TSX in my...
  43. matt85

    375 RUM 350gr. Bullets?

    i know a PH who has used 200gr .375" GS Custom bullets in a 375 H&H on buffalo. he said it provided some of the most spectacular DRT kills. -matt
  44. matt85

    .425WR - Thoughts

    why not do a 470 Captstick? its fairly uncommon and will give you outstanding performance on dangerous game. -matt
  45. matt85

    375 RUM 350gr. Bullets?

    the twist rate has nothing to do with what im talking about. twist rate primarily affects the bullet in flight, im talking about how the bullet performs post expansion inside an animal. a mushroomed bullet with a longer shank is more likely to tumble then a mushroomed bullet with a shorter...
  46. matt85

    375 RUM 350gr. Bullets?

    a 350gr bullet will not perform as well as a 300gr bullet on game. the only reason to use a 350gr bullet over a 300gr bullet would be the higher BC for long range shots (400+ yards). a problem the 350gr and even the 300gr TSX will have is traveling in a strait line when inside an animal...
  47. matt85

    Anyone here hunted with a .700?

    that 700 looks like it would be a blast to shoot! biggest NE cartridge ive had the pleasure of shooting was a 600 NE and while it was fun to play with, i found it to be too heavy to actually carry in the field. the rifle weighed in the ball park of 19 pounds and was too heavy for me to even...
  48. matt85

    9.3 X 62 or .416 Rem mag for buffalo

    325gr and 320gr bullets from a 9.3x62? dear god kind of velocity are these things moving at?! i imagine just north of the speed of smell, heck id be surprised if you could even get 2000fps from most barrels. the only Swift A-frame ive ever heard of failing (from a reliable source) was a 286gr...
  49. matt85

    9.3 X 62 or .416 Rem mag for buffalo

    what speed are you using the 300gr peregrines at? i use a 300gr Barnes TSX hand loaded to 2700fps in my 416 RM and i would happily hunt buffalo with this load! i would prefer this over a 9.3x62 load any day as the velocity of the 416 will yield much more trauma then the slow moving 9.3mm. -matt
  50. matt85

    For Sale Fixer Searcy Double In 500/416 NE

    i still have the rifle. -matt